Top 5 Best PS1/Style Horror Games That You Need to Know

The horror genre in video games is not very new. It’s so popular that it has inspired a number of horror movies and TV shows as well. PlayStation 1 horror games are some of the best and most popular games in the respective genre. They are so good that they can fill the player’s hearts with fear. These games include features like the crying shrieks of the baby in the night, being chased by a ghost, and a monster coming after you.

PS1 horror games and their graphics have inspired a number of other games as well. These make gaming more enticing. People’s nostalgia is attached to PS1, and so their graphic style makes things even more entertaining. There are countless games you can play online, but we have selected a few of our favorites that you won’t be able to resist. If you do decide to play these games online, make sure you have an excellent internet connection. For stable connectivity, Mediacom is the best viable option. Contact Mediacom customer service if you want to learn more about high-speed internet plans. Let lagging speeds go.

However, the players won’t be scared if these games dare them to enter a horror dark room. No matter how advanced games have been introduced in the market, PS1 remains a fan favorite since 1994. So pick up your consoles and get ready to enter the dark world of PS1 horror games.

Here are the top best horror games on PS1.

Iru! (1998)

You may not have heard much about this game because this was exclusively released in Japan. But you can still play it using an English Fan Patch. Iru! was released in 1998 and has been scaring players ever since. Iru is a Japanese word that can be translated into English as ‘Something Here’. If you have played Hellnight and Echo Night, you’ll definitely enjoy Iru as well.

This game takes you to a school. Here, your schoolmates will start dying in extremely strange circumstances. A few will be eaten alive, devoured by monsters, and smashed to death. You have two major tasks. First, you have to protect your friends. And second, you have to figure out what is happening. To get the best out of this game, we suggest playing it with a PS1 Emulator.

Iru! (1998)

Silent Hill (1999)

Silent Hill was so popular back in the day that two movies were made based on this starring Sean Bean. The game is about Harry Mason and his adopted daughter Cheryl. Cheryl asks Harry to take her to a town called Silent Hill. On their way, Harry sees a person in the middle of the road, and in trying to save him, the car crashes.

As soon as he regains consciousness, Cheryl is gone in a mysterious fog. To find his daughter, Harry enters the fog and enters the scary town with weird people practicing cult-like practices. The main story completion time is 7 hours and features five endings. There’s another secret ending in which Harry is abducted by aliens.  

Bloodwash (2021)

Talk about a brilliant PS1-style horror game, Bloodwashcertainly takes the lead. This first-person game is set in an Italian countryside that is scary even during the daytime. The protagonist is Sara, a college student who is pregnant. She washes her clothes in a dead quiet Laundromat. It is not long before Sara realizes the town is being terrorized by a serial killer.

This one wants to target only pregnant women. Playing this game will give you the feel of watching a low-budget but amazing horror movie with your friends during a sleepover. The haunting graphics are really horror and overall, Bloodwash is a good time killer with compelling characters at a scary backdrop.

Bloodwash (2021)

Nightmare Creatures (1997)

When Nightmare Creatures was released in 1997, it was a big deal. Developed by Kalisto Entertainment, this horror game is in a single-player version. Giving the players an atmospheric environment, the game became popular immediately. It also showed that PlayStation was capable of taking over N64.

The game takes the player to London in 1666. A devil-worshipping cult is trying to take over the city, a very apt choice for a horror game. Nightmare Creatures 2 was released in 2000 after the success of its first part. New fatality movies were introduced that gave players a cinematic experience given the constraints of technology at that time.

Koudelka (1999)

One of the most ambitious take-ups on the Japanese style role-playing genre, Koudelka was released in 1999. The plot of the game and its combat system dynamics were highly praised by critics and players alike. The CGI cut-scenes used in the game were simply ahead of their time, which made the game so popular among fans. Even the monsters are well-built. And combating them early in the game is not easy so it takes real effort to play it.

With amazing combat movies and a deep horror background score, this game really is worth playing. The plot sees the main characters taking on the monsters that have come from the dark past. The game uses 4 discs due to its highly detailed CGI.


It is time to get into the horror nostalgic vibes of PS1 and get the console out of the box. No matter how many games have come after these, the PS1 games were ahead of their time and this is why they still remain fan favorites. 


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