Surface Laptop Vs Surface Laptop 2

Surface Laptop Vs Surface Laptop 2 – Which Is Best? 2021

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Vs Surface Laptop 2 offer excellent laptops for those who want a more traditional feel. It has a matte display and is available in three colors: platinum, burgundy, and cobalt blue. The original surface laptop runs on the Windows 10 S operating system, whereas the new Surface Laptop 2 runs on Windows 10.

The two systems also differ in price. Which laptop should you buy? In this article, MedCPU will compare two models of the Microsoft Surface Laptop. Let’s dive in!

Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s original Surface Laptop was the first laptop to be launched. The Surface Laptop 2 is almost identical, but it has older internal specs and no black option. This is an alternative option if you don’t require the latest CPU.


  • Surface Laptop 2 has the same design.
  • Includes Windows 10 Pro.
  • An excellent deal in 2018


  • USB-C is not supported
  • If neglected, Alcantara can become dirty.

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Surface Laptop 2

Surface Laptop 2 is Microsoft’s latest laptop model. The updated specifications include an Intel 8th Gen processor and a quieter keyboard. It is also now available in black. It also provides instant-on and longer battery life to help you get through the day.


  • Available in black
  • Instant-On: Faster
  • 8th Generation processors


  • USB-C is not supported
  • Higher starting price

Surface Laptop 2 vs. Surface Book 2 Comparison

Tech specs

Surface Laptop 2 Surface Laptop
Processor 8th Gen
Intel Core i5-8250U
Intel Core i7-8650U
7th Gen
Intel Core i5-7200U
Intel Core i7-7660U
RAM 8, 16 GB 4, 8, 16GB
Storage 128, 256, 512 GB
1 TB
128, 256, 512GB
Display size 13.5 inches
13.5 inches
Display resolution 2,256 x 1,504
3:2 aspect ratio
2,256 x 1,504
3:2 aspect ratio
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 620 Intel HD graphics 620
Intel Iris Graphics 640
Ports USB-A 3.0
Mini DisplayPort
Surface Connect
3.5 mm audio
USB-A 3.0
Mini DisplayPort
Surface Connect
3.5 mm audio
Biometrics IR camera for Windows Hello IR camera for Windows Hello
Battery Up to 14.5 hours Up to 14.5 hours
Dimensions 12.13 inches x 8.79 inches x 0.57 inches 12.13 inches x 8.78 inches x 0.57 inches
Weight From 2.76 pounds From 2.76 pounds


Don’t fix what’s broken. Surface Laptop 2 is a replica of the last year’s model, but now it comes in a matte black option. The Surface Laptop is slim, lightweight, and coated with soft-touch fabric.

It blends well into professional settings, thanks to its sophisticated design. The deck is covered in the same colored Alcantara fabric that Microsoft uses on its Surface Pro keyboard, as it was with the original Surface Laptop. You might be thinking, Will it get dirty? The fabric is resistant to stains, so don’t be alarmed.

The Surface Laptop 2 does not have the USB-C port that many were hoping and expecting. Surface Laptop 2 has the same ports as the original Surface Laptop: a USB 3.0 port and a mini DisplayPort. There’s also a headphone jack and a Surface connector.

The Surface Laptop 2 also comes in a new all-black color scheme. It is also available in platinum, cobalt, and burgundy. Unfortunately, the Surface Laptop 2 won’t be available in graphite gold last year.


Surface Laptop Vs Surface Laptop 2 Performance (1)

Here is where things get a little confusing. The Surface Laptop was released in mid-2017 and is powered by Intel 7th Gen processors. This means it’s technically older and less powerful. In real-world use, however, this is not true. The Surface Laptop’s 7th Gen Intel i5/i7 processors are more than adequate for everyday tasks such as web browsing, Office editing, Spotify listening, and Photoshop.

However, there are many benefits to choosing the 8th Gen processors in the Surface Laptop 2. One, it has more power. The 8th Gen processors in Surface Laptop 2 are quad-core, unlike the 7th Gen processors, dual-core. This means that programs that can use additional cores will run faster. It’s great for video editing, gaming, Photoshop, and other tasks.

