How To Start A Gaming Channel in 2023

Some people have dreams of becoming famous celebrity. Others just want to become experts in their specific field, but for many gamers who have the time, the chance to live out their gaming expertise online is too good to pass up. With just a video camera and a computer or laptop, it’s possible to transform into the dream of many gamers.

How To Start A Gaming Channel in 2023? This article provides some helpful tips and tricks on how to go about starting a gaming channel. Let’s get started!

Benefits of creating a gaming channel

This section will discuss the benefits of starting a gaming channel or becoming a YouTuber. Let’s get started!

Get new skills

You can learn many skills by creating a gaming channel. Multitasking is essential, as it allows you to play and comment on a game simultaneously. You will learn key audio and video editing skills and improve your gaming skills because of the additional pressure of creating content.

Although it may appear easy to be comfortable in front of the camera, it is not an easy skill. You could benefit from spending hours recording your gameplay, and you can also use the footage to grow your gaming channel.

Make a Community

Uploading youtube gaming videos encourage familiarity, which helps to build a gaming community. It allows you to make a deeper relationship with people, allowing them to get to know you better and how you react to different situations. You can build a following and find others with similar interests to create a community of people who share a love for the same things.

Tip: Your video title should inform people what to expect from your video and be relevant to the search terms they have used. If you play Overwatch, ensure it is in your video title!

How To Start A Gaming Channel in 2023

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One of the most challenging parts of being a YouTube celebrity is growing a channel. You have to stand out from the crowd and be helpful, informative, funny, or informative.

Here are six tips that will help you become a YouTube star.

Find your tools

You will need to purchase the necessary equipment to produce quality content. These tools will help you get started quickly.

Access to the game and gaming platform

Although this is obvious, it’s essential to clarify. You will need to have the video game you want to play to create a YouTube gaming channel. A gaming platform is also required, such as a computer, a console, or a dedicated console like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.

You might not need any additional software if your computer is being used to play games. You might require other software and hardware if you are playing on a console. Below are the requirements.

Video recorder

A video camera is essential for starting a YouTube gaming channel. You don’t have to buy a mirrorless or $5,000 DLSR camera. Just make sure you get a 1080p capable device.

Many gamers use webcams or tripod-mounted, desk-mounted, digital cameras. Your viewers can see your face as you play the game, even if it is only at the beginning of the screen. This helps to convey emotion and expression.

Software to capture screen

You will need screen capture software to display the game you are playing. Avoid pointing your camera at your monitor or TV while you are playing. This will cause poor video quality and lags that can lead to discrepancies between audio and visual. To capture your gaming experience on your computer, you only need software.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a popular choice among YouTube gamers, is completely free. You will need a capture card if you are playing on a console. Capture cards enable gamers to capture video from their console using HDMI and store it so that it can be edited on a computer. Capture cards allow for high-quality recording. This is not possible if you point a camera directly at your television.

Audio recording/microphone

Clear sound is crucial to ensure that your audience hears you. If you intend to comment while playing, you must invest in a high-quality microphone.


Although you may not be required to buy new lighting for recording purposes, it is worth considering. A good lighting system can make all the difference in professional-looking footage. You can avoid being in shadows by recording in natural light or with a pointed light.

Good lighting can make you more approachable and friendly when recording. You can also control the consistency of your videos over the years.

Video editing software

You want people to enjoy the video you produce. People will become bored and irritated if the video is full of ahsums, and long pauses. This is especially true for recordings rather than live play. Before you publish your videos, edit them.

It takes YouTube gamers nearly twice as long to edit a video than to record it. This editing-to-recording ratio will vary depending on what type of YouTube gaming video you are producing. You must find an intuitive, easy-to-use editor to allow you to focus on the content and not navigate the tool. It can be a full-fledged video editor with multiple features, or you can trim video online if you prefer a simpler editing style. WeVideo makes editing videos enjoyable and straightforward. You can edit on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Green screen

Although a green screen is not necessary for streaming video games, it can be helpful and enjoyable. YouTubers often record straight from their bedrooms, especially when they are just starting a channel.

