Why Is Disney Plus not Working on My Laptop

Are you facing issues with Disney Plus not functioning properly on your laptop or PC web browsers in the USA? It can be incredibly frustrating, and you might even feel like throwing your laptop or PC out of frustration. This is especially aggravating when you’re eager to binge-watch shows like “Disenchanted” or “Willow” but encounter problems with Disney+ not working correctly. Maybe you’ve encountered error codes like 73 or 90 while attempting to watch “Wild Crime.”

The good news is that Disney Plus is now accessible outside the USA. Additionally, if you find yourself in regions where it’s normally unavailable, you can still gain access to it by using the top VPN for Disney Plus. One highly recommended option is ExpressVPN, which can effectively bypass Disney Plus’s geographical restrictions.

However, despite Disney+ offering a fantastic experience on mobile devices such as Disney+ Android and Disney+ on iPhone, there are times when Disney+ may not perform well on PCs, resulting in lower video quality. Some users also encounter issues with Disney Plus not working properly on the Chrome browser.

But fret not! This article is here to provide you with a straightforward guide on resolving any Disney Plus issues you may encounter while using your laptop or PC web browsers. Let’s get started!

Why Is Disney Plus not Working on My Laptop

There are a few reasons why Disney Plus might not be working on your laptop. Here are some things to check:

  • Make sure your laptop is compatible with Disney Plus. Disney Plus has a list of supported devices on its website.
  • Check your internet connection. Disney Plus requires a strong internet connection to stream video. Try restarting your modem and router, and/or connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.
  • Restart your laptop. This can often fix minor software glitches.
  • Clear the Disney Plus app cache and data. This can remove corrupted data that might be causing problems. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Disney Plus > Storage & cache and tap Clear cache and Clear storage.
  • Update the Disney Plus app. Make sure you have the latest version of the Disney Plus app installed. You can check for updates in the app store on your laptop.
  • Disable any ad blockers or VPNs. Some ad blockers and VPNs can interfere with Disney Plus. Try disabling them to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Try using a different browser. If you’re using a web browser to watch Disney Plus, try using a different browser to see if that works.
  • If you’ve tried all of these things and Disney Plus is still not working, you can contact Disney Plus support for further assistance.

How To Fix Disney Plus Not Working On Laptop or PC Browsers?

There could be a number of causes for Disney Plus to not function properly on laptop or PC browsers. The fast remedies for Disney Plus not functioning on laptop or PC browsers are listed below.

Method 1: Check if Disney Plus Server Is Down

First, check the status of the Disney Plus servers. To learn the status of Disney+, use websites like Downdetector. If there is an issue, a message stating “possible problem at Disney+” will appear. In the absence of that, you see “User reports indicating no current problems at Disney+”. Whether you’re watching Disney+ in Germany, Disney+ in the UK, or anyplace else, it might happen at any time.

There isn’t much you can do if the server is down other than wait for it to come back online. You might however attempt the following remedies.


Method 2: Try to Watch Another Show on Your Laptop/PC

If the program you’re watching abruptly ends, there might be a problem with the title server. When the servers for some games on Disney Plus go down, those games become temporarily unplayable.

Play some other game. If it plays flawlessly, Disney Plus’ side of the problem is to blame rather than your device.

Method 3: Reduce the Video Quality of Your Laptop/PC

Your internet connection may not be up to streaming standards if Disney + performs poorly or looks awful on a PC. Video quality should be decreased.

  1. Open your browser and start Disney Plus
  2. Select your avatar.
  3. Next, select App Settings.
  4. Change the data used to save or moderate.


Method 3: Log Out and Log in to Your Disney+ Account

Disney Plus can sometimes encounter bugs and glitches that prevent it from working correctly on your laptop. To address this issue, try logging out and then logging back in. It’s a good practice to perform this action for all your devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into your Disney Plus account on your laptop.
  2. Click on your Avatar, which is typically located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. In the Account Details section, locate and click on the “Log out of all devices” option.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your current password. Provide your password and click “Log out.”
  5. Wait for about three to four minutes before attempting to log back into your Disney Plus account.
  6. After the wait period, log in again.

