Macbook Pro Vs Gaming Laptop: Which Is Better And Why? (2022)

Many people prefer to use a laptop to work on the go, rather than sit in front of a desktop computer. The two most popular laptops for this purpose are Apple Macbook Pro vs Gaming Laptop.

The Macbook Pro offers a high-quality screen but can be expensive to replace should it break. Gaming laptops often offer better graphics, but sacrifice portability. Some of the most popular laptops for Minecraft and other similar titles come with high-end hardware that makes them great for multitasking and gaming.

Which one will get the job done better for you? Here’s your chance to find out!

MacBook Pro Vs Gaming Laptop

Quick Comparison

Basis Gaming Laptop MacBook Pro
Performance High High
Ports More Less
Battery Life Average Excellent
Display Good Excellent
Gaming Performance Excellent Below Average
Device Longevity 2-3 Years 4-5 Years
Best For Gaming and high-end tasks Video editing, Coding, content creation, and robust performance


It all depends on the gaming laptop you use. Apple MacBook Pro is the highest-end device in the MacBook series. Here we will be looking at a high-end gaming laptop that has the same CPU power.


Both laptops are powered by the Intel Core i9 processor, which has lots of storage and DDR4 RAM. Both perform well due to their large storage capacities and high RAM. The CPUs of both gaming laptops as well as Apple MacBooks are identical.

Other factors, such as the clock speed and cooling system, can also affect the performance laptop.

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Gaming laptops are undoubtedly the winners here, as they are more focused on the GPU. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 Max-Q GPU and Intel UHD Graphics630 are the key components of a high-end gaming laptop. This laptop delivers an unmatched gaming experience, thanks to its GPU processor.

However, a performance laptop is not as focused on GPU because they are not intended for gaming. The Apple MacBook Pro has the AMD Radeon Pro 5560X GPU. This is great for gaming, but not as much as a gaming laptop.


No laptop is better than Apple MacBook in terms of SSD storage capacity and performance. They have more SSD storage than gaming laptops.

This is not an issue of cause and effect. Gaming laptops can also be equipped with additional SSD storage if compatible (based on different laptops). This will allow the computer to perform better. Apple still leads the pack in terms of performance.

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Most gaming laptops with a variety of display specifications. This is because there are so many manufacturers making them. Pricing is also affected by the display choice. Higher-resolution displays are more likely to be used for larger tasks. A person who wants to use a VR headset must have at least an FHD display.

Although 4K displays can be great for media consumption and sharpness, they also drain the battery and chipset that power the device. The Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook all in all, however, offer no other choice. Although the screen size may vary, the resolution of the screen is the same.

Gaming Laptop vs Apple MacBook Pro Display (1)

Apple is always ahead of its competition in the Display field. The MacBook Pro is highly recommended for video editing, Adobe Photoshop, and other editing tools. Its display has brighter colors, contrast, and effects that will allow you to capture every detail. The MacBook Pro’s screen is amazing. It offers a stunning view and natural colors that will blow you away.

Very few gaming laptops can match the MacBook’s performance, such as the Dell XPS 15, Alienware Area m15 and Lenovo Legion, Asus ROG Strix, and Gigabyte Aero MSI Optix, and a few other devices that use the same display perform very well. These laptops can also be used for content creation, video editing, graphic design, and graphics designing.

Number of Ports

The Apple MacBook Pro’s minimalistic design does not include a lot of ports. It looks futuristic and only has four Thunderbolt 3 ports and one headphone jack port. You will need to purchase the dongles if you want to use an external mouse and hard drive. The MacBook does not have a lot of ports.

On the other side, a gaming laptop has multiple ports that can be used for various purposes. It makes it easier to connect external devices at no cost. A gaming laptop typically has three USB 3.0 ports and one Thunderbolt3 port, one headphone jack, HDMI 2.0, mini DisplayPort, and one graphics port.

A gaming laptop is a better choice if you need more ports or are more reliable.


Let’s start with the audiovisuals. The Apple MacBook Pro is the best. The MacBook Pro’s IPS display is crisp and features Apple’s patented Retina Display. This means you can enjoy the most beautiful screens ever seen on a laptop. The sound quality is excellent, with crisp, clear audio that hits all the right notes for an integrated speaker system.

Would an external audio system be better than the Mac’s? It would, of course. But if you’re buying a Mac, you can rest assured that your media consumption will be enjoyable.

Gaming is where the MacBook Pro falls short. Windows gaming laptops were designed for one purpose. The laptops are equipped with NVIDIAs and AMD graphics cards, ensuring that gamers have an unbeatable gaming experience.

You can play most recent titles on a laptop equipped with a medium- to high-end graphics card, but not on ultra-high settings. You will also notice that gaming laptops are not limited in size. These laptops have uncompromised venting via the built-in fan or thermal throttling software.

Gaming Laptop vs Apple MacBook Pro - Gaming (1)

This allows games to run smoothly whenever they are needed. A Mac cannot match the incredible range of Windows games; even Microsoft has them!

