How To Build a Gaming Laptop? A Complete Guide 2022

Welcome to my blog! In this post, teach you how to build a gaming laptop. This is a great option for anyone who wants to play the latest games without spending a lot of money. You’ll need a few supplies and some DIY skills, but the end result will be a powerful laptop that can handle any gaming challenge. Let’s get started!

How to Select the Best Gaming Laptop: The Basics

The main challenge in choosing a gaming laptop is to find a system that works well. To ensure you get the gaming experience you desire, examine the hardware, design, and connectivity options.

Components: You need to choose a CPU and GPU that provide the necessary performance. These two components are not easily replaced in most laptops. It would help if you looked for the components you require to play the games at the resolutions and frame rate you desire.


Connectivity: Connectivity. The Thunderbolt(TM) 3 port has a data transfer rate of up to 40Gbps and is especially useful for large files being moved from an external drive. Thunderbolt(tm3) 3 ports are not supported by all laptops.

Design: You should look for design elements that you like. For example, a slim chassis, thin borders around the screen, and sturdy frame materials such as aluminum. Larger screens 13 inches and 15 inches can take up more space than smaller models but provide more immersion.

Even powerful laptops are now much thinner, thanks to advances in thermal design. Some systems measure less than 1 inch. Although price and weight are still affected by the components you choose, it is possible to have a high-performance gaming laptop with a small chassis.


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Components That You Can Customize in a Laptop for Gaming

You can’t customize or upgrade all parts of a laptop, as we have already mentioned. These parts are:

  • CPU
  • Graphics Card or GPU
  • RAM
  • Storage or Hard Drive

The heart of computers and laptops is the CPU or central processing unit. The CPU has the biggest impact on machine productivity. Even if you are only doing simple tasks, a faster CPU will provide faster performance.


The GPU, or random access memory, is what creates the images on your screen. Your RAM, or random access memory, is where you store working data and machine codes. You will need more RAM if you have a resource-intensive application running on your laptop.

An optical disc drive, or ODD, is another option you might want to add to your gaming notebook. This drive can read and play CDs and DVDs. These drives are perfect for gamers who still have physical copies of their video games. An ODD is not required if you download games from Steam platforms.

How to build a gaming laptop?

Although there are many ways to make your gaming laptop online, ours is the easiest. You will first need to gather all the necessary items, including a basic laptop. Next, you will need to buy a CPU, GPU, RAM, and hard drive.

A barebones laptop must have a replacement CPU and graphics card. It is also important to determine if the laptop can handle changes to your hard disk interfaces. Find out if the device can handle your memory, hard disk type, and screen interface.

It is also important to check the cooling system. It will help if you are looking for a barebones laptop and has a high-powered cooling system. Look out for external graphics cards, multi-screen interconnections, and virtual reality.

Before purchasing any other parts, ensure they are compatible with your barebones laptop. Verify compatibility with the motherboard on the barebones model. If you are purchasing a laptop with all its components, the same applies.


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Choose a CPU, GPU, and RAM for your Gaming Laptop

Gamers should pay more attention to CPU cores and frequency. You can now find CPUs that have multiple cores. Determine the cores required by gaming programs when you shop.

Gaming performance can also be affected by the frequency of your processor. Certain games require higher frequencies to avoid lag. You can find out the frequency of your CPU by looking at the specifications of the games you intend to play.

You can find out the thermal design power of a CPU to determine how quickly it will heat up. This will also help you determine the best cooling system for you and how long it can run before the system overheats.

Make sure the resolution of your graphics card matches that of your monitors before you purchase it. Also, make sure to check the refresh rate of your graphics card to ensure it matches your monitors.

Your GPU or graphics card must have at least 4GB of video memory for gaming. For good graphics, don’t rely on overclocking your CPU. Always opt to purchase a faster card.

Streaming requires a more powerful GPU and CPU. You’ll only need a small number of resources if you are only playing games. It’s a whole different story if you combine your gaming with streaming.


Storage Drives and RAM

Many laptop manufacturers will allow you to upgrade your gaming laptop. These laptop manufacturers allow consumers to replace the internal drive of their laptop with a bigger one. You can add another drive to your laptop’s storage capacity by using the second drive bay.

Consider buying the SSD or solid-state drive when purchasing a storage drive. The traditional hard drive, or HDD, is the type. SSDs have a lower performance, while hard drives are more reliable.

Consider having 16GB RAM for your gaming laptop. 8GB RAM is the minimum you can get if you are on a tight budget. Make sure your laptop has enough memory card slots before you purchase RAM. Once all the components are ready, it is time to assemble your gaming notebook.

First, open the shell by turning it upside down so that the bottom faces upwards. Install the RAM, CPU, and Wi-Fi card into their sockets. You can do the same for your hard drive and GPU.

Next, install the operating system you have chosen. After you have completed all these steps, screw the bottom cover back onto the shell. You are now ready to begin gaming. Keep your gaming laptop clean and well maintained.


FAQ: How to build a gaming laptop

1. Is it cheaper to build your own gaming laptop?

There is no wrong way to build or buy a gaming computer. Building your own gaming PC is cheaper, easier, and more customizable. Prebuilt gaming computers are more reliable, faster, and easier to build.

2. Are gaming laptops worth it?

You will have to pay more for high-end mobile gaming, but it will be worth it if you want a truly immersive gaming experience. The Razer Blade Pro 17.3 inch Gaming Notebook Computer is an example.

3. How can I make my low-end laptop faster?

Here are some ways to speed up your computer.

  • Programs for the Close System Tray
  • Stop running programs at startup.
  • Updating Windows drivers and applications
  • You can delete any files that are not necessary.
  • Look for programs that consume resources.
  • You can adjust your power options.
  • You can uninstall any programs that you no longer use.
  • You can turn Windows features on and off.


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