Cherry MX Red vs Brown Switches: What’s The Difference?

The question of which type of switch is better, Cherry MX Red vs Brown Switches, is a hot topic for gamers and hobbyists. Some say that red switches are better for gaming and FPS games. Others swear by brown switches for their durability and tactile feedback. Some say that both are equally great.

In this guide, MedCPU will compare these two types of switches and try to help you decide which is the best for your needs.

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown is a tactile Key Switch that gives a bumpy reaction when you press on it or close to it. The keypress is registered at the engage point before users reach the bottom. Users can, therefore, quickly activate a key by not applying too much pressure to the switches.

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown tactile switches are more ergonomically appealing than other key switches. Users will find it easier to maximize their typing performance when they are more familiar with tactile feedback.

Tactile key switches are more durable and flexible than traditional rubber-dome switches. Cherry MX Brown switches will improve the typing performance of programmers, writers, and others whose work revolves around heavy typing.


  • Tactile Feedback: This feature is highly beneficial to gaming and typing accuracy. Acknowledging the press leads to greater precision. When typing sensitive data or playing games that require accuracy more than speed, tactile feedback is crucial.
  • Easy activation: Keys are easy to activate due to their pre-travel distance of 2.0mm and 45 gm in actuation force. The keys can be activated by simply pressing halfway through the key, which increases its longevity.
  • There is no stress on your wrists – The key switch can be activated quickly with less force and significantly reduces keystroke bottoming. It puts less pressure on your wrist and fingers, allowing you to type faster without feeling fatigued.


  • It can be a little loud- the key switches make noise when they are in full volume. While most people won’t notice the difference when typing, gamers serious about gaming may find it distracting.

Cherry MX Red

Tactile key switches can be a boon to some gamers, but they may prove not very pleasant for others. Cherry MX Red is an excellent option for gamers because they don’t have to deal with a tactile bump. Cherry MX Red has linear switches that allow for a smooth, noiseless gaming experience.

Cherry MX Red

The lack of tactile bump can increase the actuation force and cause a complete bottom out. The keyboard can withstand rapid keystrokes thanks to Cherry MX Red’s Precision coil spring.

Cheery MX Red’s light and responsive linear switch offer an incredible activation rate with a lower actuation force (45g), allowing gamers to use rapid strokes without causing hysteresis.

Users who aren’t used to linear switches may make more mistakes typing due to the low actuation force. It may not be the best product for people who work typing. Cherry MX Brown will be a hit with competitive gamers.


  • Noiseless – The switch produces little to no sound, even during intense gaming sessions. A lower level of noise equals less distraction and more focus.
  • Enjoying- This noiseless bottom out is perfect for games such as racing, where the gamers must hold down the key for a prolonged period. This is also a great way to indulge in Shooting games where players must press the key repeatedly and not be distracted by the tactile feedback.
  • There is no finger fatigue – The switches are both brown and red with a low activation force. This makes them ideal for gaming and typing.


  • There are high chances of bottom-out Users may be confused if they press the key enough. Gamers may be tempted to press the key for longer travel.
  • Not all information provided is final feedback. Individual preferences may vary in some instances.

Brown vs Red Switches Comparison


Winner: MX Red

Tactility has become a very popular feature of keyboards and switches. You can be sure that you have pressed a key with tactile or clicky switches. This indicates that the key is being registered on your computer. It is felt as a bump when it hits the actuation points.

Cherry MX switches have one significant difference: you don’t need to press down completely to register keystrokes while gaming or doing other things that require your keyboard.

The MX Red has a linear switch that makes it ideal for quick-paced games, especially first-person ones. Linear switches don’t require you to deal with any click or bump.


MX Brown was the winner.

The MX Red’s light feel is great, but we believe Browns are more stable. It won’t get rattly, wobbly, or anything like that.

Reds are light in design, so touching them can activate the key. A lighter feel also means that typos aren’t tricky to make when typing. This is also true if you need to be precise about a key when gaming.

You can use the linear Red switches if you are used to them. However, we believe that Browns provide the most stability.

Sound Level

Winner: Both

Each key switch has its sound, even the top Cherry keyboard switches. Tactile Brown switches emit very little noise if any. They emit a slight bump at the end, but they are very quiet. It’s quite quiet, even if the keys are pressed down.

The MX Red Cherry bunch is the most linear and quietest. The MX Red’s lack of bump makes it a quieter version. It won’t make any noise if you press the keys down on the bottom.

The sound quality of both switches is outstanding. It’s possible to do a lot anywhere and not worry about how it might affect others.

Actuation Point and Force

Winner: Both

Both have a 2mm actuation point, and a 45g force is required for each. You don’t need to do much before your keypresses register.

It is also common to have enough space between the top and the middle of the keycap. You won’t feel stressed out typing or playing games. Both offer little resistance so that you can move quickly from one to the other.

Key Travel

Winner: Both

Gamers prefer keys with a shorter travel distance. Both switches are required to travel a minimum of 4mm. It takes less effort to activate the keys. However, it is much easier to travel a long distance. Each keystroke is distinct and more pronounced.

The key travel distances of the MX Brown and Red key switches are identical.


Winner: Both

Durability is an essential feature in comparison to Cherry MX switches. This is a critical feature that every switch should have. It’s true; buying switches every day will eventually lead to frustration. Both the Red and Brown keys are 50 million strong. Cherry is also known for its quality constructions and designs.


Red vs Brown Switches FAQs

What’s the difference between tactile and linear switches?

Tactile switches are those that feel like a bump at the center of a switch. When pressed, it makes a clicking sound. Linear switches are those that feel smooth from top to bottom. These silent switches produce little or no sound.

Are brown switches more loud than red?

Red switches are louder than brown switches. This applies to all brands that manufacture brown and red switches, such as Cherry MX, Kailh, or Gateron.

Brown switches are more scratchy and have a louder click than red switches. The difference in sound is caused by the dampening/lubrication mechanism of the two types of switches.

Are red switches suitable for gaming?

The most used mechanical keyboard switches for gaming are the red switches. These switches are most popular among FPS players, coders, and editors who quickly respond to keys and spam them.

These switches are also suitable for MOBA and RTS players. The Cherry MX Red switch has a linear travel distance of 2 mm, and a total distance distance distance of 4 mm.

This Cherry MX switch is the quietest. Linear means the keys don’t have a tactile bump and act as a smooth switch to allow you to type faster.

This switch is frequently used for gaming. Cherry MX’s red switch has a 45 cN actuation force. It doesn’t require much effort to press and hold the key.


Both have their merits and it really just depends on personal preference. Both types of switches can be very helpful in games and are good for typing on an everyday basis. If you’re a gamer, red would be best and if you do a lot of typing, brown is probably best. The brown switch is much more stable and hard to hit accidentally because it’s not likely to move.

Thanks for reading our guide to red and brown switches, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.


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