Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair 2022: Which One to Choose?

Are you planning to buy a new desk chair to work or play games? Are you confusing between office chair vs gaming chair? Then you come to the right place.

You can buy a standard office chair with a sleek black finish and a few ergonomic features. Or, you can buy a gaming chair that has a more “gamer-friendly” design and has some unique features, depending on how much you spend.

If you’re deciding between these two options, there’s a lot to consider. In this guide, Medcpu will help you decide which chair is best suited for you.

Gaming Vs Office Chair

Gaming Vs Office Chair

Gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed chairs that can be used for hours of gaming. There are three types of gaming chairs available: floor, rocker, and PC and racing.

PC & Racing: These gaming chairs, which are higher than the ground, are most often used to play video games on a computer.

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

These chairs were originally made by a luxury car seat manufacturer and look very similar to sports car seats. These chairs have tall, padded backs with sleek designs. These chairs are fashionable, comfy, and strong.

Rocker: These chairs, named after their inventors, are rocker gaming chairs. They rest on the ground and rock forward and back. The curved chairs are balanced at the angle between the seat and the back. This allows them to change their positions with ease.

When you’re seated, your legs will touch the ground. These chairs can be used for console games that can also be played from afar. These chairs are also ideal for multi-player games that can be played in the same room.

Floor gaming chairs are the cheapest and most structured of all gaming computer chair types. You can find semi-structured or rocker-like chairs, as well as completely unstructured chairs that look like floor cushions. These super-plush, padded seats are great for casual console players looking for a comfy perch.

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Office chairs

Although office chairs don’t always look great, they are built to be comfortable. Office chairs are designed to be comfortable for all types of people to adjust to different heights, back pains, and body shapes.

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

The primary purpose of an office chair is to provide comfort, with aesthetics second. Office chairs can look great, but they are not designed to be comfortable in an office setting.

Gaming chairs vs office chairs compared

Ergonomic Adjustments

The most important difference between similar-priced gaming chairs and office chairs is the type of mechanism used. An ergonomic gaming chair has a swivel or knee-tilt function.

These are generally lower-end recline mechanisms, which won’t offer the best ergonomic positions. Eurotech Vera chairs and iOO have a synchro-tilt mechanism and a weight-sensitive mechanism, which will allow you to be very comfortable and ergonomically while still paying the same price.

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair

You can also compare the adjustments of these chairs. Racing Chairs will only have height adjustments, while Secret Lab Chairs will have three or four-way arms depending upon which model you choose. Compare that to a Eurotech Vera. You’ll find four-way adjustable arms that have larger ranges and provide greater functionality.

Standard office chairs have adjustment features that are not available in gaming chairs. All adjustments, including forwarding seat tilt, sliding mechanism, and independent backrest angle adjustment, will be available at any price.

Lumbar Support

Most racing-style gaming chairs feature a flat backrest that includes some form of pillow support. These chairs aren’t very supportive of the lumbar.

The pillows can compress easily, and the attachments or straps don’t hold them in place. Overall, they don’t offer much support. This is the main reason a gaming pc chair is better than a regular office chair.

Eurotech Vera does not have adjustable lumbar support. It has more support than a racing office chair. This makes it a comfortable chair.

It has a well-designed curve and quality mesh that will hold you in place and provide the support you require. You can find lumbar adjustments on standard office chairs in the same price range if you are specifically looking for one.

Additional Specifications

You may not only want maximum comfort to be the main consideration in your purchase decision, but you might also want to consider other benefits you get from a chair. While office chairs do the job, gaming chairs can enhance your experience.

Gaming chairs provide comfort with extra cushion support. However, these are only useful if the chair is being used for gaming. But you can also use them to listen to music while working.

Gaming chairs can be equipped with vibration to give you a full immersion experience. There are also gaming chairs that have massage functions if you want to make gaming more luxurious.

Design and Upholstery

There are two types of office chairs: mesh office chairs and leather office chairs. Breathability is the main difference between them.

Mesh chairs are more comfortable and allow for more airflow, making them ideal for hot offices. While leather chairs are beautiful and comfortable at first, they can quickly wear and lose their cushioning.

Faux leather is used to make gaming chairs. It doesn’t wrinkle as well as real leather and gives them a longer life span. A gaming chair can also be available in bright colors. These chairs are heavier and larger than standard office chairs, so make sure to consider space and your personal preferences when choosing your gaming chair.


A gaming chair is more expensive than an ordinary office chair because of the extra features it offers. The price range for gaming chairs is between PS150/ $200 and PS400/ $500, depending on their specifications. A matching office chair will cost you between PS50/$80 and PS200/300.

You get what your money pays, so a PS150/ $180 office chair will offer more than a PS50/$70 chair. It is important to consider how long you will be sitting in the chair and what you are doing. High-end gaming or office chair is best for frequent work, gaming, and occasional work.

Warranty Policy

Most gaming chair brands offer two- to three-year coverage. A Secret Lab Racing Style Chair, for example, comes with a 3-year warranty that covers the entire chair. Comparing that with a comparable-price Eurotech Office Chair will show a significant difference.

Eurotech Office Chairs come with a five-year limited warranty on foam and fabric. You can be sure that a standard office chair will last longer than a gaming chair if you choose one of these models. This will ensure a lower cost per year and better quality.


There you have it – the comparison between gaming chair vs office chair. Your personal preferences are the most important factor in choosing a chair for your desk.

They’re all similar in terms of comfort and features, so there is no clear winner. A flashy racing-style gaming chair with built-in speakers and Bluetooth compatibility might be the best choice for you if you are interested in streaming or using audio features.

A flashy gaming chair may not be appropriate for professionals who host clients or participate in video calls. You can filter your chair search by what you value most to find the right chair for you. Please leave a comment below if this article helped you.

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