What Is Smurfing In Gaming? Things to Know 2022

Gaming has seen something of a resurgence in recent years, following an era of decline. For some, this return to the hobby has been fueled by nostalgia for the games of their youth, or by promises of new innovations, or by the support of new technology, or for myriad other reasons.

One emerging trend within the field is the term Smurfing.  So What Is Smurfing In Gaming? Read on MedCPU’s guide to find out more.

What is a Gaming Smurf?

A smurf is a high-skilled player who creates an account online to play against lower-ranked opponents. The smurf pretends they are new and then dominates their opponents because they’re better at the game. The smurf will assume they are roughly equal in skill and then become frustrated when they cannot compete.

Although smurf is a common term in many games, it is also used in other titles like World of Warcraft. Twinking is the act of giving lower-level accounts items it wouldn’t usually get. This allows you to keep your account at a lower level and give it an advantage by giving it lots of gold from another account.

Which Games contain Smurfs?

Today, any game with a rank system that is based on win rates will have smurfs. To smurf newbies and weaker players, they hide behind low-stat accounts. Smurfs can be found in FPS shooters such as CS:GO and battle royales such as Fortnite and PUBG.

Smurfing refers to using your skills and experience to gain an edge, in which every player has the same resources and possibilities. Fortnite is a game where 100 players are dropped on an island. Each player has a pickaxe and very few consumables. They must gather materials and search for weapons. Combat proficiency is also required. This is not the case with the most popular MMOs.

There have been twinks in WoW. The term has now been extended to other MMO titles where the mechanic is applicable. Twink is a character who has high-level gear but a low overall level. It is most commonly used in WoW for the Battlegrounds and boosting. Sometimes, they even use level locking. It is used in games such as Guild Wars, Diablo, and Dark Souls. It is not smurfing, as the gameplay of an MMORPG doesn’t revolve around the PvP section only. That’s where skill matters.

There are also no ranks. A WoW character with a level 30 character is unlikely to beat someone with a level 110 character. LoL is the opposite. A level 30 account in WoW is just as powerful as a pro account, regardless of skill. Only the number of unlocked champions makes the difference between a pro account and an entirely new level 30 account. DotA 2 is different. You have all characters unlocked for free.

Why Do People Smurf?

Why Do People Smurf

There are a few reasons players should go to secure websites such as Smurfmania.com to buy League of Legends accounts (which can also be found here on MMOAuctions) and then play a few classes below their real rank.

The Fun

It was probably one of the main reasons why smurfing was invented in the first instance. We believe that Shlonglor! We went down to make it fun for newbies. Playing a few divisions, brackets, or ranks lower than your natural skill level will be less challenging and more relaxing.

Being Incognito

Shlonglor and his friend sought discretion because of this second reason. They were so skilled at the game back then that no one wanted to take them on.

Pro players today are using smurf account to hide from their opponents to avoid being caught: OMG! I’m against the pros! whining.

Training Ground

A Smurf account can be used as a polygon by players. You are less likely to be punished by your opponents for making mistakes. The ones searching for the new meta are called smurfs. Content creators often create fun content for their audience without risking losing their main rank.


Top players agree that having fun is key to being successful in the game. You can relax and have full access to your muscle memory and clear mind. This will make it less likely that you will develop tunnel vision or tilt. You must be able to fumble, miss click, and fail

They even laugh when they are on stage. Even though they were not playing well, they laughed at the 2019 Worlds Finals against FunPlus Phoenix. It is essential to let go of the pressure occasionally, and a smurf bank does well in this area.

Ego Boosting

Some players can be salty. Many players are salty. These players are known as mental pros. These are players who complain about their teammates, luck, lags, and thousands of other factors that prevent them from reaching the top of the gaming community. These players often have some skill and play more than they should (for their community). They create new accounts and join newbies to feel better.

It’s absurd, we know. But for someone who wins anything, it is the end of the world.

Is Smurfing a Problem?

Because smurfing goes against the purpose of ranked matchmaking systems, it is frustrating. These systems will allow you to play other players who are at least as skilled as you. You can climb the ladder if you play well. Losses are punishable by dropping your rank. You can’t always be sure that the other players are fair matches for your team if you add smurfs to the mix.

Smurf players aren’t as invested as real players. Smurfs will often throw or deliberately lose games to keep their accounts at the desired low rank. This can be done by repeatedly refusing to move, jumping off the map, or running directly into the enemy.

Smurfs may also be soft throw, a deliberate attempt to play poorly that makes it harder for your team. They may miss many of their shots, refuse some of their abilities, or do something similar.

Smurfs are a problem in the ranking system everyone is trying to enjoy. It’s almost impossible to beat a smurf trying their best. However, if your team has a throwing smurf, it’s possible to win.

Some argue that smurfing can help you grow because you are playing against others who are better than yourself. Smurfing can be too extreme to prove this. A tenth-grade team might be able to teach an eighth-grade basketball team some new skills. The eighth-grade team against a professional team would not have any chance.


Smurfing In Gaming - FAQs (1)

Can you get banned for smurfing?

The short answer is yes, you can get banned for smurfing. A player’s account can be banned if the game developer, the game operator, or the game venue identifies the account as belonging to a smurf. For example, Blizzard Entertainment has identified that an account belongs to a smurf if the account is owned by someone who is ranked in the top 25% of ranked play in the game’s matchmaking system.

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Why is it called smurfing?

Smurfing is called smurfing because of the act of using an account that has less than 3 months of playtime, to avoid detection by other players. This is done for various reasons, but mainly for speeding up the game by killing monsters more quickly. The name comes from the blue little creatures in the game who work as laborers.

Is it rude to call someone a smurf?

Well, that depends on who you are calling a smurf. If the person being called a smurf is a gamer, then no, it’s not rude at all. The term surfing refers to when a novice player competes against more advanced players in a multiplayer online game. One way this can happen is if a skilled player wants to play against inexperienced players for the purpose of helping them improve their skills.

What does smurfing mean in lol?

The slang word Smurfing has many meanings in different contexts, but when it comes to the popular online video game League of Legends, smurfing refers to a technique that is used by players to play against members of their own rank. The technique involves one player creating an account with a new IP address and playing against a player at a lower rank.


Now you know what smurfing is in online games and why people do it. In fact, if you try to pass off a smurf account with a friend, your friend will likely end up telling you the truth. I hope this guide helped you understand what smurfing is and gives you enough information to be able to judge whether or not someone is smurfing in any particular game.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this article. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about smurfing in online games. I’ll be more than happy to answer them.


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