How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop 2022?

Whether you’re a student, an office worker, or just someone who wants to enjoy a good game on the go, laptop gaming is perfect for everyone. 

You can get the best gaming performance out of your device and access online pokies at Joe Fortune for the best online casino games. This article, will show you how to boost your gaming performance on your laptop with some easy tips.

Ensure Your Laptop is Dust-Free And Clean

It is one of the most neglected aspects of improving a laptop’s performance. Dust is detrimental to a laptop as it disrupts proper airflow, which so vitally means cooling vents will be blocked. 

You might need a new keyboard to get the best gaming experience. Studies show your keyboard gets a bad rap for racking up all that muck. Stay away from one pocket because it can be filled with dust. 

The cleaner your electronics and accessories, the better you will run during gaming.  Try it often, and you’ll have a greater gaming experience and a better sound output. It is good to get in the habit of getting routine cleaning.

How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop2

Update PC Drivers for Faster Gaming  

By doing this regularly, you ensure that the operating system runs smoothly. Fortunately, there is little to it. However, you can perform these steps to help run the operating system more efficiently.

Once you have learned how to check driver versions by brand, you’ll want to perform routine downloads, but you might have to look for specific brands that perform regular “automatic updates.” It allows the security to update automatically and download the right patch. 

Update Your Directx Version

DirectX exists as the operating system of video games. It works to make sure that every game plays at its finest. Having your laptop using the updated DirectX version is crucial in greatly improving the performance of your favorite games. 

You can easily get the updated DirectX through Microsoft’s website. Additionally, you can also just type in the Microsoft “dxdiag” search bar to verify that you are on the right track.

The updated and greatest version of DirectX 12 would soon be connected to the highways of the super-information age. 

How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop1

Overclock The Graphic Cards

There are several factors to consider when overclocking your laptop card, including the type of GPU you have and how much power it requires. However, one key factor that often gets overlooked is the graphics cards. Optimizing your LAPG settings can increase your gaming performance by up to 50%.

To optimize your LAPG settings, first, make sure that you have installed the latest driver for your laptop graphics card. Then, open Windows Power Options and select ” customize.” 

Under the “Performance” tab, click “Adjust graphic rendering settings.” In this window, set the target resolution and refresh rate. Be sure to set both values to meet or exceed the capabilities of your LAPG. 

Finally, under “Visual Effects”, choose ” Expert Mode.” It will allow Windows 10 to use all available resources on your LAPG to achieve optimal performance.

Adjust The Power Settings In The Laptop

If you’re looking to get the most out of your gaming experience, you’ll want to adjust your laptop’s power settings. By doing so, you can optimize your laptop for faster and smoother gameplay.

There are a few different power settings that you can tweak, but we recommend starting with the basic ones and working your way up. The following tips will help: 

  • Set the system energy policy to Performance mode. It will allow more resources (including processor and memory) to be used by games and other applications while they run, which improves performance overall.
  • Set the processor affinity setting to High priority on multi-core processors if possible. It will ensure that each core is using its full potential when running multiple tasks at once, which again should result in improved performance. 
  • Enable virtualization if supported by your hardware. It allows individual programs or apps to run in their own separate space instead of taking up resources within the main operating system window, which could slow down other programs.

How to Improve Gaming Performance on Your Laptop


There are many ways to improve your gaming performance. In addition to updating the graphics and drivers, you can follow some of the tips we just mentioned. For example, clean up your laptop’s air vents regularly, as it can help in better ventilation and ensure optimal performance. If you already did all these steps but still didn’t get a good result, then it might be time for an upgrade.

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