Toshiba Vs Hp Laptop – Which Brand is Better? 2022

When consumers are looking for a brand new laptop to buy, they have many options, but the two best are the Toshiba and HP laptops. Both are full of pros and cons, so it is important to find out which one is the best fit for the buyer before deciding to buy one.

For those who are undecided as to which brand to purchase, this article will look at some comparisons between Toshiba Vs Hp Laptop. MedCPU will provide a clear look at which is the better laptop brand. Let’s get started!

Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba is a well-known brand that launched the first laptop on the consumer market. It is a Japanese computer manufacturing company that has developed many computer products since its inception.

They released a variety of models over time and continue to sell laptops and other products to customers. The brand made affordable laptops at the beginning. Laptop users would love to purchase a Toshiba laptop. The truth is that there isn’t much demand for Toshiba laptops, as they are kept as collector pieces.

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The world is moving more towards innovation and new features. When they pay money, people want good specs and high build quality. Toshiba used to sell laptops at a low price, but they no longer have the resources to supply the exact specifications that a customer needs.

Even in the most recent Toshiba laptops, you would expect the same Intel processors. This means there aren’t many innovations or changes in a world that has entered a new era. Toshiba products still work to some degree. This can be distinguished by looking at the pros and cons associated with Toshiba laptops.

Current lines include Tecra (solid-business laptops) or Portege (thin and light business laptops).


  • They are the best choice if you’re looking for a laptop to use at home or in the office. They are also among the most affordable options on the laptop market. If you are looking for a bargain, such laptops might be a good choice.
  • Much cheaper than HP.
  • They are equipped with many ports that allow them to connect to various multimedia options.


  • These laptops are not easy to repair or maintain. It isn’t easy to find replacement parts.
  • Toshiba’s laptop range isn’t extensive enough to offer many choices.
  • Not of high quality laptop.

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HP Laptops

HP – Hewlett Packard – This is an established brand making computers and laptops since the beginning. It is one the most well-known and largest manufacturers of computer products. Hewlett Packard offers a wide range of laptop options that can be purchased at different prices than Toshiba.

Because they have an innovative or new model for every market, HP manages to be at the top of the laptop market. They also make ultrabooks and laptops for each price range, which can attract buyers’ attention. HP’s gaming laptops are a competitive advantage.

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HP offers quality laptops at affordable prices for customers from different income levels. Many customers are pleased with the performance of the batteries and the build quality.

As a brand that makes solid laptops, HP is superior to Toshiba. They are sturdy and reliable with a great design. This is evident when we look at the benefits and drawbacks of HP laptops.


  • Laptops from HP are more durable and offer better laptop performance than Toshiba laptops.
  • HP offers a wider range of products that Toshiba does not and can meet every customer’s need.
  • The HP brand has a competitive advantage by producing the best gaming laptops for computer enthusiasts.


  • The laptops from HP are more expensive than the Toshiba laptops.
  • After a while, parts of HP laptops can break easily.
  • Clients are not satisfied with the customer service.

Toshiba and Hp Laptops Comparison


HP laptops were once practical and straightforward. But, they have improved their designs over the years. They have created some of the most beautiful computing machines on the computer market. Their philosophy is to reduce everything so that they can offer the most elegant products.

The Hybrid Spectre x360, for example, is very light in weight. The laptop is lightweight at 2.78 pounds, thanks to its aluminum body and thin bezel edges.

The Spectre 13 model from HP is also the most elegant, surpassing Apple laptops. It is extremely thin and has a ceramic (white) casing. Even the most minor elements were redesigned. The screen hinges are finished in polished chrome and stand out in a crowded area.

You’ll see that the design is what has let Toshiba down in the past. There was a joke about a Toshiba laptop computer being available in any color, even black. Their latest models are charcoal, which is more than black. Toshiba is synonymous with excellent aesthetics.

One possible explanation could be that they are more focused on the serious business market. You’ll be amazed at the difference between their business-oriented models and other models, such as the HP Spectre or Apple MacBook Pro. Although other brands have tried to reduce the size of their keyboard frames and minimize bezel edgings, Toshiba models remain obtrusive.


HP employs a consumer-oriented team that analyzes customers’ needs and wants. The brand responds to customer needs and feedback. They discovered that UHD and 15-inch displays are in high demand.

Customers didn’t need the extra weight and thickness. HP teamed up with NVIDIA to meet the demand. The result was a laptop that had a clear display and a small size difference of 0.07 inches.

