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Best Laptop Cases 2022: Top Brands Review

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This article is exactly what you need for those of you looking for the best laptop cases in 2022.

Whether you’re a student or professional, there’s something here for everyone! You have to decide if you want one that is stylish or rugged, large or small, slim or padded-and there are still more decisions! We’ll take a look at some of the top brands in each category for laptops in 2021. Let’s get started with medCPU!

Buying guide

When buying a laptop case, there are some important factors to consider. A good laptop case is one that has the following features:

Buying guide


It should be able to protect your accessories from shock and scratches. It should also have a padded interior so that it won’t scratch the screen or other parts of the device while still providing shock protection.

Laptop Protection

A good laptop case will protect your accessories from scratches, drops, shocks, and falls due to its durable material selection and rigid structure. Features like a hard shell exterior are also important since they can absorb the impact of a fall, thus protecting your laptop from damage if the worst happens.

Safety Lock

It should also have a safety lock so that the laptop would be kept securely inside.


An aesthetically pleasing design is also important when buying a new laptop case. It should look good with your device and match your personal style, so you wouldn’t mind using it everywhere you go. The overall dimensions of the case should be considered – some laptops are larger than others, so make sure it will accommodate your laptop for easy transportation.


Laptop Case Brands to Avoid

It is important to buy from reputable brands of laptop cases that are known to have good quality products. This would avoid buying an inferior product that may result in damaging your expensive device. The following brands should be avoided:

Off-brand laptop cases tend to be inferior – buying one may result in damaging your expensive device.


The best way to check if your laptop case will pass through checkpoints is to check the dimensions of both of them and see if they are close enough to each other. Also, make sure there are clear zippers and pockets for your laptop so that it can pass through checkpoints without a hitch.

15 Best Laptop Cases Reviews

15 Best Laptop Cases Reviews

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1. JETech Sleeve

Material: Polyurethene

Pockets: 1

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  • Durable
  • Very water-resistant
  • Sturdy construction
  • Simple, effective design and feature set
  • Affordable


  • Bulkier than some

Although making laptop sleeves is not rocket science, there are a few key characteristics that set JETech apart from the rest in our side-by-side tests. The case is elegant and straightforward, featuring a single zippered external storage pocket and a 2-way zipper. This case was tested for water resistance and abrasion. It didn’t shed water like a duck.

The JTech feels well-made, with thick zippers and a layer of smooth padding and padding that line the interior. The case is perfect for a MacBook with plenty of room to move around. It is also affordable and available in a variety of colors.

If you are looking for a slim case, the JETech may be a bit bulkier than others. The quality construction and large pocket make the JETech a more substantial laptop sleeve. Although some reviewers felt it was a little too big, the case’s protective qualities outweighed its size.

2. MOSISO Case

Material: Polyester 

Pockets: 1


  • Very abrasion resistant
  • Sheds water with ease
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fits MacBook perfectly


  • Two different kinds of zippers used in construction
  • Very basic design

The MOSISO Case represents the blue-collar worker in the fleet. This laptop sleeve has minimal frills, bells, or whistles. It is surprising how resistant the simple lining fabric and polyester upper material are to abrasion. After aggressively sandpapering the case with scissors, we found no single scratch or thread left.

MOSISO Compatible with 13 inch MacBook Air, Because they are tiny (like 13.3 inches), Mosiso cases are great for Macs 15.6. These measurements are in line with Apple’s laptop measurements.

The design of the case was one of our nitpicky observations during testing. If you are very detail-oriented like us, you might notice that the zipper pulls on the sleeves for both the zipper and the pocket are different. It is not an issue, but it is something we noticed. Some people may find the design and aesthetic of this model to be too simple.

3. AmazonBasics 13.3 Inch

Material: Neoprene 

Pockets: 0


  • Fits stated-sized computer perfectly
  • Slippery neoprene makes it easy to get in and out of tightly packed backpacks
  • Simple, solid build


  • Small abrasion-marks after testing
  • Absorbs water rather than sheds it

The AmazonBasics Sleeve is the best choice if you are looking for a neoprene sleeve. The AmazonBasics Sleeve comes in many sizes, from 7 to 17.3 inches, and is perfectly sized. The 13.3-inch size was perfect for our Macbook Air 14-inch. It boils down to how the sleeve fits and how it closes. The AmazonBasics sleeve was impressive in every way. This fabric sleeve, which is flexible and slippery, makes it easy to move.

4. Lacdo 14-Inch Sleeve

Material: Water-Resistant Polyester

Pockets: 3

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  • Most pockets of any sleeve tested
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Very durable
  • Sheds water


  • Fit is a bit baggy

The Lacdo is the right choice if storage is essential to your needs. The only sleeve that we tested has three exterior areas. There are two zippered pockets with varying sizes on one side, and on the other side, there is a single folder-style layer that can hold extra papers or items.

