RTX 2070 vs 2080: Is it Worth Upgrading? (2022)

The NVIDIA RTX 2070 vs 2080 are performance GPUs that can power video games and apps, but not every user needs the latest and most excellent model. Which GPU should you get?

In this article, MedCPU will compare the two cards to see which one offers the best value for money. Let’s get started!

What RTX brings to the table?

Nvidia’s RTX 20 series Turing cards have new features that are unheard of in GPUs. These cards come with the latest generation of RT and Tensor cores in addition to the standard shader and CUDA cores.

Ray tracing is the main feature of the RTX cards. This feature changes the way light is rendered. This feature allows the graphics card to create realistic lighting effects, including shadows and reflections.

It gives you an immersive gaming experience. The lighting effects are more subtle, striking, and crisp, giving you a new dimension to your favorite games.

The latest Turing cards also feature deep learning technology. This leverages the power and potential of AI to create higher-resolution renderings. This card uses fewer resources to render at lower resolutions, and it upscales it without using it anymore. This allows you to use more power, which can translate into smoother gaming.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

Although the RTX 2080 is the most expensive Turing graphics card, it’s still within reach of many mid-range gamers. The RTX 2070, however, is more affordable at $ 499. The good news? With the release of the RTX2070 SUPER, the RTX2070’s price has dropped.

NVIDIA’s xx70 cards are mid-range cards that offer performance at a price comparable to high-end cards. We can confirm that the RTX2070 continues this trend after testing the Turing graphics cards inside.

The RTX 2070 costs $ 499, which is more than the GTX 1070. The GTX 1070 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti was initially priced at $ 399, $ 409. The AMD RX 5700XT is $ 399, while the AMD equivalent card is the GTX 1070.

The RTX 2070 beat the GTX 1070, NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti, and, surprisingly, even the GTX 1080 in our synthetic benchmarks. Game performance was not as impressive. The RTX 2070 does not consistently deliver frame rate increases over NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 Ti. This isn’t enough to justify an upgrade.

It depends on the graphics card that you are upgrading to determine if it is worth it. Users who have a GTX 1070 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 Ti will not notice a significant increase in frame rates when upgrading to this RTX 2070. RX 5700 XT’s RX Vega56 won’t be able to jump teams. We were able to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Metro Exodus at 1080p Full HD. Frame rates remained around 73 fps.

We were able to play Anthem, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War 5, and Need For Speed Heat at 67 fps-72 fps while keeping frame rates around 70 fps. We were able to play Fallout76, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Forza Horizon 4 Valorant at 61 FPS to 174 FPS while keeping frame rates around 92 FPS.

NVIDIA GeForce RX 2080

NVIDIA GeForce RX 2080

The good news? With the release of RTX2080 Ti, the RTX2080’s price has dropped. Gaming performance was not as good. The RTX 2080 does not consistently deliver frame rate increases over GeForce GTX1080 Ti. This is not enough to justify an upgrade.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 were played at 64 fps, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Metro Exodus at 77 fps. Frame rates remained around 69 fps. We were able to play Borderlands 3, Anthem and Hitman 2, Gears of War 5, and Need For Speed Heat: Heat at 62fps to 80fps, keeping frame rates around 76fps.

We were able to play F1 2019, World War Z, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 at 63 fps to 64 fps while keeping frame rates around 66 FPS.

Performance Comparison

RTX 2080 TiRTX 2080
RTX 2080RTX 2070
RTX 2070
CUDA Cores4,3523,0722,9442,5602,304
Tensor Cores544384368320288
RT Cores6848464036
Base Clock1,350 MHz1,650 MHz1,515 MHz1,605 MHz1,410 MHz
Boost Clock1,545 MHz1,815 MHz1,710 MHz1,770 MHz1,620 MHz


RTX 2070RTX 2080
Bandwidth448.0 GB/s448.0 GB/s
Memory Bus256 bit256 bit
Memory Size8192 MB8192 MB
Memory TypeGDDR6GDDR6


Which is better, RTX 2070 or 2080?

There are a lot of similarities between the two cards, with 2080 being a little bit better, but at a higher price. The RTX 2070 is an excellent card for those who don’t want to spend the extra money on the RTX 2080 but still want a powerful graphics card that can easily handle most modern games.

The RTX 2080 can play games at 4K or 1440p with lots of settings maxed out, so it’s probably going to be best for those who aren’t gamers but want a solid system.

Is RTX 2070 better than RTX?

The RTX 2070 is better than the RTX because it has faster clock speeds, is more expensive, and has the same video memory. The RTX 2070 is one of the best video cards from NVIDIA, with a highly advanced design and technology.

Is RTX 2070 or 2080 better for gaming?

The RTX 2070 is the next generation of graphics cards. Though they are pricier than the GTX 1080, they can help make gaming smoother, with features like DLSS and ray tracing.

The RTX 2080 is the successor to the GTX 1080, with some performance gains. It will probably be best for gamers; however, with ray tracing and DLSS features, you may not need the RTX 2080.

Conclusion: Is it worth upgrading from RTX 2070 to 2080?

The GeForce RTX 2080 is more powerful than the RTX 2070, so this might be a good option if you’re looking for improved performance. You’ll want to weigh the price against your current card and your needs to determine if the price difference is worth it for you.

It probably isn’t worth upgrading for most people, but if you are planning on upgrading anyway, the RTX 2080 is a good investment for your future gaming needs.

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