The Surface Laptop 2 has improved battery life and instant-on. It lasts a little longer than the Surface Laptop and can charge up faster after waking from sleep. Surface Laptop 2 has slight improvements to this area. The original Surface Laptop had a good battery life and instant-on capabilities.

Both devices have integrated graphics so that you won’t get much from the graphical processors in them. Surface Laptop 2 will get a little more from its Intel HD Graphics processor but not much. These devices are not recommended for heavy video editing or gaming.

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The Surface Laptop 2’s new matte black color scheme is sure to attract your attention. However, many other improvements make the Surface Laptop 2 stand out. Microsoft claims that the Surface Laptop 2 has a quad-core 8th Gen Intel processor, which Microsoft claims is 85 percent faster than the previous Surface laptop. The Surface Laptop 2’s 3.4 million pixels display features a 1,500:1 contrast ratio and is expected to last 14.5 hours.

The Surface Laptop is not what you expected. It has the same design as its predecessor and lacks a USB C port. To charge your smartphone or headphones, you will need a dongle. Pre-order the Surface Laptop 2 today to get your shipment by October 16 at $999.


Surface Laptop 2 Vs Surface Laptop FAQs (1)

Is the Surface laptop worth buying?

The Surface laptop is a great machine that’s quick, fluid, and reliable. The keyboard is easy to type on and the trackpad is large and supports gestures. It’s a refreshing design that sets it apart from other Windows laptops. A few points to consider before purchasing the Surface laptop is the price. The base model starts at $999 which is more expensive than most Windows laptops.

Another thing to consider is the lack of ports. The Surface laptop is a hybrid and does not have a traditional USB-C port. If you’re looking for a traditional Windows machine with 4 ports, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is worth considering.

Do surface 2 laptops need antivirus?

It is not necessary to have antivirus for the surface 2 laptops. The surface 2 laptop comes with built-in security, including Windows Defender antivirus.

But if you want a good antivirus for the surface 2 laptops, recommend Kaspersky anti-virus. The antivirus helps in the following ways.

  • Protects your machine from malware
  • Blocks ransomware and adware
  • Optimizes your PC and protects your privacy.
  • Works with Windows Defender
  • Helps you to scan your hard disk and removable drives.
  • Helps you protect your email from spam.
  • Blocks spyware, fake software.

Can I replace the battery in the Surface Laptop 2?

No, the battery on the Surface Laptop 2 is not removable. It is designed to be replaced by Microsoft or an authorized service provider.

This is one of the disadvantages of the Surface Laptop 2 over the other Ultrabooks available in the market.

Is the Microsoft Surface laptop good for school?

The Microsoft Surface laptop is a good option for school. The Surface laptop offers a number of advantages including a sleek and modern design, a long battery life, and a large touchscreen. The screen size on the Surface laptop is 15.6 inches, making it a great choice for students who need a bit more room to study.

The surface laptop is more suitable for work-related tasks than the surface laptop 2. It has better specifications, while the surface laptop 2’s specs are not as strong. The surface laptop is also cheaper.

How to avoid Surface laptop overheating?

You can prevent overheating on the surface laptop by adjusting the refresh rate of the screen. Lowering the refresh rate will lower the amount of power used by the screen, thus reducing overheating. This is because the screen can handle lower power demands.

How to improve my Surface laptop’s battery life?

To improve your Surface laptop’s battery life, you can adjust the brightness level of the screen.


Each of these laptops has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the Surface Laptop 2 comes out on top for me. The battery life is better, and it has a better keyboard. It’s also cheaper than the Surface Laptop. However, the Surface Laptop is still a decent laptop, and you can’t go wrong with either choice.

It just depends on what you need. If you want a laptop with longer battery life, the Surface Laptop is for you. If you don’t mind the weight and size of the Surface Laptop, go for it.

Thanks for reading our Surface Laptop 2 vs Surface Laptop post. What’s your final decision? Let us know in the comments below.

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