How Long Should A Laptop Last? Top Full Guide 2022

Nowadays, laptops are an essential part of every person’s life. The majority of people use their laptop for hours and take it with them everywhere they go. Laptops can be expensive, so it is important to know How Long Should A Laptop Last before you purchase one or upgrade from an old one. This blog post by Medcpu will discuss what factors affect the lifespan of a laptop and how to make your laptop last longer.

Does Price Equate to Length of Life?

Let’s start by answering your burning question. Will my laptop last longer if I spend more?

Does Price Equate to laptop life span?

There is a direct correlation between how much money you spend and how long your laptop lasts. However, most people don’t believe that there is a limit to that rule.

Researchers have shown that a laptop costing less than $700 will last for 2-4 years. A laptop costing between $700 and 1000 will last up to 5 years. While a laptop costing more than $1,000 will last up to 7 years. Some laptops can be as high as $5,000. Although you will get more features and a longer laptop battery, it is unlikely that your laptop will last as long after you reach the $1,500 mark.

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Is There a Difference for Different Kinds of Laptops?

This will vary depending on which laptop you buy. Different laptops have different purposes, which can put a strain on the computer hardware.

If you use your consumer laptop to do heavy video editing or gaming, it might not last as long as the main focus is on web browsing and word processing. It may be more expensive to purchase a gaming laptop than you expect. However, if your main use is for work or to reduce the highest graphics settings, the cost of the laptop might exceed your expectations.

Let’s look at the lifespan of a laptop and the pricing of the three main types of laptops you can buy.

laptop's life

Consumer Laptops

Consumer laptops are your every day, home-use laptop. They can be used to check email, watch the video, browse the internet, and do other tasks like stream video or stream audio. These laptops are typically the most affordable, but they can last as long as gaming or business laptops. They are not meant for heavy use, and the hardware may not be as high-end as those designed for business.

Chromebooks, which run entirely on Chrome OS, have become a more popular option. They are incredibly lightweight and affordable, with incredibly long battery life. The Chromebook we have chosen below has a battery life of more than 20 hours. Wow!

Most laptops come with a 1-year warranty. However, you can extend the warranty if necessary. A consumer laptop should last for about three years if it is well maintained. Continue reading to learn how you can extend your consumer laptop lifespan.

Business Laptops

Business laptops can be used for more serious business purposes than consumer laptops. They are usually covered by a 3-year warranty and are generally more reliable than consumer laptops.

Business-grade laptops have a longer battery life, more ports, and can be connected to external devices. They might also have reinforced casings that can withstand everyday bumps and wear. If they are used for long periods, they might heat less frequently.

Business Laptop

Laptops for business will cost you slightly more and can sometimes run to $3,000. We have narrowed down the list to three of the most outstanding business-grade laptops in 2021. Your choice could also be influenced by brand loyalty. Many people are attached to an HP, a Microsoft Surface, or a Mac OS.

Gaming Laptops

There is a whole new conversation about gaming laptops. Gaming laptops weigh more, are stronger, and have a higher price tag. Then, how long does a gaming laptop last? A mid-range gaming laptop will last only a few years before being replaced to run the most recent games. Gaming laptops last at least 5 years is good, even if you spend a lot of money.

What are the Signs My Laptop Is On The Way Out?

Some people will cherish their laptops for life and continue to use them long after others consider them dead and buried.

Let’s take a look at what we refer to as a laptop that is past its prime before discussing what we can do for your next purchase. These are signs that a laptop, or entire office suite, is no longer needed.

What are the Signs My Laptop Is On The Way Out?

Compatibility Problems

You may encounter compatibility issues if you try to upgrade parts of your laptop to improve speed or performance. It could be as easy as changing to a solid-state drive and upgrading your RAM.

It is possible to make mistakes with parts of cheaper laptops. It is possible that the hardware you purchased might not work with your software. This could be due to the latest operating system security, software versions, or other issues.

To ensure that your laptop is compatible with the software, you can check compatibility between both Windows and Mac.

Loud fans

This does not mean that they are watching you play in your dreams of basketball. A loud fan is a sign that your laptop is not in its prime, even worse if the fan is not running any software or computing intensively while it’s being used.