The overall construction, including the materials and zippers, is also impressive. The fabric is water- and abrasion-resistant. It is an excellent sleeve.

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5. Tomtoc 360 Protective

Material: Polyester

Pockets: 1


  • Sheds water effectively
  • Very protective
  • Well-made


  • Bulky
  • A bit large for the suggested laptop size
  • One of the more expensive options

The Tomtoc 360 Sleeve is precisely that, extremely protective. The JETech is our Editors favorite, but this one is slightly larger and more durable. The case’s polyester material is very effective at shedding water, and it has a smooth padding, textured foam that offers excellent impact resistance.

This is a solid case, built to last. Tomtoc 360 Sleeve is slightly more expensive than the other options. This is an excellent investment if you are concerned about longevity.

6. Canvaslife Marble 360 Protective

Material: Canvas

Pockets: 2


  • Water-resistant
  • Multiple areas
  • Interesting pattern options


  • Bulky
  • Long-term durability is questionable
  • The external strap has limited use

Canvaslife’s sleeve is an outstanding product in the range. Its characteristic is what makes it stand out. The sleeve features an internal and external zippered pocket and a lining that feels almost like shag carpet. The sleeve also has a strap that can be attached to a rolling duffle. Although these features might not be suitable for everyone, some may find them enough to make the bag stand out.

7. HYZUO 13 Inch

Material: Microfiber (faux) suede leather

Pockets: 0


  • Super slender
  • It comes with an external storage pouch
  • Very water-resistant


  • The closure mechanism is magnetic and finicky
  • Fit is off

The HYZUO HYZUO Case is the only product reviewed that uses synthetic suede. It is the slimmest and softest of our test laptop sleeves, thanks to its suede. The unique design makes it stand out in the office. It can hold a laptop in a manila envelope-like fashion and a magnetic closure.

Although the hidden closure is clever, it was not practical. It would sometimes not latch, and the magnet isn’t powerful. If the case is accidentally flipped upside down, we won’t trust it to keep shut. We appreciated the fact that it comes with an external storage pouch and is made from a very water-resistant material(leather).

We had some issues with the fit of the HYZUO, in addition to concerns about the magnetic closure. The 13 inch-13.5-inch case was tested with our 14 inch MacBook. The case’s top and the 14-inch MacBook were almost two inches apart. The case was too tight when tested with a 15 inch MacBook Pro. We almost felt like we had ordered the wrong size.

8. AmazonBasics Felt Case

Material: Felt

Number of Pockets: 3

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  • Soft outer material
  • Fit computer very well
  • Sleek


  • Not abrasion-resistant
  • Back areas are not useful

AmazonBasics Felt Case is another stylish, soft, and unique sleeve. This case does not have a magnetic or zipper closure. Instead, it has a Velcro tab to secure the flap. This system was simple, and we found it almost as secure as a zip. We also found it to be perfect for our 15-inch MacBook Pro.

9. Evecase Diamond Foam

Material: Neoprene

Number of Pockets: 0


  • Fairly abrasion resistant
  • Interesting textured surface
  • Simple design


  • No storage
  • Poor fit

This case was durable, despite some scuffs from the scissors during our abrasion tests. This case is simple and easy to use. It is entirely zippered and has no pockets. Although the texture did not change our experience with the case, it did make it more interesting.

This one had a problem with the fit. The size is suitable for laptops between 12.9 inches and 14 inches. This was too large for a 14-inch MacBook Pro and too tight for a 15 inch MacBook Pro. We don’t like this one because it doesn’t fit on any of our computers.

10. Nacuwa 360 Laptop Sleeve


  • Drop protection 360° laptop sleeve
  • Large side pocket and carrying handle
  • Access to all devices quickly.


  • Quality control issues
  • It Will is not fit thicker laptops.

The Nacuwa 360 degree coverage laptop sleeve measures 13 inches and is fully zippered. The interior is lined with egg-crate-style padding and comes in either a light gray or dark grey color. That is shock-drop- and collision-resistant. This is great for transporting your MacBook or PC. The corners are the most vulnerable to damage.

  • Capacity: 13-inch laptops and tablets
  • Durability: 360-degree and drop protection
  • Waterproof: Water-resistant
  • Pockets: One external

11. Case Logic 15.6 Inch Laptop Case


  • Use pockets to store notepads or documents
  • Velcro strap for securing the laptop
  • Access to the interiors is easy.


  • Be sure to bags the bulky size.

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You’ll need some accessories when you travel with your laptop. The canvas Case Logic laptop bag has ample space for all your accessories, including chargers and secondary devices.

The bag can hold devices up to 15.2×1.7×10.5 inches. An interior slip pocket allows you to keep notepads and other documents separate from your computer. A velcro strap secures the laptop, and the compartment walls are padded for extra protection.

