Top 3 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts on Facebook

For many years, Facebook’s primary purpose was to connect people and provide them with the tools necessary to share their opinion through their posts and photos. But with more and more businesses going virtual and relying on social media marketing for growth, it would be silly of Facebook not to accommodate the needs of those users who want to promote their brands on its platform. Currently, Facebook is making impressive strides in developing its marketing potential and enabling users to effectively market themselves through interaction with the intended audience. If you’re also looking into the opportunity to promote your business on Facebook, it’s about time you tapped into its potential. And below are some useful tips that can definitely help you with that.

#1 Spruce Up Your Facebook Page

If you’re only looking into the opportunity to create your Facebook shop, go to and check some useful tips from professionals. Still, if you’re not new to selling on Facebook and are eager to maximize your marketing efforts on this platform, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at your Facebook business page and make sure it’s up to par.

A strong Facebook business page is your chance to reach the right customer and showcase your products in the most effective way. If you want to get the most out of this helpful tool, make sure that your business page reflects your brand personality and, ideally, its philosophy. Revisit your page and try to answer the following questions:

    • Does your page help to humanize your brand?
  • Is your page conducive to communicating directly with your target customers?
  • Does your page help you to direct traffic to other marketing channels (e.g., other social media sites, your business blog, website, etc.)?

If your Facebook page satisfies these criteria, you can proceed to improve it further. Don’t stop to communicate and connecting with your current and prospective customers on a regular basis. For this, you want to post valuable content, encourage your subscribers to participate in surveys and questionnaires, share useful links and videos, and inform your fans of store updates. If you take care to enrich your page with engaging, useful, and relevant information, it will help you not only actively interact with customers but also boost your search engine rankings, which is also crucial for your business’ success.

Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts on Facebook1

#2 Make the Most of Advertising

Facebook has tons of high-end tools at its disposal to enable experienced and first-time entrepreneurs to effectively promote their businesses. And Facebook Ads is one such tool. If you used to skimp on this method or thought it wasn’t good enough for your marketing campaign, it’s about time you gave it a second thought. With Facebook ads, you can create a straightforward ad that will capture your prospects’ attention with an effective headline and follow the link to, say, your online store, blog, or another Facebook page. You can also compare different versions of your ad design to come up with the one that can suit your business needs and help accentuate your brand individuality

What’s particularly great about Facebook Ads is the ability to target a specific demographic, which is more likely to purchase a product or service offered. You can also tweak your targeting options if need be. You can also advertise for a chosen geographical area, which is a great option for companies that want to raise awareness and get more visibility among a local audience. Finally, you can assess the overall effectiveness of your ads using built-in ad performance measurement tools.

#3 Take Advantage of Sponsored Stories

As a business owner, you know how important your customers’ feedback and referrals are for your business’s success. If you offer quality products, it’s natural to want your satisfied clients to share their positive experiences with your brand with others. And Sponsored Stories is another of Facebook’s amazing marketing tools, which can help spread the word about your business based on other customers’ interactions with it.

There is one common mistake made by many modern businesses: they tend to disregard the power of word-of-mouth advertising in today’s digital world. But this is definitely not something you want to miss out on when marketing on Facebook. The reason why you’ll want to use Sponsored Stories is the ability to unobtrusively make your prospective customers follow suit and buy from you. In other words, courtesy of Sponsored Stories, Facebook users will be able to see their friends like your pages or claim some of your offers. With this tool, you’ll be able to choose what kind of ‘liked’ content to demonstrate to your prospects.

With Sponsored Stories, you’ll be able to secure high-visibility placements of your marketing content. Sponsored stories can pop up in newsfeeds and the sidebar. This way, you can rest assured that your customers’ friends won’t overlook other people’s positive experiences with your company, as well as your new posts, sales updates, etc. 

Facebook itself takes pride in its Sponsored Stories, claiming this tool offers advertisers lower cost-per-clicks and substantially higher click-through rates, compared to its other popular ads. With this in mind, you may want to give Sponsored Stories a shot when planning your next Facebook marketing campaign.

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