Method 4: Clear Cache and Data from the Disney+ App

With Disney Plus not working on Chrome, your browser cache and cookies are probably to blame. Clear the cache and data on your browser.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Press the CTRL + H keys on your keyboard to pull up the History tab.
  3. Hit Clear Browsing Data from the side menu. A new page should open,
  4. Tick the box beside cookies and other site data
  5. Change the Time Range to All Time.
  6. Hit Clear Data to start the process


Method 5: Check Your Internet Connection and Internet Speed in USA

When your internet connection is slow, Disney+ can exhibit poor performance on a PC. The platform necessitates a minimum bandwidth of 5 Mbps for smooth streaming. You can verify your network speed by using Fast.com.

In case of a slow connection, you can resolve the issue by restarting your router. Simply unplug it from the power outlet and wait for about 5 to 10 seconds. Then, plug it back in to initiate the restart.


Method 6: Switch off Your VPN in USA

Certain VPNs can disrupt your internet connection, leading to a subpar Disney+ experience on your PC. To address this issue, it’s advisable to turn off your VPN before trying to access Disney Plus.

However, if Disney Plus is not available in your region, you may still require a VPN service like ExpressVPN to bypass geographical restrictions and access the platform.

Method 7: Update Disney+ on Your Laptop/PC in USA

A missing update could be a reason for Disney Plus not working on laptops or PC. Make sure your app is updated.

  • On your Windows computer, visit the Microsoft Store
  • Go to Library
  • Hit Get Update
  • Look for Disney+ on your list to check if it’s updating or already updated

Method 8: Reinstall the Disney+ App on Your Laptop/PC

Your Disney+ App files may be corrupted. So you need to uninstall and reinstall it.

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard
  2. In the search box, type in Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Click on Open to launch it.
  4. Look for Disney+ on your list of apps and click it.
  5. Hit Uninstall.
  6. To reinstall, simply go back to the Microsoft Store and look for Disney+. Then click install.

If none of the previously mentioned solutions resolve the issue of Disney Plus not working on your laptop, it’s recommended to contact the Disney Plus Help Center for further assistance. You can access this help center through their website or app.

Additionally, if you continue to experience issues, you might want to consult our comprehensive guide on Disney Plus not working fixes, which is sure to provide a definitive solution to address this problem. And once the issue is resolved, don’t forget to enjoy “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” on Disney+!


There are indeed various factors that can contribute to Disney Plus not functioning properly on a laptop or PC. These factors may include problems with your internet connection, device updates, malware or viruses, and even the use of a VPN. Additionally, there’s the possibility that Disney Plus’ servers may be experiencing downtime.

As you’ve rightly pointed out, the list of quick fixes provided above covers common issues and solutions that users can try when encountering problems with Disney Plus on their laptops or PCs. It’s essential to troubleshoot these factors to ensure a smooth streaming experience.


Is Disney+ just straight-up not working on my PC or laptop?

You’re absolutely correct. One common reason for Disney Plus not working properly on a laptop or PC is a potential issue with the internet connection. To address this, users should perform a speed test using a service like Fast.com to measure their current network bandwidth. If the test reveals an internet issue, restarting the router, as mentioned earlier, can be an effective solution to improve the connection. Thank you for emphasizing this important step in troubleshooting Disney Plus issues.

Can I run Disney Plus on my laptop or PC?

Yes, you can run Disney Plus on your laptop or PC. Follow the steps below to subscribe, install, and sign in to Disney Plus on your PC.

  • On your browser, go to Disney+
  • Sign up by filling out the form.
  • To run the app on your laptop or PC, go to Microsoft Store
  • Look for Disney+
  • Click Install
  • Once installed, log in to Disney Plus using your credentials
  • Enjoy streaming Disney Plus.

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