Instead of showing off your closets and bed, a green screen will allow you to change the background of your video so that you can appear in a game or space.

You can easily change your green screen background using WeVideo’s chroma key or the green screen feature. JustAlexHalford, a YouTube channel, explains how green screen can be used in your streaming office.

Create a consistent video

The biggest problem with a YouTube gaming channel is not posting enough videos. Many YouTube viewers will consider you a beginner because you haven’t proven yourself to be a YouTuber. You should aim to make as many videos as possible. Many successful YouTubers only produce 1-2 videos per day.

They can produce high-quality gaming content and eventually make a living with their YouTube channel. Life of Tom, for example, has increased his YouTube channel’s subscriber count to more than 2 million by uploading videos every day. His constant content is what his loyal followers love about his channel.

Life of Tom youtube channel

Even YouTube’s most popular channels had to begin somewhere. When you’re starting, patience and consistency are key factors. You will see more people notice your videos as you make them. Your videos may be noticed by viewers who visit your channel and find that you have consistently created quality videos they love to watch. This will often lead to a new subscriber.

YouTube videos about specific games are in high demand. It is essential to keep going, even if only a few people view your videos each day. Some viewers will comment on videos that they don’t like. Listen to their comments! This will help you understand why your viewers don’t like it and improve the following video. It’s a great way for viewers to return to watch more of your videos.

Consistency is what viewers love. Your videos will be consistent in how they are produced. They will be more interested in seeing you do a great job if you do a good job. It will create excitement and anticipation for the next video if you keep to a set schedule.

Many YouTubers inform their viewers when new videos are coming in the channel banner. This informs viewers that you post consistent videos and prompts them for the subscription. This information can be added at the end or beginning of your videos.

Use social media to share videos

To gain viewers and potential subscribers, it is essential to get traffic from social media. People can share, like, and retweet your video with their followers on social media. People will share videos that they find to be very good.

Use hashtags when you are using Twitter. Interested people can search for a topic and find your tweets.

Reddit allows you to post your video link to a subreddit that focuses on the games you play. People who like your video will upvote it to the top page. This can bring you a lot of attention. Subreddits can be an excellent way for you to connect with other gamers and get more subscribers to your YouTube gaming channel.

Subscribers are key to growth

The goal of a successful YouTube gaming channel is not only to gain views but also to increase subscribers. It is difficult to get subscribers, especially considering all the competition. YouTube subscribers are more valuable than views in the long term because they will continue to view your videos and keep coming back for more.

While views are the ultimate goal, subscribers are loyal viewers that receive notifications every time you upload a new video. Your subscribers will increase, and your views on your videos will also grow.

Youtube account PewDiePie has more than 110,000,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. PewDiePie became famous for his Let’s Play videos and has become a YouTube entertainer with his Bro Army. Pewd’s channel is well-organized. It has consistent branding and logo as profile images.

An intro video and banner also advertise his latest video, Virtual Reality In Real Life. PewDiePie has grown to be the most subscribed YouTuber ever thanks to his organization and desire to entertain and engage his Bros.

PewDiePie’s channel

YouTubers often create series to let their subscribers know what to expect from each video. This is crucial because even though you may gain subscribers slowly, your existing subscribers will still return to your videos. You will start to get a better understanding of your audience as you create more videos.

A channel that has a lot of subscribers is more trustworthy. Any viewer can see a YouTube channel’s subscribers. Popular videos are more popular than those with a lot of views. Subscribers who already have a lot of subscribers are more likely to subscribe to such channels. YouTube gamers want to know every YouTuber who is successful. No one enjoys being the last to attend a party.

You can get viewers to subscribe by using a cushioning technique that increases your video’s view count. Buy views to get your video noticed. You can make your video more authoritative by buying views. This will help you get organic views and increase subscribers.

Start making money

You will see more people hear about your channel as you create more content. This will eventually lead to more subscribers. After you reach 1,000 subscribers, your channel becomes eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. This program allows you to place ads on your videos.