They have also improved their battery technology. They now offer fast charging technology, which charges the battery 50% in just half an hour. According to their customer research, about 97 percent prefer thin or no bezels. HP responded to this need by creating a micro-edge display that reduces the size of the bezel by more than 70%.

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The Portege series machines are strong and sturdy because they’re made for business people. The machine’s shock-absorbing body is made of a magnesium alloy casing and honeycomb construction.

These laptops are stronger and more durable than other top brands. The Easyguard system is available on both the Tecra and Portege laptops. This prevents computer components from being dropped or spilled on.

Toshiba’s cooling system has also been improved to increase heat performance. It features heat-busting components, intelligent airflow control, and enhanced air-intake characteristics. Toshiba laptops are incredibly cool due to this.

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User Interface

Toshiba uses a very standard user interface. The keyboards of their laptops are black with large, flat keys and a simple trackpad. Although it is sufficient, the keyboard feels cheap and mushy on higher-end Toshiba laptops.

Although HP seems not to standardize as much, this results in better keyboards overall. However, many cheap HP laptops still have an unimpressive keyboard. Although the trackpads can sometimes be a bit small, they are adequate.


Squaretrade, which issues third-party warranties, says there is a significant difference in the reliability of HP and Toshiba laptops.

The most reliable laptops made by HP are at the top of the reliability scale, with a three-year failure rate that exceeds 25%. Toshiba’s three-year failure rate is barely above 15%. This makes Toshiba the second most reliable laptop maker.

Customer Service

Both Toshiba and HP offer technical support via their websites and customer service representatives. They are pretty similar overall, according to Laptop Magazine’s customer services report.

Toshiba has received a consistent B rating each year since 2008, a testament to its reliability. The average wait time for phone support is less than 10 minutes. The website has some answers, even though it’s a little outdated. Sometimes, however, customer service representatives have difficulty answering questions or diagnosing problems.

The customer service scores of HP have been unpredictable. They were awarded a B+ score in 2008 and a C+ in 2009. However, they had since improved to a positive rating of B+ in 2010. They have received high praises for their helpful and clear web support. You will get a prompt response by calling HP. They are also beneficial.


HP has maintained the prices of laptop computers at the mid-range. They are more expensive than Acer but much less than the Apple salary-stripping costs. Despite their modest prices, HP products offer excellent specifications. They are much cheaper than their closest competitors.

You get much more for your money than you pay on top HP laptops. Let’s look at the HP Spectre x360. It is about 200 dollars less than the Microsoft Surface Book 2, Lenovo Yoga920, and Toshiba Tecra Z40tB. These are all comparable laptops.

Even though they looked a little plain, Toshiba laptop computers were once praised for their affordability and power. The brand is now focusing on the business market, and the prices have risen. You can’t buy a Toshiba laptop for less than 250 dollars today.

The lowest-priced Tecra C50 laptop in their range is available for purchase at over 500 dollars. This laptop is more expensive than the Lenovo IdeaPad 300, which has similar specifications. The Portege Z30 C1320, on the other hand, is more costly than the HP Spectre. Comparing similar specifications, Toshiba laptop computers cost more than HP and other laptops.


Toshiba Vs Hp Laptop FAQs (1)

Are HP and Toshiba the same company?

No. HP is an American company while Toshiba is a Japanese company.

Why are Toshiba laptop computers heavier than HP laptops?

There are two explanations for this. One is that Toshiba laptop computers are heavier because Toshiba computers are made of more durable materials than the HPs, which makes them more weighty. The other is that HP laptops are lighter because they are using different production methods.

The Toshiba laptop computers are made of aluminum, while the HP laptops are made of magnesium alloy.

Is Toshiba’s laptop less likely to break than HP’s?

The laptops are equally likely to break. Toshiba’s laptop is actually less likely to break than HP’s because the Toshiba laptop computers are made of more durable materials.

However, if you put both Toshiba and HP laptops together in a crate and shipped them to a warehouse, they both would break because there isn’t enough shock protection and strength between the two.

Why did Toshiba stop making laptops?

In March of 2015, Toshiba announced they would stop making laptops because of the company’s financial difficulties. The company was suffering from a significant loss in its television business and was struggling to secure investments for its nuclear power plant business. The company has not commented on the future of its mobile division.


Which is the better laptop company: Toshiba or HP? The answer to this question is not straightforward and depends on your needs. One may be better than the other if you need a laptop for gaming and video editing and the other may be better if you need a lightweight laptop.

The impact of weight and durability may not be that great in the end. Your choice will depend on your needs and budget. Remember that when you choose a laptop, you should always base your choice on more than just one factor.

Thanks for reading our guide. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below.

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