Matte Vs Glossy Laptop Screen – Which Should You Get? 2022

When it comes to purchasing a laptop, the choice of display type is an important decision. The most common laptop screen types are Matte vs Glossy laptop screens.

Glossy laptop screens are known for their high-contrast screens that are more aesthetically pleasing, while matte laptop screens are loved for their accurate colors that are less blinding in the sunlight. The difference between glossy and matte laptop screens has become an issue of screen preference.

Is the matte finish on laptops for you? These are slowly becoming more popular these days, but glossy displays are still extremely popular among consumers. Which will work best for you? This article, medCPU will help you decide between the two.

About Glossy Screen

Glossy Screen Pros and Cons

A glossy display has a smoother outer layer of polarizing than a matte one. This smooth surface does not diffuse ambient light but instead reflects it very directly. The monitor’s light is not affected by strong diffusion processes.

Apart from the reflections, the image looks richer, brighter, and more natural. Modern glossy polarizing films often have an anti-reflective chemical coating, such as magnesium fluoride and special polymers.

This helps to absorb some of the ambient sunlight. Samsung’s glossy models feature screen surfaces that are laced with silver nanoparticles, a technique known as the Ultra Clear Panel. This coating is intended to absorb some ambient light slightly higher than traditional anti-reflective chemicals without affecting image performance.

Glossy Screen Pros:

Color accuracy

Glossy screens have vivid colors that are accurate, bright, and contrasty. The pictures and colors look excellent. Photos on glossy are clear and void of texture.

It’s easy to wipe

Smudges and dust can look bad on your screen, so you need to clean them up regularly. Because the glossy display has a smooth surface, dust particles can be easily wiped off. It is possible to remove dirt and stains without using distilled water.

Rapid response

What does it feel like to touch the screen multiple times and get no response? You will likely freak out.

The sensors on glossy displays are quick. Touching a glossy display triggers an immediate response. This saves time and keeps you interested.

Glossy Screen Cons:


A reflection of an object on a glossy screen can cause distractions during work. These reflections can make it difficult to see what is actually on the screen.

Eyes can get tired quickly.

The eyes are negatively affected by the glossy display. The glare from glossy displays can degenerate the eyes nerve. Your eyes will become tired and strain if you stare at a glossy screen display for too long.

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About Matte Screen

Matte Screen Pros and Cons 

A display screen surface is composed of an outer polarizing layer honed by mechanical and sometimes additional chemical processes. This surface can be made using either multi-layered spluttering or multiple passes of dip coating, optionally with chemical surface treatments.

We won’t go into the details of each coating process, but we will discuss the desired result. This allows for a matte display finish that diffuses ambient light rather than reflecting it to the viewer. A smooth surface works more like a mirror. Anti-glare is a name that has become synonymous with this type of screen.

While the diffusion of ambient light is desirable and reducing glare is desirable it is not an infallible solution. The surface’s optical properties work in both directions, meaning that the light emitted by the monitor is also affected. There is also some interference between the incident light and the emitted light.

Matte Screen Pros:

Eliminate Reflections

Would you be able to see the screen if the reflections of objects behind you or bright lights were scattering? It’s not possible!

These distracting reflections can be reduced or eliminated by matte displays. The matte display’s anti-glare surface provides a high-quality image when placed in direct sunlight or under intense light.

Protect eyes

If someone is constantly working on a laptop and stares at it for long periods, they should not risk their eyesight. The matte screen acts as an eye protector and reduces harmful rays. This does not mean that a matte display laptop can be used for close proximity to the display.

Stains are acceptable

A matte display does not have an awkward appearance due to dust and smudges. You don’t have to be very careful about how clean the matte display is.

Matte Screen Cons:

Poor color contrast

Matte displays are not as accurate in color accuracy as glossy displays. Every color, especially white, looks a little blurred on a matte display. The matte screen displays a weaker image quality, and they are reduced color vibrancy than on a glossy display.

It isn’t easy to find

Most people prefer glossy displays, and they are readily available in the market. Shiny screen laptops are much more popular than matte.

Because of their dull appearance, matte displays are rarely found. You will need to be patient if you want to locate a matte screen.

A middle-ground solution

Here’s an intermediate solution if you still have questions about glossy and matte displays.

For glossy display:

Let’s say you are looking for a laptop with a glossy display but aren’t sure what to do. You don’t have to be worried.

Protector covers can be used to minimize or reduce the glare from glossy displays. Anti-glare glasses can be worn to minimize eye strain and muscle degeneration.

Reflections can be reduced by using anti-glare glasses or a protector cover.

This will allow you to enjoy the glossy display without any problems.

For matte display:

The matte screen’s main drawback is its inability to display color. Images will look hazy. You can adjust the brightness of your laptop to compensate. A matte display laptop display will require you to increase the brightness. This will make colors appear richer and improve image quality.

Comparison of Glossy and Matte Displays


Both Matte vs glossy screen shares the same LCD panels. Only the coating on the screen is what makes these displays different. In controlled environments, matte and glossy displays will look very similar.

These similarities are why there is so much debate between them. Manufacturers aren’t able to settle on a single coating. Different users have different preferences. When you buy a computer monitor or laptop, there are many options.

