Best Am3+ CPUs Reviews 2022 (TOP 10 CHOICES)

AMD is known for producing high-quality devices or top-notch computer hardware. AM3+ was added to the list of top products for programming requirements. The Ryzen line is quickly becoming a practical, viable option for many casual users. In addition to the gaming community, AMD has received support from everyone. However, choosing the best am3+ CPU is undoubtedly not easy. With so many options available in the market, you have to be cautious enough to choose the right one. So, Medcpu decided to list the best AM3+ Processor models you can buy today.

Choosing the ideal am3+ CPU cooler


All CPUs used single cores in the past to do all their jobs. If they were required to process large amounts of data or large files, the CPUs would need to be replaced quickly.

We’ve heard about quad-core and Octa-core processors in the past few years. This means that processors today have a higher performance level because they can handle larger files. These processors have between 2 and 8 cores. This makes their work more accessible, as they can distribute and complete the tasks faster.



A cache is a small amount of high-speed memory used for temporary storage. The store is great for saving energy and time as it decreases memory and am3 CPU use.

This makes it much easier to access data from the main memory. A processor with a large cache can save files faster and retrieve them quicker, making the processor’s performance more efficient and energy-efficient.


Frequency refers to the speed at which a processor functions or operates. A high-frequency rate was thought to mean a faster processor. However, this is false. Sometimes, a lower-frequency processor performs better than a high-frequency processor.

This could be due to the architecture of the am3 CPU and the relationship with the memory. It also depends on how powerful the processor is.

best Am3+ CPU

Brands Of The Best Am3+ CPU For Gaming

1. AMD FX 8320E

Two or three years ago, processors’ energy efficiency was an important topic. Many processors consume a lot of power, and AMD CPUs are particularly energy-hungry. AMD came up with the FX 8320E to solve this problem. E stands for energy.

This resulted in a processor with a base clock speed of 3.2GHz, slightly lower than its predecessor. However, the boost clock speed remained at 4GHz. Wattage dropped to 95W.

The 8320e is a very affordable processor at just $70. It has eight cores. This configuration is rare on the market. The 8320e is the best choice if you need multi-threaded performance.

We recommend the best gaming mouse if you need more headshots for your FPS games.

The CPU supports Dual-channel DDR3 RAM. While 32nm technology may be a bit old, it does not significantly impact performance. The 8320e, like most AMD processors, is easy to overclock. The speeds can be easily increased to 4.5GHz. It’s available for $70 and is listed on our list.

AMD FX 8320E

The gaming performance is not excellent. It isn’t terrible, but it’s not great. You’d better get an Intel gaming CPU if gaming is your main concern. It is worth noting that most games can be played at 70-80 frames per second after you overclock. This is not bad at any rate.

The 8320e is the ideal processor for those who frequently use media applications and don’t mind sacrificing some gaming performance.



  • Outstanding multicore performance
  • Improved heat management
  • Lower power consumption
  • Unlocked


  • Even after all the improvements, power-hungry
  • No native USB 3.0 support


  • L*W*H: 5 x 2.81 x 5.51 inches
  • Weight – 3.84 ounces
  • Wattage – 55
  • CPU Model Socket: am3+

The Key Features

  • Up to 4 GHz clock speed
  • 8 MB L3 cache and 8 MBL2 cache
  • Eight cores and eight threads
  • DDR3 memory

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2. AMD FX 8350

The AMD FX8350 is not the right choice if gaming is your main concern. The best mobo for AMD fx 8350 can handle any other task you throw at it and comes out victorious.

The eight-core eight-thread processor can be used as an all-rounder. It has a clock speed of 4GHz, but can be easily overclocked up to 4.2GHz. It can be overclocked to deliver decent gaming performance.

Gaming is not what the 8350 was designed to do. This processor is ideal if you use 3D design software and do a lot of video editing. This processor is also great for streaming if you want to be the next Ninja.

