What is Bottleneck Calculator? A Step-by-Step Guide To Use It

Pre-built computers are often balanced. However, if you are updating or developing your system, you need to be cautious in your component selection to avoid PC bottlenecks. Sometimes, a bottleneck often happens when a system becomes too old or sluggish and has lost its efficiency of compatibility with a part. It may cause data packets to slow down, or they may even become lost or caught in traffic. In such instances, a bottleneck calculator might be of great use. So, what is the bottleneck calculator? And which is the best bottleneck calculator?

What is a Bottleneck?

Before delving deeper into the true purpose of bottleneck calculators, it is necessary to first define the bottleneck phenomenon. This occurs when the components in your PC do not complement one another, resulting in one piece of PC hardware not reaching its full potential because the other just cannot keep up. It might also mean that one of the components is too old to be used. Furthermore, it causes a significant slowdown in data processing and lowers computer performance.

For example, the processor is in charge of audio, netcode, physics, positional data, and other operations. It also delivers graphics card rendering instructions, including textures, shaders, and other picture data required to generate pleasant screen displays. If the GPU can complete these instructions quicker than the CPU can, that implies the graphics card will just rest until the next set of instructions comes. The drawback is that the GPU would output fewer frames per second. If, on the other hand, the CPU transmitted instructions faster than the GPU could handle them, your PC would still perform poorly.

Bottleneck Calculator

What is a bottleneck calculator?

As previously stated, complementary pieces are required to guarantee that the overall system functions optimally. This is critical, especially if you want to build a superb gaming PC. Bottleneck calculators are the ideal solution for this, as they compute the bottleneck percentage in your system.

This sort of calculator displays the computations or the bottleneck percentage, allowing you to determine how the parts interact and which part of the computer is slowing it down. When employing them, it is commonly assumed that anything beyond 10% represents a bottleneck. You may also suggest areas where you can improve.

Bottleneck calculators online are available in a number of formats, but they all perform the same function: they calculate the bottleneck percentage between pieces of hardware. They will ask you to name or identify certain chips (e.g., Intel or AMD), cores, and other components. Some will also include dropdown menus to help you quickly find the hardware you want to compare.

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How to avoid a bottleneck

Even if the user’s PC cannot totally fix the bottleneck issue, they may always strive to minimize it as much as possible. If you are a gamer, you may encounter instances in which the GPU is used more than the CPU, resulting in a bottleneck. To avoid any of these troubles, while playing online games, it is best to close down all unnecessary apps and services operating in the background.

Additionally, to avoid such an overlocking problem, users might choose less powerful components. For example, if you have a more powerful GPU but a weaker CPU, you can always overclock the CPU.

Best bottleneck calculator software

If you are unsure about which bottleneck calculator is ideal for you, aside from being reliable, below is a list that can assist you.

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PC Builds Bottleneck Calculator

The bottleneck calculator from PC-Build is a straightforward and easy-to-use application with an immersive user experience. You may receive a near-accurate diagnosis of bottleneck concerns by quickly selecting your PC components. Furthermore, this app evaluates your device’s CPU and GPU utilizing the performance percentage technique. It lists the components with the biggest problems and, if necessary, recommends an update.

The main advantage of utilizing this program to calculate bottlenecks is the thorough results. It also suggests what to upgrade in order to increase the system’s performance.

Select the CPU model, as well as the GPU series and RAM, to utilize this program for bottleneck calculation. Then press “calculate” for the auto-analysis result. The bottleneck percentage will be shown in the next screen calculation results. They also recommend components that can cut your rate while improving system performance.


  • It aids in estimating FPS for a variety of games.
  • It has a fantastic user interface.
  • It enables users to test the construction of their PC for various tasks.
  • It displays the bottleneck kind in a more understandable style.

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CPU Agent Bottleneck Calculator

CPU Agent has another excellent bottleneck calculator. This tool is really easy to use and will evaluate the performance of your game in over 80 popular games. At specified resolutions, you may also view the RAM bottleneck and gameplay bottleneck. Even though this isn’t the most user-friendly service, it provides a lot of information and is worth a go if you need a reliable bottleneck calculator for your laptop or desktop.

You only need to pick your components, RAM speed, display resolution, and the quality settings that you anticipate employing in games to use the service. When the study is complete, you will get a full comparison between your CPU and another high-end model. At a glance, you can notice all of the distinctions between them.


  • Provides detailed benchmark information
  • Focuses on CPU performance
  • Tests performance in over 80 popular titles
  • Perfect for gamers


Is a 5% bottleneck too much?

Yes, there are a lot. You should stay away from it. If your GPU rises beyond 5%, you should be concerned and investigate why.

Is it OK to bottleneck GPUs?

No, it will have a negative influence and a poor frame rate. It will not assist you when playing a game. You must first ensure that everything is in working order.

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How to fix a bottleneck

It is not as simple as it appears to identify and repair CPU bottlenecks, but they are not as difficult as they appear. You may focus on particular conditions to improve bottlenecks in your PC, such as:

  • Overclocking your CPU to improve PC performance.
  • Close any background apps on your computer.
  • The CPU is being upgraded.
  • Increasing your game’s resolution.


Bottleneck calculators are a simple tool for determining whether the components you want to use for your computer will be a suitable match. However, it is vital to remember that they are not exhaustive and should not be regarded as the last authority on a construct’s characteristics. If the bottleneck tests report that the CPU is too weak for your graphics card, have a look at the chip you’ve picked.

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