Difference between glossy screens and matte screens (1)


The main difference between matte screens and glossy displays is the anti-glare feature. It eliminates the glare from light reflections by being matte. Contrary to popular belief, matte screens don’t have any additional material between the LCD panel surface.

Here’s the deal. It’s not a new invention. It sounds just like it. But matte displays remove the extra material that is used in glossy screens. The different panel at the top of glossy screens is called the shiny panel. This additional panel diffuses reflections by using anti-reflective treatments.

The texture of the screen, aside from the presence of an additional panel, is quite different. The matte screen feels smoother than the glossy-clean finish. It is easy to slide your fingers across it. These are all great, but matte displays have their flaws too.

Anti-glare comes at a cost. A matte display looks duller and doesn’t give off a bright display as often. It is a subdued and grainy version. The matte screen is not recommended for those who love high-definition displays.

Is it worth purchasing a matte screen? Are glossy displays better? These factors may help you decide if you are having trouble deciding.

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Considerations when choose between a matte or glossy screen

Where You Will Use It?

The first thing you need to think about is where it will be used. A matte display is better if your laptop will be used outdoors often. It would not be easy to adjust to the reflections all day. It can also cause eye irritation.

On the other hand, a glossy screen is a good option if you plan to use it in controlled areas with little sunlight. The main reason you don’t want a glossy screen is because of the glare. If you remove the cause, that will solve the problem.

The chances of the screen reflecting glare are low if you use your laptop indoors and in well-lit rooms.

What You Will Use it For?

You should also consider the purpose of buying the phone/laptop/screen. Is it going to be used for admin, gaming, or art?

A glossy screen is not necessary if the purpose of your computer is to send emails, write notes or create books. Even a matte display is a good option, as you won’t be using it for anything other than answering emails.

The graphics must be your top priority if you are going to play games. High-definition screens allow you to see more clearly. A glossy screen is better in this situation. It is essential to play indoors and away from natural light, as you will be able to see the glare on your screen.

For the arts, it is the opposite. Some argue that your artwork should be brightly colored and contrasted, but this is not always the case.

Shiny screens can artificially darken the color, making it appear brighter. You’ll be surprised at how bright they are when transferred to matte displays.

Most artists recommend a matte screen to see the true color and contrast of your artwork.

Personal Preference

There is always a personal preference. Your preference will win, regardless of all the positive and negative attributes. A matte screen will not be recommended if you are an artist who prefers bright screens.

Some people prefer a matte screen, while others prefer the screen’s glossiness. It comes down to personal preference.

FAQs – Matte vs Glossy screen

Matte Vs Glossy Laptop Screen FAQs (1)

Is a matte screen better for the eyes?

The matte screen is a better option for the eyes because it reflects less light and does not emit as much radiation. Matte displays also have a sharper picture.

You can also see details in photos and movies that you wouldn’t see with a glossy screen. This is because the reflections from the surface of the screen help you to see more, but in a bright environment, your brain can’t filter out all the extra light and you will still get eye strain and fatigue.

Which display is better for a laptop?

Matte displays are better for laptops because they are less reflective. This means that the picture you see on the screen is sharper and clearer. There is less glare and bright ambient light in a matte screen because it reduces reflections and glare.

Is matte or glossy better for framing?

Matte is better for farming because it doesn’t show fingerprints. When you touch your screen it leaves fingerprints on the screen. When you see your screen on a glossy surface it shows fingerprints and smudges.

How do you know if you have a matte screen or a glossy screen?

One of the best ways to tell is by looking at the reflection of the environment on the screen. If you see a lot of light reflections, it’s probably glossy monitor. If you see the colors more vividly, it’s probably a matte display.

Is glossy or matte better for scrapbooking?

Matte is better for scrapbooking. In general, matte screens have better contrast and detail when you look at the screen from a normal viewing angle. When you turn your head to look at it from a different angle, a glossy screen will cause a rainbow effect.

Is there a way to reduce the glare on my laptop screen?

You can reduce glare on your laptop screen by using a matte screen protector. Certain matte screen protectors have an anti-glare feature. If you are only using the computer to surf the web or email, then there is no need for an anti-glare screen protector.

Is a glossy screen better for gaming?

Many people think that a glossy screen is better for gaming because the colors are more vibrant. However, it is hard to see in bright lights. Some people find it harder to play games on a glossy screen because the colors blend together.

Why does Apple use glossy monitors?

Apple has always been considered a higher-end brand, and they know that people are more likely to purchase their products if the screens are clear. Apple strives to make sure its products are modern, sleek, and easy to use.

What is better glossy or matte?

For those who prefer a softer and less glare-y screen, matte screens are perfect. The downside to this type of screen is that it has a much narrower viewing angle than glossy screens and does not display colors as vividly. On the other hand, glossy screens offer a much wider viewing angle and display colors in much greater detail. The only downside to these screens is that they do emit more glare.


Both matte vs glossy screens have their own benefits, but glossy screens typically show better colors and last longer. Matte screens are much less reflective than glossy ones, which is good for using the computer when it’s just you in the room. If you’re looking for a laptop for heavy use in public places, you should find one with a high-quality gloss finish.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help you.


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