What Is Dps In Gaming? Things to Know 2022

This article will explore the mysterious subject of DPS in gaming. DPS is one of the core aspects of video game mechanics that comes into play in different ways depending on the game.

Many video games include a type of combat that requires the player to strategically plan and execute moves to take down an opponent. One such mechanic that is seen in many RPG and fighting games is dealing Damage Per Second (DPS).

In this article, MedCPU will explore What is DPS in Gaming? Read on to find out more.

What is DPS in Gaming?

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DPS is shorthand for Damage Per Second. It refers to the amount of damage a hero can inflict within a single second.

DPS is dependent more on loadout, abilities/skills, and class than it is on class. It can change significantly depending on what armament you choose.

This is calculated by fighting a mob or any similar enemy for five seconds and dividing the total HP by five. You will see the Damage Per Second metrics in games as optimal, assuming that you attack correctly for one second.

It is used more often to mean the exact damage per second in its literal meaning. DPS refers to classes that are skilled in dealing damage. It can be used in the same manner as a tank or healer class.

Most games have many classes that deal damage and have DPS. However, most games also include types that deal more damage than others.

These classes are often referred to in many circles as DPS classes.

Examples of DPS:

Because of her ability to focus on preys that other team members cannot, splash damage, balanced rockets, and her ability to focus on preys which others can’t, Pharah is a security captain who longs to protect the world’s peace.

Mei, however, is a hero who does significantly less damage.

Bastion is the role-playing game that has the highest DPS. Heroes like Tracer and Hanzo, who are expected to get a lot of kills in battle, are considered DPS heroes.

Reinhardt, Mercy, and their damage per second would not be considered DPS heroes.

Understanding DPS Terms

Burst DPS refers to damage that is done over a short time. High burst damage is best for targets with low health. There are usually a few abilities or spells that can do a lot of damage quickly. This type of damage is helpful in PvP situations, but it can be too costly or takes too long to cool down.

Sustained DPS is damage that is sustained over a prolonged period. Heavy sustained damage is best for targets with high health. Any class can deal good sustained damage if it is properly equipped and specked. The pure damage-per-second classes are Warlocks, Rogues, Mages, and Hunters.

Note that sustained DPS can only be calculated on a single boss fight. Your Damage Per Second will be significantly increased if you have full raid/dungeon DPS.

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What is the best DPS in gaming?

The best DPS in gaming is one that is viable without being too situational or too hard to control. PVP is always a different scenario from PVE, but the general consensus for the best DPS in gaming would be World of Warcraft’s Rogue class.

They have a mixture of offensive and defensive abilities, their stats are easy to understand and they have a wide variety of playstyles.

How do I calculate my DPS in gaming?

A common way to measure a player’s damage-per-second (DPS) is the number of attacks per second, or how many times they can strike their enemy each second. In games, it is often called Damage per Second, and it is the amount of damage a unit can deal in a given span of time.

The easiest way to calculate DPS is with the formula:


For example, if an attack has a damage of 300 and takes 0.9 seconds to execute, then:

(300)/(0.9) = 300 DPS.

The problem with this is it only takes into account the time the attack was executed, not how much damage is dealt.

How do I improve my DPS in gaming?

In order to improve one’s DPS, it is important to take into account all of the skills that increase damage output and simultaneously account for the enemy’s defensive abilities.

Most people just consider the critical chance increase, but that is only part of the equation. Attack Speed increases are another factor that can be an issue for classes with slow attack speeds but can make up for it with increased damage output.

There are so many skills out there that increase damage output, some of which can be found in abilities, runes, and enhancements.

What are the best weapons to use for DPS?

In order to maintain a high DPS, one should try to use weapons that deal a high amount of damage per second. These would include the sickle, the crossbow, and the machine gun. The best weapons to use for DPS are the sickle, the crossbow, and the machine gun.

These weapons all deal a tremendous amount of damage per second. The sickle and the crossbow deal an impressive 86 DPS, and the machine gun deal an incredible 93 DPS.


Now you know what DPS is in gaming. Keep in mind that the stats you see on items like DPS items, DPS enchantments, etc, are assuming that you will be fighting at maximum efficiency (100%).

If you choose to attack at half-efficiency, then the stats will be twice as low. If you attack at quarter efficiency, they will be quadruple.

If you are new to the game, you should not be confused at all. But if you are an old hand with this game, you might need to know the DPS and damage output of all your skills so that you don’t undervalue your gear and not get enough threat.

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