How To Connect Switch To Laptop? Top Full Guide 2023

Have you ever pondered the process of Connecting a Switch to a Laptop? In the subsequent article authored by Medcpu, you will be presented with a comprehensive, step-by-step manual outlining the procedure. Additionally, you can peruse our assorted collection of blog entries concerning laptops. Prior to commencing, kindly verify that your laptop is powered on and linked to the internet. Should these conditions serve as prerequisites for utilizing a switch, there is no requirement to delve deeper into the content!

What’s Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is a gaming console first introduced by “Nintendo” in March 2017. It was made by a Japanese company making Hanafuda cards in 1889 and has been part of the gaming community ever since.

This company is an established and trusted name in the industry. They also have a favorite release, the Change.

What’s Nintendo Switch?

The Change is a popular gaming console. It’s mainly regarded as a tremendous home-gaming setup because it provides an extensive display unit experience that your TV can support. It is difficult for people who are used to the main screen to use the tiny screen built-in.

You might also find a big-screen, mobile Nintendo Switch experience at every location. This means you’ll be able to bring your Notebook along.

Is It Possible To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop?

It is possible to connect your Switch to a laptop via an HDMI cable to stream your games. A Nintendo Switch Dock is the only way to connect your Nintendo Switch with another device like a laptop. This allows you to connect a Nintendo Switch to a device such as a TV that can display all of the Data.

Is It Possible To pair Nintendo Switch To your Laptop?

The HDMI-out port on the Laptop and Dock cannot be used to provide views or data to other devices such as televisions. They can only receive input data through an HDMI.

It is therefore not possible to connect your Switch directly with a laptop. We have good news for you. Yes, you can stream Nintendo Switch to play Nintendo Switch games by connecting your laptop. Keep reading to learn more about how you can make the most of this feature. Let’s dig in.

Things You Want To Attach The Switch To A Laptop

This is not the purpose of a notebook. It can be used, but we will need certain things to make it work. These are the items you will need to connect your Nintendo Switch to your Notebook to be used as a screen monitor.

1. The Nintendo Switch

2. Notebook

3. Nintendo Dock

It’s included with all consoles. This is the only way to link the Switch on other devices. Could you make sure of your TV or track it? If you lose your dock, or if you need multiple docks.

4. Game Capture Card

The Game Capture Card was initially designed to stream console games through PC. It acts as a connector that uses the HDMI in port, HDMI output interface, and the USB interface to transfer connectivity to Notebook’s OS. It is necessary to use a solid, smooth capture card.

Game Capture HD Card need To Pair Nintendo Switch games To Laptop

Elgato from Corsair dominates this market. The most popular card is their Elgato HD60 S. It outputs 1080P at 60 frames per second. It offers a seamless and almost lag-free experience with USB 3.0 type C connectivity.

If your laptop doesn’t have a Type C port, you can get an older version. The Elgato HD60 may be a better choice, as it uses almost the same technology but has a superfast type C output.

5. HDMI Cable

An HDMI cable can be helpful to share both audio and video with your Notebook. A high-quality HDMI cable is included in the Switch, which can be used to accomplish this purpose. If you lost or did not receive it, you will need to get a new one.

6. Software

You will need the software to use the card and operate the Notebook. The software can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s site.

Requirements For Connecting Nintendo Switch To Laptop

To stream your Switch on your Laptop, you will need the following equipment.

Nintendo Dock

Nintendo Dock To Connect Switch To your Laptop

The Nintendo dock comes with your Switch. This dock allows you to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV or monitor. This procedure will require a Dock. If you don’t have one or have lost it, get one.

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Video Capture Card

Capture Cards capture On-screen content and convert it to high-quality video files or live streaming. Capture Cards provide the best streaming capabilities and are compatible with consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can also use the video capture cards for Macs and PCs.

The best capture cards on the market are Elgato by Corsair. Get one that is compatible with your Laptop.

Video Capture Software

To stream your videos to your Laptop Screen, you will need to download video capture software. OBS Studio is the most widely used software. It supports all operating systems and is free. Video Capture software compatible with your Capture Card, such as Elgato, can also be purchased.

HDMI Cable

Any HDMI cable can be used, but it is best to use a high-quality HDMI cable. This will allow you to connect your Switch and Laptop using a Capture card.

nintendo switch's HDMI Cable To Connect Switch To Laptop

Apart from the above equipment, you will need a laptop to stream your Switch games.

-HDMI Input Port

This is the sorcery port, which is missing on most PCs. The HDMI In port is also associated with the Nintendo Switch on your laptop. You should be aware that HDCP will make it difficult to use any signs.

