How Does Gaming Improve Soft Skills?

Gaming has now become a passion. Playing video games not only cultivates technical skills but also develops and improves some soft skills, which are essential and beneficial for an individual to acquire.

A study showed that the students who play online games often achieve much better educational outcomes in reading, mathematics, and science. They are pretty creative and quick at solving complex situations. A person who is playing his favorite video games is also improving his soft skills at the same time.

Gaming and Soft Skills

Now the question is, “how does it improve our soft skills?” Well, through Gaming, we can learn and acquire some skills and creativity, which enables us to contribute clever ideas about a given situation and develop creative ways to solve a problem. It is one of the soft skills mainly developed by playing video games. A person who spends time playing video games and exploring the virtual world is likelier to be creative at arts and storytelling.

How Does Gaming Improve Soft Skills 3

Another Soft skill is “Communication,” the ability to speak about situations, a manner that transmits ideas and thoughts to one or more individuals is also improved by playing games in genres like the team playing, such as FIFA or Minecraft. Games can teach the player how to give feedback, and players of team-playing games develop skills in planning, tactics, collaboration, and communication.

Different Games Develop Different Skills

However, games in different genres have links with other soft skills. For instance, action video games such as God of war or GTA V can improve a person’s ability to adapt and promote fast thinking. It’s also been found that players of action video games are up to 25% faster at making decisions. Other game types like shooting, puzzle, and survival require a higher level of interaction, planning, intelligence, and concentration that helps improve our problem-solving skills and encourages our critical thinking.

Next, one of the essential soft skills which can be improved by Gaming is “Active listening” it’s the practice of preparing to listen and to observe what kind of messages are being sent, Rather than just passively “hearing” the news of the speaker it involves listening with all senses, visualizing the letter and considering each of the facts.

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The games, which are about 50% the action of communication and movement of listening, for example, “Life is Strange,” and some other games which involve listening to the story plots, help us improve our active listening skills. Now many games require a certain level of understanding to clear the stages, and another skill we can master from such types of games is the “Complex Problem solving” skill.

It’s a kind of soft skill that can be acquired when you play video games, it helps the brain to recover lost energies, and while playing a game, you immerse yourself in it, and this allows your brain to form new connections to solve problems accurately we can also practice this soft skill from playing action and survival games.

Now we know that there are widespread beliefs about the harmful effects of video games. Still, if we take a different perspective, we can see the benefits gained from a sensible practice of eSports. It is worth admitting that Gaming has opened the way for new forms of social connections that wipes the distance created by the medium for a generation that has acquired these soft skills in a virtual environment. If we can make our games more advanced, it would help our players to learn more.

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