If gaming is your only purpose, you can skip all the hard work of rig building and get a great gaming laptop.

It costs less than half of modern processors and performs almost the same. The price of the processor with the stock fan is around $70. The Wraith Cooler will cost you $60 more if you purchase the processor. The processor can get very hot, so we recommend the latter.

AMD FX 8350

The FX-8350 belongs to the Piledriver Series of processors. These CPUs were designed to address a few of the same issues that Bulldozer had. This effort was largely successful for AMD.

The 8350 uses less power than the previous model, performs better per core’, and performs better in multi-threaded tasks than similar-priced Intel chips. The processor can be used with any product on the list, even if you still use the K10 hardware.

There are some drawbacks. The TDP is still high at 125W, so power consumption is still relatively high. AMD has never been known for its single-threaded performance, which is why it isn’t a great gaming processor.

These drawbacks may be a problem for gamers, but it is still attractive for people who do heavy media work. The eight cores do improve performance. It is also one of the most affordable eight-core processors on the market, which is an excellent price.



  • Performance improvements
  • Energy consumption is lower
  • Speed of 4GHz clock
  • 38 PCIe lanes


  • Still higher power consumption than Intel chips
  • Gaming lagged behind Intel


  • L x W. x H – 5.8 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight – 1.55 lbs
  • Wattage – 125
  • CPU Model am3+ socket

The Key Features

  • Eight cores and eight threads
  • Clock speed up to 4GHz
  • Overclocking is possible
  • 15% faster than the old Bulldozer architecture

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3. AMD FX 6300 Black Edition

This AMD FX 6300 is among the most affordable products on the list. However, it is also the most suited to gaming. The 6300 is extremely fast in gaming benchmarks, thanks to its six cores and base clock speed of 3.55GHz.

The best motherboard for fx 6300 is for you if you already have K10 hardware and want to boost gaming and overclocking. Overclocking capabilities for a six-core processor are pretty remarkable.

It’s possible to overclock the CPU up to 5GHz, and it will remain stable. It’s important to remember that the stock cooler cannot handle moderate overclocking. You will need a separate cooler if you want to overclock to 5GHz.

AMD FX 6300 Black Edition

The gaming experience on the 6300 is also significantly better than its predecessor, FX 6200. You can expect a 10 to 15% improvement in most games.

The 6300 is a very affordable processor compared to other processors. This means that you can spend more money on the GPU, which is the most critical gaming component.

A good example is a gaming GPU under $300 that can easily replace a weak CPU. You should ensure you get the best gaming monitors if you already have a powerful graphics card.

An AMD processor has apparent benefits. Their multi-threaded performance is superior to their Intel counterparts. AMD is recommended if you are a heavy user of media applications.

There are some obvious drawbacks. The single-threaded performance of AMD processors is still lower than that of Intel. Multiplayer gaming is not possible, even though we love their gaming skills. The processor is an excellent value for the price of the AMD FX6300.



  • Overclocking possibilities are endless.
  • Gaming is a great option.
  • Value for money
  • Compatible with many motherboards


  • Poor single-core performance
  • A separate cooler is required for overclocking.


  • 5.5 x 2.75x 5.
  • Weight – 0.66 lb
  • Wattage – 95
  • CPU Model am3+ socket

The Key Features

  • Six cores
  • Clock speed up to 4.1GHz
  • Unlocked
  • 6 MB L2 cache and 8 MBL3 cache

4. AMD FX 8370

The AMD FX-8370 is the best choice for those just starting in the PC building. Although the price tag might seem high, this processor is exceptionally reliable and will not disappoint you. It does everything right and has an outstanding balance between price and performance.

Hence, we recommend this CPU as your first build.

The AMD FX-8370 is our top choice due to its high clock speed and overall performance. The 8-core processor can reach speeds up to 4.3GHz with no overclocking. The CPU can reach speeds up to 5GHz when overclocked.