Slow processes

Your laptop will slow down over time. Your laptop may take longer to web browsing, open applications, or even start up or shut off. Your old hardware may struggle, especially if you are running the most recent version of an application. You might not be aware of the slowing down of your laptop over time. Every six months, you should do a speed test.


Accidents can happen, and your laptop may need repairs that are too costly to fix. Drops, knicks, and spillages can damage your laptop.

Weird Behavior

Your computer may be having problems with multitasking, crashing frequently, flashing or resetting the screen, or if it is crashing all the time. This will most often occur when you switch tabs or move between applications.

You may be able to fix the problem yourself without having to replace your laptop. But remember compatibility issues! This problem is expected when you reuse a laptop to perform more complex tasks, like working from home.

Can I Fix These Problems?

There may not be much you can do if your laptop has reached the end of its life expectancy. Here are some ideas:

  1. Reduce the number and size of background programs.
  2. To repair errors, free up disk space, or partition your drive, use Windows Disk Management (Mac, Disk Utility)
  3. High battery temperatures and humidity can lead to more severe problems. This can be made less harmful by changing the system preferences.

The Connection between Laptop Battery Life and Longevity

You want your laptop lifespan to last as long as possible. When making a necessary purchase, battery life should be one of the most important aspects.

After a laptop has been in your possession for at least 1 to 2 years, the laptop battery will begin to decrease. Laptop batteries that are high quality last more than 8 hours, while batteries that are low quality can last only 2-3 hours. It is common for a typical laptop battery to run out after 500 charge cycles. If this happens, it’s best to let your laptop go completely dead before charging it again.

You can use different programs to drain your laptop battery, but you don’t need to change how you use your laptop to increase its battery life. These tips are much easier than requesting a streaming ban.

The Connection between Laptop Battery Life and laptop lifespan

  • Your screen’s brightness should be reduced. You’ll be a blessing to your eyes!
  • Reduce the screen timeout from 5 minutes to 1.
  • Limit the number and type of programs you open at once.
  • Reduce the number of tabs you open in your browser.
  • If you don’t use WiFI, skip it.
  • A cooling mat can help reduce the risk of overheating.
  • Instead of using the speakers on your device, opt for headphones.
  • After your laptop is charged, unplug it.

So if you don’t need your laptop plugged in, try to keep it only when it is needed. Some laptops do not have a replaceable battery. Make sure you check this before buying a laptop computer.

A laptop’s battery life is one of the most essential things that can go down when it dies. If you have a way to replace it quickly, this will help you avoid this problem. Although the life of your battery may not be something we think about often when using laptops, most modern laptops will notify us when it is time for a replacement.

How Can I Make My Laptop Last Longer?

The bottom line is that the more you care for your laptop, the longer it will last. Your laptop’s lifespan is limited to 7-10 years.

You may notice that your laptop is showing unusual behaviors or performing less well than it did in its prime. When it comes to security and compatibility for updates or patching, don’t skip any steps.

If your laptops last only 2-3 years and you want to extend their life expectancy, good laptop hygiene can help!

Take care of it. This may seem obvious, but it is essential.

Keep it clean. It’s more than the parts and the screen. You should regularly check your files and applications and eliminate what you don’t need. Also, empty recycle-bin and delete any downloaded files.

Reinstall your OS on Mac or Windows. You can reinstall your OS without losing any data. You can use Recovery mode on Mac laptops and Windows 10 to try Fresh Start.

You can add accessories. Some handy accessories such as a keyboard, external mouse, headphones, or speakers can help reduce the hardware’s load. Protect your laptop from wear and tear with a case. They can also protect your laptop from damage.

You can upgrade it. Memory, storage, and a laptop’s battery are all common suspects in a laptop on the way to device heaven. You can think about an external hard disk for storage, an SD Card for memory or a spare battery pack. An external graphics processor is also possible.

How Long Will My Laptop Last? It’s Up to You!

It is important to consider how long you want your laptop to last before buying it. The laptop consumer is usually less expensive laptops and will last longer. It will also be used for less-power-intensive tasks, which can increase its lifespan.