Apple has placed more emphasis on the design of the MacBook Pro and its uniformity, but it lacks the ability of heat to be contained in the same way that gaming laptops. You can use the MacBook Pro for light, moderately intensive tasks, or even occasional intensive tasks, and it will be fine. But if you continue to hit it with intense tasks, also due to its metal body, the heat will become too much.

The device comes with a dedicated graphics card with 4GB of memory. But here’s the problem: Mac doesn’t have the same number of titles as Windows. So we are back at Windows. You could also use cloud gaming services to stream games.

Let’s suppose you find the game you are looking for on Mac. However, the screen refresh rate of 60Hz on the MacBook Pro is a bit too slow. Screen Refresh refers to the number of times that the screen refreshes in a minute.

Gaming laptops are set at 120 Hz to avoid screen ghosting and screen tearing in fast-paced games like shooters. The MacBook is the best choice for immersive media consumption. The Macbook Pro is the best choice if you look for media editings, such as video or photo editing.

If gaming is your ultimate goal, you should get a Windows gaming laptop with a dedicated graphics card that has at least 4GB of memory.

You can also check this video which compares a gaming laptop (Razer blade Stealth) to a MacBook Pro. It will help you understand most aspects.

Port or I/O Selection

Apple MacBook Pros lack a port selection. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports work well. It isn’t great that you must always have a dock.

Many gaming laptops offer a good selection of ports. At least one USB Type-C port supports Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0/3.1. You no longer need to have a dock at all times.

Battery Life

Gaming laptops are power-consuming and cannot be expected to have long-lasting battery life. A standard gaming laptop can last for 3-4 hours with consistent use. The newer models will offer up to 5-7 hours of continuous use and more battery capacity.

The MacBook’s long-lasting battery life is also guaranteed by efficient use of power. macOS has its own power-hungry hardware, but the battery life of a MacBook is longer than that of a gaming laptop.

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Apple MacBooks last on average longer than gaming laptops. Their OS is more durable, their build quality is excellent, and their customer service is excellent.

macOS outmatch windows in terms of security features and robustness.

There’s very little bloatware, and the operating system is optimized to maximize the hardware. It’s not uncommon to see MacBooks that are 3- to 8 years old still performing well.

Windows comes with a lot of bloatware. If you don’t remove leftover files from uninstallations, it can slow down your computer.

Windows’s advantage over MacOS is its ease of use. Windows can run virtually any software. macOS is limited, and some software is prohibited.

Apple MacBooks made from unibody aluminum is built to high standards. Apple MacBooks are compact and slim, thanks to this design.

Gaming laptops will differ in terms of their build quality because different manufacturers make them.


Gaming Laptop vs MacBook Pro - FAQs

Can you use a MacBook Pro as a gaming laptop?

The answer to this question is yes you can use your MacBook Pro as a gaming laptop. With the right game installed on your MacBook Pro, you will be able to get the same quality of performance that you would get out of any other gaming laptop. If you are looking for a portable machine to help you play games then this is it.

Should I buy a MacBook if I have a gaming PC?

The answer is not so simple. If you are a PC gamer, the answer is yes, but if you are an Apple user, the answer is no. You can’t install Windows on a MacBook or it will take up all the storage space you have, so if you want to play games on your laptop, you’re stuck with what’s already on it.

There are some Mac OS products that you can buy to install on your Mac, but I recommend sticking with what you already have.

Are MacBooks faster than Windows?

The MacBook is not meant for gaming. It is a laptop for professional purposes. The Windows system, on the other hand, is specifically for gaming. This means that the MacBook Pro will not have the same hardware requirements that a Windows system would have for gaming.

In addition, the MacBook will have a slower processor, less RAM, and a less powerful graphics card. This means that there is no way for the system to be as fast as a Windows system for gaming.

Is it hard to switch from Windows to Mac?

No, it’s easy to switch from Windows to Mac. In fact, there are a lot of applications on the Mac that make it even easier to use than a PC. It is a lot more user-friendly and the interface is more intuitive. Additionally, many Apple laptop users prefer their products because they know Apple has been a trusted company for a while now.

How do I know my Mac is original?

Owning a genuine Apple product is something to be proud of. Apple products are sleek, stylish, and have amazing customer service. We want you to enjoy your experience with the Mac, so be sure to choose an authentic one! You can find out if your Mac is original by following these steps:

-Check the Serial Number located on the back of the Mac near the port

-Run the serial number on the Serial Number Checker

-Compare the serial number to the serial number on the Apple Online Store This will help you determine if your Mac is authentic. If it isn’t, then you’ll have to find a replacement for a newer model or a refurbished one.

Conclusion: Is a Macbook pro or a gaming laptop better?

While gaming laptops are more expensive, they are arguably better because the processors are much stronger, the graphics are better, and they can run more demanding games.

Macbooks, on the other hand, are less expensive, offer a lot of processing power, and have great design. Their software optimization focus hinders their ability to play games such as Death Stranding. However, Macs can be used for casual gaming.

So if you need a more powerful laptop than the MacBook Pro, I would recommend purchasing a gaming laptop, however, if you need a laptop for school and don’t want to spend much money, then the Macbook Pro is ideal.

Thanks for reading my post! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


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