Gaming performance is also excellent, as you can run games such as Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 at very high frame rates. For best results, we recommend pairing the CPU with a gaming GPU below $150.

It also comes with a Wraith cooler and a stock fan, which is why it made it to the top of our list for best processors to build your first computer. The cooler will not have to be compatible with the processor. The Wraith cooler can handle overclocking as long as it’s not excessive.

There are some disadvantages. Although the 8370 isn’t much different than the 8350, it costs more. However, the gains are not worth the extra cost. The processor is still behind the best i5 gaming CPUs. The Intel processors still outperform the AMD FX-8370 in terms of per-core performance.

The processor’s multi-threaded performance is exceptional, so the drawbacks can be forgiven. With eight cores, you can edit videos, stream, and work with 3D design software without any problems.

It’s also perfect for gaming, so we recommend it as a budget processor.



  • High overclocking capabilities.
  • Very well rendered
  • Multicore software improvements
  • Energy consumption is reduced


  • Consumption of power
  • Expensive


  • L x W. x H – 5.11x 0.42x 5.07inches
  • Weight – 1.5 lbs
  • Wattage – 95
  • CPU Model am3+ socket

The Key Features

  • Eight cores and eight threads
  • Clock speed up to 4.3GHz
  • 8 MB L2 or L3 cache
  • All cores remain unlocked

5. AMD FX-4300 Quad-Core Processor

The AMD FX-4300 quad-core processor is a top choice. With its unbeatable single-threaded performance, it has been dominating this market. It has been a formidable competitor to Intel’s Pentium G4560, which is more expensive.

The unlocked device has a clock multiplier that allows you to use the overclocking functions more efficiently. It can be configured to suit your needs.

It will process all data quickly, thanks to its base clock speed of 3.8GHz. You can increase the speed by overclocking to get up to 4.0GHz. The fan is included to prevent overheating. However, getting a more powerful fan is recommended to keep your unit cool.

The 4MB L3 Cache was designed to give you faster and more intelligent access to your essential data. You get enhanced performance. This model is ideal for tasks that are not too demanding but can handle all tasks with high efficiency.

You can still play graphics-intensive and FPS games if your computer has robust components.

  • Amazing single-threaded performance
  • It is straightforward to set up
  • The affordable price

It can handle everyday office tasks under normal conditions. This processor is quite old but still very affordable and performs well.



  • Amazing single-threaded performance
  • It is straightforward to set up
  • The affordable price


  • Under heavy workloads, it could slow down the computer.

6. AMD FD8300WMHKBOX FX-8300 Vishera Black Edition Processor

The FX-8300 from AMD’s Vishera product line is known for its ability to multitask. The fully unlocked eight-core processor delivers flawless and smooth performance. This unit will make your computer the machine you need to tackle complex tasks quickly.

It can operate at lightning speed thanks to its 8MB total L2 cache and 8MB L3 cache, combined with a 3.3GHz base clock speed.

Smart overclocking allows you to increase your clock speed to as high as 4.2GHz. This fantastic feature gives the processor the boost it needs to run multimedia applications and play advanced games. The AMD Turbo Core technology enhances its power!

Overclocking can cause the device to heat up, so ensure you have a cooling system. You could end up damaging your unit.

It is an excellent product for the price. This product can handle multiple tasks simultaneously and is capable of providing enough power. You can get decent FPS with some tweaking even in the most demanding modern video games!


  • Super-fast operation
  • Multithread performance is outstanding
  • Fully unlocked and quickly up lockable
  • Incredible price/performance ratio


  • The stock cooler isn’t powerful enough to support overclocking.

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7. AMD FD8120FRGUBOX FX-8120 Black Edition Processor

Even in today’s market, where Intel and Ryzen am3+ dominate, the FX-8120 is still viable. It offers exceptional performance at a very affordable price. It will be a beast when you combine it with powerful components.