The sky is the limit from there! Many of the most popular YouTube gamers did not intend to make a living out of their YouTube channels. It was just fun. That’s why the dream of being paid to play video games is so appealing.

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Types of Gaming Videos

There are no rules for making gaming videos. It doesn’t matter if it’s not entertaining and you don’t steal content. Some standard gaming videos have been created over the years.

1. Let’s play

Start the game and turn it on. Let’s Plays allow you to explore the game without being restricted and will enable you to let your personality shine through in the commentary. While you don’t have to play with a strategy in mind, you must have a goal (e.g., completing a level).

Let’s Plays focuses more on you experiencing the game. Let’s Plays is a way for people to see the game from a different perspective. Let them live through you.

2. Reviews

Where can you find information when you are trying to decide whether to purchase a new product? YouTube and Google are two of the best places to start your research. Making review videos could be the right thing if you have many interesting insights from playing a game.

Consumers can find it overwhelming to choose from so many options. Reviewers help other people decide whether to invest their time and money in a specific game or keep searching.

UpIsNotJump and Girlfriend Reviews have created strong gaming communities through clear, informative, and evidence-based reviews.

3. Walkthrough

Unlike reviews and Let’s Plays, walkthrough videos are mapped out and organized to assist viewers in playing the game and experiencing side quests, events, and characters that they might otherwise miss.

With insightful and relevant commentary, you can guide players through the various levels of Ancient Evil and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This will help them unlock significant achievements and other actions.

4. Reactions

You can either react with sadness or excitement to an event in a video game. The audience will be able to see your reaction. Let people know what you expect, give them a little bit of information, and then surprise yourselves. Reaction videos are a great way to show your personality and are spontaneous.

5. Skills

It is challenging to master video games. Show off your skills if you feel confident in a particular aspect of the game. Do you have a trick? Are there any stages you can easily beat? Is it possible to defeat your enemy quickly? Do it.


Start A Gaming Channel - FAQS (1)

What do I need to start a youtube gaming channel?

If you are looking to start a gaming channel, you will need to invest in some decent recording equipment. If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you purchase the most basic of equipment. You’ll need a good microphone, video camera, tripod, and some lights. You’ll also need editing software for your computer.

Do Gaming channels make money?

Some gaming channels make enough to be full-time jobs for the owners, but the majority only make enough to pay for the cost of making videos. The amount of revenue generated depends on how many followers they have and how much advertising is sold on the channel.

There are some channels that make more than others, but the most important part of a gaming channel is having fun and having people like what you’re doing.

Is it hard to be a YouTuber gamer?

It’s not easy to be a YouTuber gamer, but it can also be very rewarding. There are a lot of difficulties in finding content to make videos about, coming up with compelling video ideas, and finding the time to do all this when you have a full-time job. You might need to be creative in your approach to marketing because in order to build a following you’ll need a lot of luck.

How can I promote my YouTube channel for free?

There are a few strategies to promote YouTube channels for free. One option is to create an account on the social media site Reddit and post a link to your YouTube channel with a description of your video.

Another option is to use your personal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts to share your videos with your connections. You can also post your YouTube videos on other sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Is YouTube gaming a good career?

YouTube gaming is a relatively new, but hugely successful, platform for video gamers to display their talents. YouTube has been the benchmark of internet video streaming since 2005, and with a little bit of extra effort, you can become a successful YouTuber! It takes a lot of hard work and commitment, but if you want to make a living from your gaming, YouTube is a viable option.

What game is trending now on YouTube?

Fortnite Battle Royale is gaining popularity on YouTube, with over 5 million hours of video uploaded in just 30 days. Today, the game has over 60 million subscribers and 1 billion views, according to YouTube trends.


Ok, so you could start your own gaming channel by making sure you get your graphics and music ready. Once you’ve got that done, make sure you’ve got a good software program to do your voiceovers and editing. Next, you’ll need to find some forums and platforms that allow live streaming and of course, start looking for your fans and followers!

I hope you find the above tips to start a YouTube gaming channel helpful and make a living from your passion. Feel free to leave comments below on what you think, and if there are any other tips, please do share.

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