Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming

Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming – Top Brands Review 2022

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Wireless headphones are becoming more popular since they are more convenient than wired versions. However, selecting the best wireless headset can be difficult because each manufacturer has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Check out our recommendations for the best wireless headphones for gaming with MedCPU.

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Buying Guide – Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming 2022

Headset brands

Almost every computer peripheral manufacturer appears to produce gaming headsets. However, they are not all created equal. SteelSeries regularly provides high-quality sound. Similarly, Logitech may not always achieve the same levels of audio fidelity as SteelSeries, but it always produces a good-sounding, comfortable product at a reasonable price.

However, do not limit yourself to only those brands. Binnune, JBL, PDP, and the generally non-gaming focused Beyerdynamic all manufacture superb headphones.


The first thing to look for is whether or not the headset is compatible with your gaming system. Not all headsets are compatible with all gaming systems. As a result, you must select one that is compatible with your PC or console.

Sound quality

If the sound is not good and no immersion, which hurts the gaming experience. There are numerous new Dolby technology surround sound headsets on the market that provide sound effects that will enhance the gaming experience. Some even provide 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound. Some games, however, do not require or provide surround effects; if you play such games, a simple stereo headset is a suitable alternative.

Microphone quality

For your game, you must have a good built-in microphone. You should choose a headset with a microphone that enables clear and succinct reception. Check that your microphone is not picking up on any extraneous noises. Noise-canceling headphones will help to ensure this. So, even if you’re in a noisy environment, your game will only hear your voice and not the noises around you.

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Gaming headset weight

A lightweight gaming headset is more pleasant to wear for extended periods. Heavier headsets, on the other hand, are often more durable and built of higher-quality materials. We recommend that you stick to the average weight of headphones, which is close to 8 ounces or 225 grams. Before making a purchase, you should test out your chosen game headset for at least thirty minutes.


The fundamental consideration for any goods purchase is the budget. Brands provide headphones for a variety of price points. The most recent sound technology is associated with high-priced devices. All low-cost headphones lack a comprehensive noise-isolation mechanism. It can also cause ear and hearing damage if used over an extended period.

Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming 2

Top 8 Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming

1. JBL Quantum 800

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The JBL Quantum 800 is a wireless gaming headset that is compatible with a variety of platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and others. It has a plethora of functions for a gaming headset. To begin, it is wireless, employing both Bluetooth and a USB dongle. It also has two types of surround sound, active noise cancellation, adjustable LEDs, a TalkThru function (which quiets the audio and activates mic monitoring so you can hear your surroundings better).

The majority of the headset’s capabilities are controlled via two dials and three buttons, most of which are located on the back of the left earphone. There’s a volume control dial, a game/chat mix dial, a mic mute button, and a noise-canceling button. JBL claims the headset can last 14 hours on a single charge of playback with the LEDs off, which is largely consistent with our test results. However, with everything turned on, don’t be surprised if you barely crack 5 hours.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Wired and wireless connections
  • Comfortable fit


  • Expensive

2. Corsair HS70 Pro

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The Corsair HS70 is an excellent gaming headset with excellent sound for critical listening. It is well-made and has plenty of padding on the ear cups and headband. The detachable boom microphone is adequate, and you can modify the sound of your headset using the Corsair iCUE program. Its 15-hour battery life should be enough for a full day of gaming.

Like most gaming headsets, the HS70 will make your ears fairly warm during long listening sessions and would not be suitable for workouts. They have a closed-back over-ear design that fully encapsulates the ears and obstructs airflow. 

The game control mechanism on the HS70 is fairly straightforward. Most gamers won’t mind the lack of a call and music management button, and they’ll appreciate the available volume wheel and mic-mute button. The controls are simple to operate and provide adequate feedback. Unfortunately, unlike some other gaming headsets, they do not support channel mixing.


  • Great audio reproduction.
  • Comfortable and durable build.
  • Detachable mic
  • Lightweight


  • Poor noise isolation.

3. PDP Gaming LVL50

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The PDP Gaming Level 50 Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset is an outstanding piece of equipment. The PDP Level 50 Gaming headset for Xbox has a dark gray and green look.

In terms of connectivity, the Level 50 Wireless Gaming headset has a handy dongle that fits into the USB port of almost any machine. As a result, the PDP Gaming Level 50 headphones are not only multi-platform but also extremely portable. At least, more so than the wired counterpart. The PDP Gaming Level 50 wired gaming headset has a 2m cable with a 3.5mm auxiliary connection at the other end.

In every regard, the PDP Gaming Level 50 headsets are excellent. They are a more affordable alternative to other higher-end headsets, and look terrific to boot.They are also incredibly compatible, with the wireless model connecting to anything that can read the USB dongle and the wired model attaching to and working with anything that has a headphone port.


  • Strong and robust design
  • Boom mic!
  • Excellent audio quality in both Stereo and 7.1
  • No-fuss featureset


  • There is no downside

Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming

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4. Logitech G935 Wireless DTS

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The Logitech G935 is undeniably a “gamer”-looking gaming headset. It’s mostly constructed of plastic and has enormous angular headphones and beautiful grooves all around it. The Logitech G935 has a solid feel about it. The headband has an inside metal strip and a good level of tension, so it’s always secure. The earpads are constructed of foam-covered leatherette and are large enough to provide a good seal. However, the pads are somewhat hard, so persons who wear glasses will most likely have a more difficult time.

