How To Factory Reset Asus Laptop? Fast and Safe

If you’re looking for How To Factory Reset Asus Laptop? This article by Medcpu is the perfect guide for you. You will find all of the steps and instructions necessary to do so with ease. Follow along with these easy-to-read directions and get back on track with your computer!

Reset My Asus Laptop Without Logging In

Step 1: Click the icon in the lower right corner of the login screen.

Step 2: Press the Shift key while you click on Restart.

Step 3: Click on “Troubleshoot

Step 4: Click Reset Your Computer.

Step 5: Click ‘Eliminate Everything

Step 6: After your computer restarts, click on ‘Remove my documents‘.

Step 7: Click ‘Reset

Reset My Asus Laptop Without Logging In

Unlock Asus Windows 10 Laptop Without Disk Via Factory Reset

You can also perform a how factory reset a laptop to unlock your Asus laptop Windows 10. However, this is only if your laptop has no problems losing personal files.

Step 1: Go to the Windows 10 login screen. Click the Power icon, then click on Restart. Press and hold the Shift key while you are pressing the Shift key.

Step 2: When the screen “Pick a Choice” appears, click Troubleshoot > select reset your pc > Eliminate All.

Step 3: After the Asus laptop reboots, choose to Remove my Documents or Cleanly Wipe the Drive based on what you need.

Step 4: Click on Reset to reset your Asus laptop.

Step 5: Wait until the factory reset process is complete. Your private files will be deleted. It will also delete your password so that you can sign in to Asus laptops Windows 10 without a password and unlock your Asus laptop.

Unlock Asus Laptop Windows 10 Without Disk Via Factory Reset

How To Factory Reset Asus Laptop

For many reasons, your company might need to restore an ASUS laptop back to factory settings.

Reinstall Windows operating system and formatting the hard drive can remove viruses, restore your laptop from system failure, and improve computing performance.

If you want to sell your notebook, it is essential to erase the contents from the driveway. If you fail to do this, the next owner can access your business information.

How to Restore an ASUS Laptop to Factory Settings

ASUS laptop includes a recovery partition that includes software to restore the laptop back to its factory settings state.

  1. Turn on the ASUS laptop. To access the hidden files, click F9 when the ASUS logo appears.
  2. Click on “Enter” to open Windows Boot Manager. Choose the “Windows Boot Manager” option and click on “Next” to select your preferred language from the list.
  3. Read the messages on the screen and click “Next“. Choose an option of the following options: “Recover Windows to First Partition Only“, “Recover Windows to Entire HD“, or “Recover Windows to Entire HD with 2 Partitions“.
  4. Click “Next” to follow the instructions on the screen to reset ASUS laptop back to factory defaults.

Another way to factory reset ASUS laptops in Windows 7/8/10

Preparations: Install AOMEI OneKey Recovery and download it.

Create a recovery partition using AOMEI OneKey Recovery. An image backup is what you need to restore ASUS’ factory default settings. When you create a recovery partition for a new hard drive, you must tick the “Backup system at other location” box.

Continue reading to find out the details:

Step 1: Open AOMEI OneKey Recover software and click OneKey System Repair.

Step 2: Select the first option: Restore the system using the image file from AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition and click Next.

Step 3: Confirm you want your computer restored to its factory settings. Click Start Restore. Wait the factory reset process finishes, and then restart your computer.

Tips: AOMEI Technology has recently launched a new feature that can replicate AOMEI OneKey Recovery. It’s called “Recovery Environment” in AOMEI Backupper. You can factory reset ASUS laptops without having to boot Windows. Additionally, you have the option to restore the entire system image or just the image. You can also choose to restore individual files or partitions.

Factory Restore/ Reset ASUS Laptop Using Command Prompt

Sometimes, the reset process can halt while restoring factory settings, e.g., Process freezes at 50%. If the warranty is still valid, the recovery partition will be damaged. If the warranty is not an option, the prompt will be used to reset Asus laptop.