-HDMI Output Port

The HDMI Out sends the HDMI signal, which is then captured by your laptop progressively, taking into account a consistent interactivity meeting.

Ways to Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

You can play your Nintendo Switch with your laptop by using your laptop’s screen as a TV monitor. This allows you to remove your Nintendo Switch from the dock and allow you to complete the installation process.

Step 1: Disconnect your Nintendo Switch’s HDMI cable from the TV.

Step 2: Connect the HDMI In port from the Nintendo Switch to your Elgato HD60 HDMI scratchcard.

Suggestion: This whole procedure can be electricity-intensive, so it is a fantastic idea to plug in both your notebook and Nintendo Shift dock into an energy supply.

Step 3: Open Sport Capture HD in your notebook.

Step 4: Switch the Nintendo Switch console by pressing and holding the Home button on any controller.

Step 5: Attach the USB cable that came with the Elgato HD60 to your laptop.

Step 6: You can now view your Nintendo Switch display in Game Capture HD.

Suggestion: If Elgato’s Game Capture HD software fails to detect the Nintendo Switch, ensure that the HDMI cable is plugged into the capture card Inside interface and not the Outside port. It should be precisely on the same side as the USB cable.

What is Game Capture HD? If you want your Nintendo Switch to work on a computer or laptop, all you need is the laptop’s monitor. To connect your Nintendo Switch to your laptop, you will need to install Game Capture HD. This external solution allows you to stream, record, and share your Nintendo Switch games.

Step 7: Click the fullscreen icon in the upper-right corner of Game Capture HD. The app should take up the entire screen.

Step 8: Take care not to touch your laptop keyboard or mouse. The Nintendo Shift footage should expand to fill the entire display. You’ll now be able to see the Nintendo Switch home screen directly on your screen and play your Nintendo Switch games on your laptop just like you would on a TV.

Suggestion: You can use the same technique to view media from another device with an HDMI cable. This could include a Blu-ray participant, Xbox One console, or a Blu-ray player.

Connecting Nintendo Switch to Computer

It is possible to connect your Nintendo Switch with a computer even if you don’t own a laptop. A capture card can be used to connect your Nintendo Switch to a computer, just like a laptop. Now, let’s go back to the steps that will secure your Switch to a computer.

It’s easy to do. Just plug the switch controller cable into the USB-C port of your computer. It’s done. You can now continue to play the same games on your computer as on the TV screen.

Any Other Alternative?

This is currently the only way to connect and use Nintendo Switch directly to play games on your laptop. This catch card comes at a high cost. You can find many of these games in the Windows Store. If you want to play Nintendo Switch matches, you can check them out.

Emulators allow you to play the Switch matches on your laptop. Emulators are not always stable. They can cause extreme lags and many bugs. You can see the matches by choosing either of these options.

HDMI port catch devices make it easy to connect Nintendo Switch to the laptop. It offers almost lag-free performance with type-C speed. There are still a few.

The Switch transfers the information to the Nintendo Dock via HDMI. Next, the Capture Device is used through HDMI to capture the data. Finally, the Switch switches into USB to move the data to the laptop.

It’s a long process, so there should be some lag. Even though most games are very efficient, I wouldn’t say I like it. The couple is also challenging to play due to the slight delay.

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How can I connect a Nintendo Switch to a laptop by using an HDMI card?

The Nintendo Switch has HD gameplay and can be connected to your laptop with an HDMI capture card. You can read the entire process in the article.

How do I connect my Nintendo Switch to my computer via USB?

Plug one end of the USB cable into the USB C port at the bottom of the Switch. Then, connect the other end to a USB port on your Windows PC. Your PC should recognize the Switch as a USB device, and it will automatically set itself up.

Can I connect a Nintendo Switch to a laptop without an HDMI capture card?

Many people want to know how to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop without this capture card. You can’t connect the switch to your laptop without this capture card. Most laptops only have one USB-C out-port.

A Nintendo Switch requires an in-port. To connect it to a laptop, you’ll need a capture card. The exception to this rule is if an in-port facility exists on a laptop.

Should I need to buy a new Nintendo Dock?

You can’t use the same one for your laptop if you already have one. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one from the market based on your budget and choice.

How can I connect a Nintendo switch to a computer?

An HDMI can also be used to connect the Nintendo Switch to a computer. You can find the complete procedure for connecting your switch in this article.


So, what’s the best way to connect a switch to your laptop? The answer is it depends. We hope this short article has helped you to better understand how Switch works. If you have any more questions, please leave some comments below! Thank you for reading my blog post!

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