The base frequency of this 8-core unit is 3.1GHz. This speed is sufficient to perform everyday tasks. It also has a strong overclocking capability that allows the clock speed to reach up to 4.0GHz. This is quite impressive.

The computer is completely unlocked, and you can control the clock speed with Overdrive software. The Overdrive software will allow you to adjust the performance to meet your requirements. This device can handle core-intensive tasks without any problems once it is overclocked.

It also benefits from the AMD Turbo Core technology, which gives it an additional performance boost up to 900 MHz. You can trust it to run everything smoothly.

The die shrink is 32nm, designed to provide a stable performance while working with remarkable energy efficiency. This is a significant improvement over the 45nm shrinks. The “Bulldozer architecture” effectively improves core communication and allows for enhanced multitasking.

Am3 processor will deliver superior performance for a very affordable price, so rest assured!


  • Multithread applications offer excellent performance.
  • The AMD Turbo Core technology is featured
  • Overclocking is easy and manageable
  • Extremely affordable price


  • Produces a lot of noise during operation

8. AMD Phenom II X4 945 HDX945WFGMBOX Processor

The AMD Phenom IIX4 945 offers multicore processing power at a very affordable price. It was released many years ago and still has impressive capabilities. It has four cores that run at a blistering-fast speed of 3.0 GHz.

This gives you incredible processing power to run multi-threaded applications. Each core has a 512K L2 cache and a 6MB L3 bright memory. This ensures that each body runs smoothly. You’ll experience trouble-free performance.

This device is innovative and has a high overclocking ceiling. It can be easily tuned to increase its performance and crank it up! It can run multiple applications simultaneously, view high-definition videos, and even play videos without stuttering.

It might have some issues with next-generation games that are more demanding, but it is still a great value, considering how old and low it is. You’d still be able to get great FPS if you have a powerful GPU and RAM.

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It features a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including HyperTransport Bandwidth and Integrated Memory Control. This allows for faster processing.

The processor’s CoolCare and PowerNow technology provide outstanding energy efficiency and cooling. This technology allows the processor to reduce its energy consumption and price. This is a great product!


  • Lightning-fast, smooth performance
  • Numerous outstanding features
  • Running more efficiently with less energy saves money.


  • Some products may be shipped with bent pins.

FAQs about the Best am3+ processor

1. Will Ryzen fit in AM3+?

Ryzen will fit in an AM4 socket, the same one that AMD’s new APUs will use. Ryzen won’t work if you come from an AM3+ motherboard or another. It’s not compatible with older sockets and boards.

2. What CPUs are compatible with AM3+?

One hundred sixty-five compatible products Name Core Count Core CPU AMD Phenom IIX4 955 (2) Core Core Count4 Core Clock at 3.2 GHz AMD FX-4100 (16), Core Count4 Core Clock at 3.6GHz AMD FX-8150 (15), Core Count8 Core Clock at 3.6GHz AMD FX-8350 (10), Core Count8 Core Clock 4GHz.

3. Can am4 fit in AM3+?

Only ryzen or cheap non-ryzen apus will fit on the socket. However, AM3 can do on AM3+, but AM3+ cannot fit into AM3+ because it has an extra pin. The bottom line is that + cannot be used on non-+ motherboards.

4. Can I use an AM3+ processor in an AM3 socket?

An AM3+ processor will work with the AM3 RS880 Aloe, which will fit into the AM3 socket. However, the HP system motherboard won’t recognize or use the best budget am3+ motherboard.


MedCPU hopes you found this article helpful in finding the best am3 CPUs to suit your needs. This processor is compatible with all major operating systems and has outstanding performance. It can also be used to perform multiple tasks without interruption.

Their specifications, budgets, and performance enhancements will not cause any inconvenience to their customers. AMD products are known for their quality and affordable prices.

They always include multi-threading as well as a high core count. These processors feature a beautiful architecture and many expressive specs. If we missed any CPU sockets, tell us about them in the comments!

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