What Does Pog Mean In Gaming? Things to Know 2022

What Does Pog Mean In Gaming?  You may have heard the term POG if you are a gamer. Twitch communities use the expressions Pog, poggers, or PogChamp, to express delight, surprise, or fascination when their favorite streamer does something remarkable. What are the origins and correct usage of POG? This article will discuss POG meaning, where does POG come from? and other Meanings of POG.

What does Pog mean In Gaming?

Since 2012’s release of the PogChamp emoticon, the word POG, a slang term, has become synonymous with excellent, cool, and remarkable.

In this sense, POG can be used to indicate Cool!. The verb pog, which describes a surprise facial expression, can also be used.

Before the advent of the internet and the rise of gaming culture, POG – a small circular piece of cardboard, was used by young people to play games in the 1990s. Gaming uses POG to refer to Play of the games.

To make POGChamp, POG can be combined with Champ, which is an abbreviation of Play of champion.

It is used frequently in online games such as Overwatch or League of Legends and streaming services such as Twitch or YouTube.

From where does POG come?

POG may be associated with the 90s-era collectible cardboard pieces. In this context, POG is from PogChamp, which Twitch viewers started using to express their excitement in 2012. Twitch later re-associated the phrase pog champions with an emote that featured gootecks’ visage.

POG was the inspiration for the term poggers, which gamers now use to describe something unique. Twitch also gave poggers an emote in 2017, which featured a surprise Pepe the Frog.

Who uses POG?

Before Twitch, some sports fans referred to the highlight of a game as the POG. It is used most often by streamers (persons who Livestream an online game) on Twitch and TikTok to describe an incredible feat. It has been so common that people now use it sarcastically to describe mundane things.

Examples of POG in Conversations

Use of POGs: Here are some examples

A noun (meaning cool, or awesome)

Pog is the way you leapt over an enemy in gaming.

This was a POG in gaming


This game will give you more lives! Pog!

A verb that means to make a surprising facial expression:

He Pogged when he saw the amount of his raise.

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Other meanings of POG

Other meanings of POG

The original source of the word POG is a juice drink (one made from Passion fruit, Orange, and Guava) that was first introduced in Hawaii in 1971. The beverage company used the name POGs, a game based on Pog bottlecaps, in the early 1990s as a marketing gimmick.

The game, also known as POG, and the round, flat, and cardboard pieces that were used to make it (collectively called POGs, singularly referred to as a POG) became extremely popular among American schoolchildren in the mid-1990s.

Although the fad faded, the terms POGs, (the gaming piece), and POGs, (the game/pieces), remained. The original game, which is based on stacking milk bottle caps, dates back to the 1920s or 1930s in Hawaii. It wasn’t known until much later as POGs.

Other Meanings of the word POG

There are a few other meanings for it. One of these meanings is used in military settings. This can be translated to person other than grunt in this instance. A grunt is a frontline soldier who does dangerous or combat-related tasks, so a POG, also known as someone who supports the soldiers but doesn’t fight or march-like them, is called a POG.

Here is the list of other meanings:

  • Patina Oil & Gas Corporation
  • Player Of The Game
  • Price Of Gold
  • Personnel Other than Grunt
  • PC Only Gamer
  • Priorities of Government
  • Parents of the Groom
  • Psychological Operations Group
  • Play Online Games
  • Property of God
  • Pot of Gold


Pog has become a symbol of positivity, fun, and joy across the twitch community. Recent changes to the design were made to preserve the values of the emote. Although it is not clear what the future holds for PogU and WeirdChamp’s discontinued emotes, it is understandable why Twitch decided to take Gootecks off the platform.

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