Use Shift + Start to boot the laptop in Safe Mode. (Click on the facility icon, press and hold “Shift“, and then click on “Restart“) Select Troubleshoot from the options available when Windows operating system reboots. Select advanced options and startup settings from the Troubleshoot menu. To restart your laptop in Safe Mode, press F4 or 4.

In Safe Mode, type “cmd” within the Run box or Start menu to open the prompt. The following text should be entered in Command Prompt. This is often a System Restore command that can immediately open an asus preload wizard. Follow these instructions to factory reset ASUS laptop.

How to Do a Master Reset of the BIOS Defaults on a Desktop Computer

You can reset your entire input/output preferences to restore factory settings on a working computer. Many small business computers stay in a from-the-manufacturer state, so the default options are often sufficient to operate the computer.

The BIOS settings can be reset depending on the computer’s make and model. You should use one of these two methods to complete the task.

After resetting the settings and making the computer functional, it is worth consulting a tech to check for any more severe issues. A BIOS flash should not be required for normal usage. However, a problem this way could indicate something more serious.

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Reset from Setup Screen

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Turn on your computer and enter the BIOS setup screen. Your computer’s specific access may vary.
  3. For example, F2 will open the BIOS of several Dells. F10 works on a few HPs, while F1 is available on many Lenovos. If you have a new computer, make sure to look at the display when you turn it on. It will often prompt you to do so.
  4. Use the arrow keys for a browse through the BIOS menu. This will allow you to choose an option to reset your computer to its default, fallback, or mill configurations.
  5. Select the “File” menu on an HP computer and then select “Apply Defaults” or “Exit.” For a Lenovo, press F9, or choose “Exit” followed by “Load Optimized Defaults“. “On a Dell, press “F9” or select “Exit” followed by “Load Optimal Defaults“. For more information about your computer’s exact process, consult the owner’s guide.
  6. Restart your computer.

Pull the Battery

  1. Turn off the computer and unplug the power supply.
  2. Remove the cap from the case. This is usually done by unscrewing a few screws and sliding the lid towards the front.
  3. Remove the BIOS backup battery from the motherboard socket if it is present. It will look like a small coin-shaped mobile and can be snapped or plugged into a socket.
  4. You should not force it out if you cannot get it out. Some computers come with removable batteries while others don’t.
  5. Replace the battery after waiting for five or more minutes to provide the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor memory processor time to get rid of the recalled settings.
  6. Replace the battery, close your case, plug in the computer again, and turn it on. You will see the factory reset your preferences. If they aren’t, you can repeat the process but leave the battery out longer before replacing it.

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How do I completely factory Reset Asus laptop?

Navigate to Settings > Security > Recovery. Look for a title that reads “Reset this PC”. Click Get Started. You have two options: Keep My Files, or click remove everything. The first reset your default options and remove uninstalled applications, such as browsers. However, it preserves your data.

Does factory reset permanently delete?

All data on your Android device is erased when you perform a factory reset. This is similar to formatting a computer hard disk. It erases all pointers to your data so that the computer doesn’t know where it is stored.

How do I wipe my computer before recycling?

Go to the Start Menu, and then click on Settings. Navigate to Update & Security and search for the recovery partition menu. You can then select Reset this PC and follow the steps. You may be asked to erase data “quickly” or “thoroughly”. We recommend taking the time to do the latter.

How do you permanently erase data so that it Cannot be recovered?

Click on Security > Advanced, then go to Settings > Security. Tap Encryption and credentials. If the option isn’t enabled, select Encrypt phone. Next, open Settings > System > Advanced. Tap Reset options. Next, select Factory reset – Erase all data and then press Delete all data.


With this article, we have shared our top tips for factory setting and how to factory reset Asus laptop. We hope you find these steps helpful in getting your device back up and running quickly! If not, feel free to contact us for assistance or any questions! We hope that this article has been helpful, and we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!

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