Do games interfere with doing business and how to delimit your time so as not to give up your usual hobbies

It has long been believed that business is about working on your business for whole days with frequent refusal of sleep, personal life, and habitual hobbies, at least in the initial stages, so that things go uphill.

In fact, this is not so, and quite a lot of businessmen are avid players in the World of Warcraft and other projects.

Who do you think buys swords for $10,000? – This is the most expensive deal in the gaming industry, where such a sum of money was paid for a virtual item.

How to find time to play

Considering the general busyness of many business owners and people who sometimes do not have extra time for food, not to mention games, you need to decide on the genre.

Let’s decide what options there are and analyze their strengths and weaknesses:

  • Sessional
  • Mobile
  • Singleplayer


Despite the fact that, according to the logic of MMOs, this is the most inappropriate format for busy people, in fact, this is not the case.

MMO is a social project that requires a lot of time to get levels, get equipment and weapons, accessories and other useful items.

At first glance, it may seem – when all this is done by busy people, but in the MMO RPG there are a lot of examples of playing businessmen who use different tricks.

They turn to services like Skycoach to upgrade his character, sell him gold and other useful resources, and he has already skimmed off all the cream – engaged in PVP and large-scale battles, led his guild into battles, or simply had an impact on the life of the server.

MMO RPGs have always had a problem – farming takes 80% of the time and only 20% – fun and PVP, and someone likes the process of achieving the goal itself, but at the expense of financial investments, you can discard the boring routine and get the opportunity to enjoy only interesting content.

There are many examples of this – in the cult Lineage 2 there were always rich players – donators who had boosters, they bought up the entire item shop, improved their weapons and armor to an unattainable level and were exclusively engaged in PVP and the Olympics – becoming heroes – characters who will forever be inscribed to the server history.

Best MMO examples:

World of Warcraft – confrontation between two factions, constant PVP and regular updates, flight mechanics.
Lineage 2 – despite the fact that L2 is going through hard times in terms of popularity, this is one of the best MMO RPGs in terms of PVP and large-scale battles and castle sieges for more than 300 players.
Destiny 2 is a fantasy shooter with the exploration of space and the conquest of planets and the defense of your native land from alien invasions. A bright and beautiful MMO shooter from the Bungie company, which gave the industry the Halo game.

Do games interfere with doing business


A more suitable format for busy players, in which the match lasts a certain time and each new game is a completely new development of events.

Even despite the seeming monotony at first glance, such games are incredibly successful due to their predictability – you know for sure that the match will take a maximum of an hour and a half, and you can easily calculate this time and have time to enjoy the game.

Most popular session games:

CS GO – team shooter with bomb planting and hostage rescue.
Dota 2 is an active strategy with more than 130 characters with unique abilities – the task of the teams is to break the enemy’s shrine and prevent their object from being destroyed.
PUBG is a royal battle, where 100 players land on the map and confront each other in a territory littered with weapons and vehicles, The map is constantly narrowing, and the last survivor wins.
Apex Legends – a similar format with unique agents and skills and increased battle dynamics – is an analog of PUBG from Electronic Arts.


Mobile gaming is the easiest in terms of access, but not very convenient due to the limited screen size.

This format is only suitable for session mobile games like PUBG mobile, or just killing time, or quests.

Single player

The ideal format in terms of gaming due to the ability to save, pause, or simply exit at any time without creating problems for other players.

There are a lot of games in this genre – Skyrim, FarCry, Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, and other well-known projects.

For all of the above genres, you can find the time, the main desire and the availability of suitable devices and financial capabilities. This is not a prerequisite, but it is desirable so that you can enjoy the gameplay.

Instead of a smartphone, you can consider buying a tablet for more comfortable gaming without eye problems and the need to constantly drain your smartphone, which may be needed for work and calls.

It is advisable to have a good laptop so that you can get it at a convenient moment and start playing any of the genres that we have listed above, depending on your preferences.

Do games interfere with doing business

Benefits of gaming for business and high workload

Relieve stress

Games perfectly help to redirect the accumulated negative emotions into the virtual world, where they will not harm anyone and help you relax.

It is undesirable to go into competitive and session projects, because stress will prevent you from playing your role comfortably, and displeasure and emotions from every mistake and non-standard situation will grow exponentially.

Choose an easy single-player game or a grind game like Diablo Immortals.

Pass the time

In between meetings, or trips to new partners for negotiations, you can pass the time in the game, especially if you travel by taxi or with a personal driver, and the route takes at least 30 minutes.

At such moments, it is also better not to give preference to sessions and competitive games because of the possibly unstable Internet, the lack of a clear time for the road, and simply because of the inability to fully relax in the process.

It is better to choose to grind games or hand out tasks in projects where the emphasis is on time and resource production.

You will be able to remove your phone or tablet at any time return to reality and continue doing your business without harm to other players in case of your spontaneous exit from the server.

Complete daily tasks

Many online games like Diablo Immortals have their own daily tasks, which are desirable to complete in order for the character to constantly progress.

Often, such assignments take about half an hour, and if you complete them in your free time, then progress will go even if you can’t allocate more time for the game and the development of the hero.

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