While a business-grade laptop is more durable and long-lasting, it will also last longer. However, if you use it for gaming, it could endanger its lifespan. It can extend your laptop’s lifespan by implementing good laptop hygiene habits.

To summarising, how long do laptops last? The person who uses it is what defines it. Your laptop can live a long life if you take care of it.

What should you do when you get a new computer?

It is more than turning on your computer. You need to configure it with the correct settings to get started. These are the steps to follow before you get started with your new laptop or computer.

What should you do when you get a new computer?

  1. Install software. No matter if you require word processing software or accounting software, ensure that your IT department installs them and that they work properly.
  2. Make sure you are using security features. Before computers are distributed in the office, you should install security software and malware. You should install productivity software for employees before your old computers are retired and new machines are distributed.
  3. Upload files. You can use a cloud-based service or an external hard disk to move files to the new computer. Before they can be recycled or reused, make sure that the old computers are completely erased of all information, sensitive and not.
  4. You can customize settings. You can customize your surroundings by choosing a bigger font, a smaller screen, or a clock with military time.

The key takeaway: Before you give your employees new computers, make sure to install all necessary security operating systems, transfer any files and personalize the settings.

How much do new computers and laptops cost?

Prices for a new laptop or computer can vary depending on many factors.

  • Features included
  • Size of hard drive
  • Type of processor
  • Operating system
  • Brand

You can expect to find a range of prices when shopping for laptop or computer for your company.

  • Laptop: Starting at $300, the cheapest laptops are available. These machines are often limited in features and run at lower speeds. The top-of-the-line model can run up to $3,000. Many laptop models can be purchased in the $600-to$1,000 range. These models will provide the features your employees require without sacrificing speed or function.
  • Desktop computer: Models with fewer bells and whistles start at $400. Computers with the most advanced features can go up to $3,500. There are many options available for businesses that cost between $600 and $1,000.

The price of each machine can also be affected by how many computers or laptops you buy. You may be eligible for bulk discounts or pricing that is exclusive to businesses.

It would help if you considered that accessories like keyboards, mice, monitors, and keyboards are required for desktops to function. This will increase the total cost of these items that need to be upgraded.

Note: Mid-range Laptop computers can cost between $300 and $3,000 while desktop computers start at $400 and go up to $3,500.


What is the average lifespan of a laptop?

The laptop is subject to the same concerns. Experts estimate that the average lifespan of a laptop will last three to five years. Although it may last longer, its usefulness will decrease as the laptop’s components become less capable of running advanced applications.

When should I replace my laptop?

With budget models, you can expect to keep your laptop functional for at least three years. Higher-end models are more durable and can last for up to five years. This is a tough limit in most cases.

What is the best month to buy a laptop computer?

Consumer Reports states that September, April, and May are the best months for buying a new laptop. Experts agree that spring is the best time to shop if you want a discount on an old model.

How do you know your laptop is dying?

These are five signs that your laptop is in decline and how to fix it

The symptom is: The battery isn’t charging.

The sign: Keyboard keys no longer function.

The symptoms: Unusual lines or pixels that have frozen.

The symptom is a clicking sound and slow access to the drive.

How can I make my old laptop run like new?

Windows makes it very easy to do this. You can reset your computer by opening Settings (via the cog icon at the Start menu), clicking Update & Security, and clicking Recovery. Your laptop will run the same as before, thanks to the new Windows version.

Do Macs last longer than PCs?

It is often a contentious issue whether Macs or Windows computers last longer. It all depends on the configuration and hardware.

Apple’s strong support and maintenance program has earned Macs a good reputation for enduring longer. Microsoft has attempted to replicate Apple’s Surface line with its Surface line. Other PC manufacturers, especially those selling to businesses, have tried to provide a complete experience and smooth upgrades for older hardware. This will reduce the cost of your IT department’s support and help you save money on your upgrade costs.

The tight integration of software and hardware, and Apple’s support network, means that Macs are still an excellent value for businesses.


It has become common knowledge that laptops are not always as reliable and long-lasting as we might like. There are several things you can do to increase the laptop lifespan, including getting it serviced when necessary or purchasing an extended warranty for protection against accidents and technical malfunctions. We hope this article can help you determine how long your laptop should last!

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