The G935 is not as portable as other gaming headphones. They take up a lot of room and do not fold into a more compact size. The cups swivel to lay flat, making it easier to fit them inside a bag, but that’s about it. Overall, these gaming headphones should be kept near your gaming setup and should not be used on the fly.


  • Great audio reproduction.
  • Amazing app support.
  • Comfortable and durable build.
  • Premium-feeling design.
  • Programmable colored lighting.


  • Awkward microphone.
  • Poor isolation performance.

5. BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset

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The BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset is thick and heavy, with large, round ear cups. The ear cups are thickly cushioned and have a smooth, faux leather surface that breathes well. They’re also well-padded, so they will not lose their shape even after extended use. The headband is only made of plastic, but it’s good and thick, so it’s fairly robust. The inside of the band, like the cushioning on the ear cups, is thickly cushioned. It is just as comfy and ideal for long-term wear.

The controls and ports are all on the left ear cup. The USB Type-C charging port and a 3.5mm aux audio input are located on the bottom, near the front. A series of little rubber buttons are hidden behind that. The volume and power controls are located on the front three buttons. These buttons are finely pointed and designed to be operated with your thumb.

The BINNUNE headset offers three different ways to connect. 2.4GHz is the fastest option. It has the lowest latency and may be used on either a PC or a PlayStation. Another option is to use Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to connect to mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. A 3.5mm aux wire is the third connecting option. This is compatible with almost any game system, including Xbox systems and the Nintendo Switch.


  • Good quality sound
  • Worked easily out of the box
  • Comfortable


  • Bluetooth and 2.4G modes do not work at the same time

6. Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED

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The Logitech G435 provides lightweight wireless flexibility at a price comparable to wired gaming headsets, but its audio quality is only adequate. The G435 is quite light. This one weighs only 0.36 pounds. Given its lightweight and inexpensive price, it’s not unexpected that the construction is made entirely of lightweight plastic, with no metal visible. The earcups have a bit of giving to the left and right, as well as up and down, so they fit comfortably around your ears.

The Logitech G435 Lightspeed has a few controls but a lot of extras, and it doesn’t use Logitech’s G Hub companion software. The back edge of the left headphone has a mic mute button, a power button, and volume up and down controls. Aside from the expected functionality, different button combinations regulate Bluetooth pairing, switching between Bluetooth and USB wireless connections, and activating the headset’s built-in volume-limiting mechanism.


  • Lightspeed wireless connection with Bluetooth support
  • Colorful options
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless range is fantastic


  • Disappointing sound quality

7. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

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The SteelSeries Arctis 1 are good gaming headphones with a great boom microphone. They can be a fantastic option for anyone looking for a simple and versatile headset. They have a somewhat different headband design that mimics more basic headphones and lacks the stylized joints and yolks found on other Arctis headsets. The ear cup cushioning, like the rest of the range, is made of a mesh-like fabric. They also offer a removable boom mic for a more casual appearance.

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 has an acceptable build quality. These entry-level gaming headphones are composed of thin plastic that feels flimsy. The padding on the headband isn’t stitched, and it’s already coming out of its slot on our device after only a few uses. The hinges appear to be in good condition, but they feel hollow and lack a large range of motion, implying that they could easily shatter with a little physical stress.


  • Lightweight
  • Good volume with little distortion
  • Compatible with many different devices
  • Great drivers


  • Bass levels too low at times

8. BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset

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The BINNUNE Wireless Gaming Headset is also an excellent choice for high-quality audio playback. In terms of the gadget itself, it combines a high-performing 2.4 GHz audio-rich wireless setup for the next generation of gaming audio on PlayStation and PC. Additionally, it retains the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity for those who wish to use it with mobile devices.

This is one of the low-cost headsets with astonishing 48-hour battery life. Furthermore, quick USB-C charging makes life easier for users who want to use their devices continuously. The headset also has an easy-to-use controller. The volume up/down, power ON/OFF, and microphone ON/OFF keys are conveniently located on the left ear cup.This is one of the low-cost headsets with an astonishing 48-hour battery life. Furthermore, the quick USB-C charging makes life easier for users who want to use their devices continuously. The headset also has an easy-to-use controller. The volume up/down, power ON/OFF, and microphone ON/OFF keys are conveniently located on the left ear cup.


  • Easy control buttons.
  • Brilliant noise-canceling ability.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Premium build quality.


  • May seem a bit bulky for some users.

Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming

FAQ – Best Wireless Headphones For Gaming

1. Are wireless headsets sufficient for gaming?

Because there is no latency via the cord, wired headsets have traditionally been favored for gaming. Wireless technologies and even Bluetooth standards have advanced greatly over the years, making them perfect for low-latency gaming. There will, however, be some lag at some point, as even the most costly set of wireless gaming headsets is guaranteed to have.

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2. Is it true that wireless gaming headsets are more expensive?

The unfortunate reality is that you will almost certainly be paying a premium for a wireless version of any goods. You must account for the additional design, the additional connectivity peripherals (the wireless dongle, for example), and the fact that you must now include a battery.

3. Is it true that wireless gaming headsets are heavier than wired ones?

Because of the additional battery, a wireless version of a gaming headset will generally weigh slightly more than its cable counterpart.


Our selections above are what we believe are the best wireless gaming headphones for PC to buy right now. We consider the price, guest reviews, and availability. There are no perfect headphones, and your preferences, gaming preferences, and playing style will all play a role in your decision. If you want to make your own decision, here is a list of all our wireless headphones reviews, sorted by their compatibility for wireless gaming.

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