Why Clinical Decision Support (CDS) matters!

Posted on 02/07/2017

Listen to Dr. Steve Hasley, Medical Director for Information Technology, Women’s Health, UPMC; and Juliana Hart, Vice President, Market Development, medCPU, discuss with Todd Schnick of Intrepid Healthcare the importance of intelligent decision support solutions in improving care and safety.

  • This podcast will walk you through the following points:
    Why does CDS matter? Much work remains in terms of improving care and safety.
  • Medical care is complex and fast-paced, and as imperfect human beings, we need the help that a CDS solution can provide us. And let’s not forget the endless data that needs to be understood.
  • What clinical decision support is, in terms of the framework promulgated by HIMSS and CMS: The 5 Rights:

a. Deliver the right INFORMATION
b. To the right PERSON
c. In the right CDS intervention FORMAT
d. Through the right CHANNEL
e. At the right point (TIMING) in workflow

  • Delivering the right information: what clinicians need to deliver great care
  • Getting the information to the right provider at the right time in the workflow.
  • Discussion about the common problems that providers face here.
  • Finally, examples of how an intelligent CDS solution can have a powerful impact.

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