How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop – Step by Step 2022

The Galaxy Buds are one of the newest and most talked-about products coming from Samsung. The wireless earbuds come with a charging case that doubles as a power bank to charge your phone on the go. They also have noise cancellation, so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted or use them for hands-free calls. But how to connect galaxy buds to laptop? Medcpu‘s going to show you step by step how it’s done using Bluetooth technology! This is going to be super easy, promise! Let’s get started!

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop

Open the charging case to connect Galaxy Buds to any device. Although it might not appear like it, opening the charging case will allow the earbuds to enter pairing mode. This will enable phones, computers, and tablets to locate them via Bluetooth.

There’s a good chance that you will be using the Galaxy Buds on multiple devices. Make sure to disconnect one device from the other before connecting them. If you don’t do this, the earbuds won’t be able to pair. This can be done by turn off Bluetooth on one device and then connecting to the other.

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop

Ways To Connect The Galaxy Buds To Laptop?

Connect Galaxy Earbuds To A Windows PC Laptop

Windows PCs may have different instructions depending upon the version, but these steps will guide you to the correct menus.

  1. You can pair your earbuds with any tech device by simply opening the case. If you have previously paired them with a phone or other tech device, place the earbuds into your ears. Press and hold both touchpads until a series of beeps indicates that you are in pair mode.
  2. Navigate to the Devices menu on your laptop computer. This menu is found in Windows 10’s Settings menu.
  3. Next, click on Bluetooth and other devices (if not already selected).
  4. You can then select Add Bluetooth or another device. As long as your Samsung Buds have been in pairing mode (as described in step 1), they will appear in this menu.
  5. Choose them, and your Samsung Galaxy Buds will be paired with your laptop. When you turn them off, they will default to the laptop computer.

Connect Galaxy Earbuds To A Mac Laptop

Mac laptops with macOS work the same way, and you will need to navigate to the Bluetooth menu.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. You can pair your earbuds with any device by simply opening the case. If you have previously paired them with a phone or other device, place the earbuds into your ears. Press and hold both touchpads until a series of beeps indicates that you are in pairing mode.
  2. Navigate to Bluetooth in the System Preferences menu for macOS.
  3. If your wireless bud has been in pairing mode, as described in step 1, they will automatically show up at the bottom under a thin gray bar. They will now be paired by clicking Connect next to their Samsung galaxy buds. When you turn them off, they will default to the laptop computer.

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop

Ways To Connect Galaxy Buds With Your Another Devices

Pair Samsung Galaxy Buds With a Samsung Device

It is easy to pair Galaxy Buds and Samsung Galaxy phones. You only need to turn on Bluetooth and then open the case. Your device will detect the galaxy earbuds live, and you will receive a message allowing you to connect them immediately.

You can also go to Bluetooth settings, find the earbuds you want, and then automatically start the connecting process. After the Galaxy Buds are paired, there is no need to repeat the pairing process. To re-connect, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

Customize With the Samsung Wear App

After the earbuds are connected, your Samsung Wear app will launch automatically. Here you can also check the battery life of your Galaxy Buds or use the Find My Earbuds function. You can also adjust the equalizer, notifications, and touchpad, as well as ambient sound settings. You can also use the app to connect your earbuds.

Unpair Samsung Galaxy Buds With a Samsung Device

The Bluetooth settings menu on your Samsung Galaxy phone will allow you to unpair the Galaxy Buds. This is done by pulling down the notification shade at the top of your screen and opening the Bluetooth device menu.

Bluetooth is turned on, and the phone will search nearby devices. You can tap Details to select the gear icon beside the Galaxy Buds. You can then view the settings of the paired device and tap Unpair to remove them.

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop

Pair Galaxy Buds With an Android Device

The Galaxy Buds can be used with Android devices, although the connection process will vary depending on which device you are using.

For the Google Pixel 2, you can pull down the notification shade at the top of your screen and then long-press the Bluetooth button. Next, select Pair new device and then select the Galaxy Buds option from the available nearby Bluetooth devices.

Unpair Galaxy Buds With Android Device

Open the Bluetooth device menu, tap the gear icon beside the listed earbuds, and you can unpair your Galaxy Buds. Tap Forget on page 2, and your Samsung Buds will become unpaired.

Pair Galaxy Buds With an iOS Device

The exact process applies to connecting to an iPhone/iPad. Open Settings > Bluetooth, and then select Galaxy Buds.

Unpair Galaxy Buds With an iOS Device

Open Settings > Bluetooth to remove the Galaxy Buds. Tap the information icon. The next screen will allow you to choose whether or not to remove the earbuds permanently.

Unpair Galaxy Buds With a Windows 10 Laptop

To permanently unpair your Galaxy Buds, go to Settings > Devices> Bluetooth & Other Devices. You will now see the earbuds listed under Audio. To unpair, the earbuds, click on their name.

Unpair Galaxy Buds With a Mac

To permanently remove the Galaxy Buds pairing from your Mac, open System Preferences > Bluetooth. Click the X next to the listing for the earbuds.

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop


How do I connect Galaxy buds to my Samsung TV?

First, make sure that your earbuds have been set up in pairing mode. Next, go to Bluetooth settings on Samsung TV and choose your Samsung earbuds. Although the exact sequence will vary depending on your TV model, it is possible to follow this general pattern: Settings > Sounds > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speakers List.

Why won’t my Galaxy Buds connect to my laptop?

Re-pairing buds can fix the problem. Power-cycle the devices after you have removed the buds. Make sure Bluetooth or other device is turned on. Next, put the buds into your ears. If they are not, unpair them and power-cycle the devices.

What is the app for Galaxy buds?

You can use the Galaxy Wearable app to pair and control your Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds+ or Galaxy Buds Pro. It also allows you to check for software updates to your earbuds. Galaxy Buds Live activated when you open the Galaxy Buds case or galaxy Buds Pro compatible Samsung Galaxy phone should prompt you to pair it. You can download the Samsung Galaxy Buds App from the App Store

How do I make Galaxy buds discoverable?

Close the lid and place your Galaxy earbuds inside the charging case. The galaxy buds case will then be opened after a 5- to 6-second delay. Bluetooth pairing mode will be automatically activated when the earbuds are inserted into your ears. Pair them with another device if they are already paired. Hold the touchpads in your ears for a few seconds to enter pairing process.


You’re now ready to enjoy the best of what music and podcasts have to offer with your Galaxy Buds. Use these steps for pairing, connecting, and troubleshooting if you run into any problems along the way! Have fun exploring all that this new technology has to offer. If this article didn’t answer all of your questions about connect galaxy buds to laptop; feel free to contact our customer services center for more help!

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