3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Marijuana Seeds for Your Garden

Marijuana is not like a typical garden variety of root vegetables and herbs. A lot of experimentation and time has gone into cultivating the perfect cannabis seeds for commercial growers and hobbyists. Now, many seed banks are catering to all kinds of customers, offering a sheer number of varieties to make your head spin. So, selecting the right seeds can be complicated. These guidelines will help you decide and choose the best marijuana seeds for producing potent and healthy plants.

Regular, Feminized, or Autoflower

There are several factors to consider before you buy marijuana seeds on https://askgrowers.com/seeds. First, you should choose the type of cannabis seeds among the three main varieties available on the market:

  • Regular seeds have an equal chance of becoming either female or male cannabis plants. Only female plants produce flowers, also known as buds. If your cultivation goal is getting buds, you’ll have to sex out the seeds during the flowering period and discard the males as they don’t give flowers and will pollinate females. Since regular seeds haven’t been crossbred, they are popular with breeders who plan to cultivate new marijuana plants.
  • Feminized marijuana seeds are guaranteed to grow into female plants and become bud-producing. So, you won’t waste resources on growing male plants that don’t give the result you want.
  • Autoflower seeds don’t require a change in light cycles, unlike traditional photoperiod ones that depend on the amount of sunlight they receive each day. You can grow auto flowers indoors under 18/20 hours of light and provide only 6/4 hours of a dark cycle. So, you don’t need to recreate the natural conditions for your plants using special lights and timers. These seeds are perfect for beginning cultivators seeking an easy-growing experience.

Feminized and auto flower seeds are popular choices among gardeners who don’t want to spend a lot of time growing cannabis, plan to reap multiple yields throughout the year, or have little knowledge of weed cultivation. Both seed types may come with a higher price tag, but they are worth spending the extra money on. The cost reflects the extensive research behind their creation.

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid

Before searching for marijuana seeds for sale, think about the effects you expect from your weed. Figure out if you want to cultivate an Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strain.

  1.   Indicas are usually chosen as nighttime strains. They tend to produce a long-lasting euphoric high and a strong body buzz, often resulting in couch-lock effects. They are popular among medical growers for their powerful physical effects. Typically, Indica strains grow bushy and short and have thick stems. They require less time to mature and feature a shorter blooming period. Indicas are hardier plants that can grow well in a cool climate and withstand more stress.
  2.   Sativa strains provide uplifting, cerebral, and mood-elevating effects. They are suitable for use during the day. Usually, people smoke Sativa to become stimulated, creative and energizing. The increase in serotonin levels stimulates sociability and conversation and helps cope with symptoms of stress and anxiety. Sativas have a longer flowering stage and prefer warm climates. They grow taller and thinner but give more generous yields.
  3.   If it’s hard for you to focus on a particular weed type, opt for hybrid strains combining the best traits of both varieties. Hybrids blend the qualities of the above-mentioned strain types but often have one as dominant.

The market offers hundreds of cannabis strains within each cannabis type. They differ in physical and mental effects, flavors, aromas, and THC/CBD potency caused by their phytochemical profiles. Consider your desires and tastes to make shopping for them a simple task.

Indoor or Outdoor Cultivation

Before buying the seeds, think about where and how you will grow your cannabis. It will help you narrow down the choices.

Indoor growers should select varieties that will fit in their grow space. They can control and adjust growing conditions and the environment as needed. Also, they can harvest in the desired time frame.

If you prefer outdoor cultivation, get ready it may be a little complicated because the weather conditions will dictate your crop’s performance. Make sure your climate zone is suitable for growing a particular specimen, and the length of the growing season allows you to yield in time. Opt for fast-growing marijuana varieties that are resilient to rain and cold if you live in a part of the world where the climate doesn’t provide what your plants need. On the other hand, some strains thrive better outside and deliver higher crops.

Most seed banks offer cannabis seeds categorized according to particular climates. So, you can choose the variety that best fits the conditions you can provide.

How to Spot a Good Cannabis Seed

You can visually inspect marijuana seeds before planting them and determine their quality. Here are some tips that will tell you the truth:

  • Healthy seeds have a dark brown or black shell with a wax coating. Also, they may have dark spots or tiger stripes. Usually, Sativas are single color, and Indicas feature stripes or spots on their shells.
  • Avoid planting green and pale-colored seeds because they are not mature enough to sprout.
  • Their shell should be hard and not soft or broken.
  • The seed size doesn’t matter. Both small and big ones will work. Indica seeds tend to be larger than those Sativa.

Actually, both types of seeds have slight visual differences that are hard to distinguish.

Final Words

So, before buying marijuana seeds online or in brick-and-mortar dispensaries, you need to plan ahead to ensure that they meet your objectives and needs. Choosing the right seeds is important and depends on successful germination and a bountiful harvest. With wide selections offered by the cannabis industry, it may seem a hard choice; however, the recommendations above will help you find the best material. You can source high-quality marijuana seeds from licensed dispensaries or reputable online seed banks. Newbies may start with less demanding strains that will be forgiving on their trial run.

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