How To Clean Laptop Fan? A Complete Guide 2022

How To Clean Laptop Fan? Read on our guide below to find out more.

Cleaning your laptop is essential to keep it running smoothly. Especially your cooling fan. If you skip this, your laptop’s fan may slow down, or worse, and components will overheat.

If the fan fails, the temperature inside the CPU case will increase significantly, which can cause overheating. Within the following guide, you will learn the proper methods of cleaning laptop fans. Let’s explore

What Causes a Dusty Laptop Fan

What Causes a Dusty Laptop Fan?

Dust is a common problem with laptop fans. They collect all the dust from the air, and this inevitably leads to gunk buildup.

Although you might think that dirt isn’t harmful, dust buildup in laptop fans can cause overheating, which can lead to overheating and possibly even cause your GPU and CPU to be fried.

A laptop cooling pad is great for cooling down the heat and circulating air through the computer. Although this sounds like a great thing, it causes more dust to build up in your fans.

How To Clean Dust From Laptop

If You Can Open Your Laptop

Many laptops, particularly newer models, are not designed to be opened by users. This is a problem. You would power down your desktop computer, then open the case and blow out the contents with compressed air. Finally, close the case. A similar method could be used to dust out a laptop – if there were a way to get inside.

You may find a bottom panel on your laptop (or multiple bottom panels) that you can remove to access the internals. You can consult your manual or search online for a “service manual” specific to your model of laptop. Turn off the laptop and remove the battery.

How To Clean Dust From Laptop

Then, take out the panel to access the inside of the laptop. A service manual for your laptop may be available. It will guide you through the process. Your warranty may be voided or not, depending on the laptop.

Once the lid is open, place your laptop in a location where it won’t get dusty, such as your garage or outside. To clean out your laptop’s internals, use compressed air.

Ensure you are blowing out the dust from the laptop’s interior and not just moving it around. You could blow more towards the vents of your laptop to blast the dust out.

It would help if you were careful not to blow too much air at the fans of your laptop. If the fans spin too fast, it could cause damage. Use short bursts of air to blow at fans from many angles.

For this reason, we recommend compressed air (also known as canned air). Use a vacuum cleaner and use an air compressor to compress the air.

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Dusting Computer Without Compressed Air

Unplug the Laptop

Turn off any power supply and place your laptop upside-down on an antistatic mat.

Remove the Bottom Panel

Take out the bottom panel from your laptop. Although different manufacturers make different types of laptop enclosures for different purposes, most use small Philips-head screws that can easily be removed using a small screwdriver.

To remove small screws, you can use a pair or two tweezers (or electronics forceps) to reach the casing. Place the screws in a small dish or cup and note where they are located. Once the inside of your laptop is exposed, the cooling fan should be visible.

Hold the Fan in Place

Keep the fan still by holding it in place with your finger. You should never remove the fan. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge, it could cause damage to the processor and heat dissipators.


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Clean the Fan with a Cloth

Gently rub dirt and dust away from the center of the fan’s face with the cloth. Clean the cloth as the cloth becomes dirty. A clump of dust in the fan can defeat its purpose.

Clean the Vents

Use the cloth to clean the inside of your laptop.

Gently Blow into the Fan

To remove any dust, gently blow the fan. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the fan. Once you are done, remove the bottom cover from your laptop.

Things You Will Need:

  • Mats that are static-free
  • Lint-Free Cloth

If you don’t know the workings of your computer, never remove hardware from it. It would help if you did not use a vacuum to remove dust. The static discharge from the vacuum cooler laptop could cause damage to sensitive hardware even if it isn’t connected to a power source.

Can I replace the fan on my laptop?

Plastic bearings on laptop fans are not durable. It’s time to replace your laptop fan if it emits a loud whine, which it did when you first bought it. You can use eBay to find your laptop model, but this is not the best place.

Can I replace the fan on my laptop

Make sure you have the right dimensions and access to the fan before you place an order. These jobs can sometimes be best left to professionals. Contact your laptop manufacturer for a quote.

An alternative is to purchase a cooling pad, which is an external fan for your laptop. This is cheaper and more convenient. A pad from a well-known manufacturer will cost more than a pad from Amazon or eBay.


It is important to keep your laptop fans clean to ensure they are working at their best without causing damage. We hope that our guide will help you know how to clean fan on laptop. Leave a comment to let us know that you found this guide helpful. Thank you for spending your time at We are grateful for your support.


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