How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better? (2022)

Gaming setup is a gamer’s dream come true. But how to make your gaming setup look better?. They must develop their style in order to build an optimal and clean-looking gaming setting. Have you ever considered how to improve the appearance of your gaming setup without making a mess on your desk? MedCPU will help you think differently and achieve your goal in this essay.

What are the requirements for a gaming setup?

Gaming chair

A gaming chair may not appear to be an absolute necessity at first glance, but it is. The three most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a PC gaming chair are ergonomics, material, and size. To avoid back and body pain while gaming for a lengthy period of time, use a chair with lumbar support or full-body support. PC gaming chairs can also come with a variety of extra features, such as built-in speakers, adjustable armrests, and even massaging functions for maximum comfort.

Gaming desk

When looking for the ideal desk, the most important factor to consider is whether it will fit into the environment in which you wish to work and play. If you have a lot of open space against one wall, a simple rectangular gaming desk is a good option. Choose an L-shaped gaming desk if you need to place a desk in a corner or if you need additional surface area. Before you buy, make sure the desk is tall enough for your legs to fit underneath it while sitting properly in your chair.

Gaming monitors

You will be looking at a monitor while you play. This does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Minimizing neck strain is critical – much like when selecting a gaming chair, comfort is important when installing your gaming monitors. If you want additional control over your monitor’s position, choose a height-adjustable, articulating, or full-motion mount. If you want to use more than one monitor, get a multi-monitor mount.

How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better

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Gaming accessories

  • Keyboard: When it comes to gaming keyboards, wireless keyboards are frequently the most sought-after. The lack of wires makes it appear cleaner and less cluttered.
  • Mouse: When it comes to purchasing a gaming mouse, wireless options are often more expensive than cable counterparts.
    Controller: If you are not fully comfortable or content with the mouse and keyboard, a controller is always a good choice to have.
  • Headset: Headsets are required for the full game experience. Whether you choose a wired or wireless headphone is a matter of personal preference. The most important factors to consider are sound quality, noise cancellation, and a high-quality microphone. This results in the ideal video game playing experience.
  • Lighting: Getting and applying appropriate lighting is more of a necessity for streamers. If you believe it will improve your game experience, go ahead and do it.

How to make your gaming setup look better?

An aesthetically beautiful gaming setup not only looks better, but it also generates a one-of-a-kind ambiance for the gamer. So, here are some pointers to improve the appearance of your gaming setup:

Keep clean

Keep in mind that dust is your adversary. Dust accumulates everywhere. You do not want your fancy desk, fantastic lighting, and stunning LED keyboard top to become dirty and dreary. As a result, make it a habit to erase your gaming setup once a week.

Hide all cables

A design devoid of extraneous connections is beautiful and neat. Because having a lot of cords strewn about a setup not only looks bad, but it also makes it difficult to move your mouse.

How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better2

Anyone may easily conceal their cords by using ZIP ties, cable wraps, and cable channels. It’s also quite simple to conceal cords when your monitors are hung on the wall or on a monitor stand. You may either run them through cable channels to connect to the PC or use cable sleeves to create a larger pipe that goes beneath the desk and links to the other cables.

Stick to a color theme

Choosing and adhering to a color scheme ensures that everything looks clean. It is entirely up to you the colors you use for the theme. However, we recommend sticking to no more than 1-3. You can modify the color of your walls in addition to the gaming equipment and other stuff on/near your desk.

Add plants

A few little plants are a great way to bring some life to the setting. Actually, plants look fantastic on a clean building, but they are not required to be real. Fake plants are a popular option because they do not require any water or care. Simply wipe down the dust now and sometimes.

How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Better

Advantages of having gaming setups at home

We will go over some advantages of a solid gaming setup!

  • Health benefits: You can gain both physically and socially. Among these include boosting your memory and, depending on your configuration, increasing your physical activity.
  • Playing games with friends: It is a lot of boring to play video games by yourself. Playing with pals is preferable. Games are usually more fun when played with others, whether online or in person.
  • Better performance: When done correctly, gaming settings boost your performance. You are at ease, relaxed, and focused. This results in faster reaction times and higher performance.
  • Have a room for gaming

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How can I improve my setup for free?

Because it is free, you must be efficient with what you have. To begin, clean your setup, whether it is cleaning up all the dirt or clearing out space to make it clutter-free. Second, there is cable management. Cable ties, rubber bands, and hair ties are examples of such items.

How do I keep my gaming setup clean?

Having a ‘clean’ setup is essential. Clear up your desk and keep only what you absolutely need on it. Everything else should be kept in another part of your room. Purchasing a compressed air cleaner is your best option. It enables you to remove all debris and dust from areas that you would otherwise be unable to reach.

What should I add to my gaming setup?

When you are gaming, having a clutter-free setup will make you feel more at ease. Following that, it would be all about performance. If you play a lot of first-person shooters, you will need a good headset. This, together with a good mouse and mouse pad, will sharpen your aim.


Sometimes, setting up our place is almost as much fun as playing! Get a desk with cable management and smart lighting to create a great gaming zone. If your budget allows, you can go fancy with lighting to create a spectacular image. Have fun accessorizing while keeping your gaming space clean and clutter-free.

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