The exterior pocket of this bag on the front can hold your phone, charger cables, power brick, and other small items, while the back pocket on the exterior can store your tablet or other personal belongings.

  • Capacity: 15.6 inches-17 inches
  • Durability: Padded laptop compartment
  • Waterproof: No
  • Front and slip pocket

12. Thule Gauntlet 3.0


  • Protective clothing that is highly rugged
  • Three compartments with mesh partitions
  • Multiple layers of protection are available for devices.


  • A little pricey
  • Only for Apple users
  • It is challenging to fit a charging cable or plug.

Thule is the best name for laptop protection. Thule’s Gauntlet 3.0 case, which can hold 13-inch laptops, is targeted at Apple customers. However, it can also fit other laptops. The price might sound a little steep for a laptop sleeve, but the polyurethane-hardened Gaunlet offers several areas, elastic bands, and slips inside the sleeve.

There are three laptop compartments, each with two mesh dividers. The laptop is secured inside the laptop sleeves by a nylon strap that runs from the top to the bottom. A Velcro fastener joins it. The dense foam interior provides an additional layer of protection. This sleeve may not be the best choice for day trips as it doesn’t have enough space for your charging cables and plugs. However, it does offer protection for your laptop from bumps and bruises.

  • Capacity: 13-inch laptops and tablets
  • Durability: Rigid exterior, padded interior, and corner protection
  • Waterproof: Unknown
  • Pockets: None

13. Kalidi Laptop Sleeve


  • High-end design by leather
  • Affordable price
  • There are eight color options.


  • Only for MacBook Air

If your laptop sleeve is designed to look like a high-end pocketbook or handbag, then you are doing something right. The Khalidi sleeve offers a high-end leather-esque style without the expensive price tag. This case is under $20 and will turn heads at your business meetings. It measures 355x255mm and is designed for 13-inch laptops. They are advertising it specifically for the MacBook Air to keep the sleek, slim design. It is faux.

It’s high-quality PU leather. The opening is fold-over and works much like classic pocketbooks. It comes in eight premium color options, ranging from metallic-y brown leather to soft seafoam green and dark jewel-tone purple. Khalidi has a color for every style of the laptop sleeve.

  • Capacity: 13-inch laptops and tablets
  • Durability: Velvet interior
  • Waterproof: No
  • Pockets: None

14. Tenba Messenger DNA


  • Multiple laptop sleeve sizes can be accommodated
  • For DSLRs, mugs, and other devices, there are pockets.
  • Many organizing characteristics
  • Accessible from anywhere


  • Expensive

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Tenba Messenger bag is the best laptop bag because they offer everything you need in a briefcase bag. Let’s see what it can hold. It can keep your laptop, and it will accommodate other sizes depending on the model you choose.

You can also store your large DSLR camera, a travel coffee cup, chargers, notebooks, and folders in your pocket. Each pocket is compartmentalized to ensure everything is easily accessible and organized.

Let’s now talk about the standout characteristic. These magnetic quick-release clips allow you to lock and unlock the bag securely with one hand. The camera area mentioned has a zipper access point that will enable you to quickly reach the contents of the cam pocket without having to remove the entire main flap.

  • Capacity: 13-inch laptops and tablets
  • Durability: Padded
  • Waterproof: No
  • Numerous compartments


What is the best material for a laptop case?

The most common and helpful material for soft cases and sleeves is neoprene. However, more durable cases may have a hard shell exterior and a padded interior. This case is best if the laptop is being carried in a bag. However, a hardshell case would be a better choice if the computer is being held independently.

Do I need a case if my backpack has a built-in laptop pocket?

Many backpacks, messenger bags, and other baggage have laptop compartment that can keep your laptop or other devices. However, these pouches are often not very protective. To provide additional protection, it’s a good idea for such laptop cases or laptop sleeves to protect your laptop.

What’s the difference between a laptop sleeve and a laptop case?

A laptop sleeve is a more tailored option that fits your laptop’s dimensions and design. A laptop sleeve can only protect the computer and not other accessories. A laptop sleeve is more like a bag with additional storage, organization, and transport options. A laptop sleeve is often able to fit in a laptop bag.

Are laptop cases protective?

Putting your laptop in the laptop sleeve can be prevented from coming in contact with the lint at the bottom. Bag Briefcases and other small items. Some also have briefcase sleeves. They have water-repellent qualities, which allows them to avoid shock, drink drops/water spills, scratches, and accidental exposure to rain… keep your laptop safe.


We hope this review has helped narrow down your search by providing an in-depth assessment of what makes or breaks a good laptop case. If it did not answer all of your questions about laptops cases, feel free to reach out, and we’ll do our best!

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