HP 25x Monitor Review: Is This Gaming Monitor Worth the Money?

The HP 25x is ranked among the best-priced, high-performance gaming monitors. This is a one-of-a-kind treasure. It is so because of its superior gaming visuals, 25-inch screen display, and quick refresh rate. Some of the Monitor’s features are given below. HP created these tools to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. MedCPU examines every critical component of this Monitor to offer you this evaluation. Let’s get started.

HP 25x Monitor Review: Is This Gaming Monitor Worth the Money?

Highlights of the HP 25x

HP created these tools to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

  • Full-HD Resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • 144hz Refresh Rate/1ms Response Time
  • DisplayPort (1.2), HDMI (2.0) Inputs
  • AMD FreeSync technology
  • LED lighting
  • Swivel, Tilt, Pivot Adjustable
  • VESA Mount Compatible

This gaming monitor is a 24.5-inch HP monitor featuring an LED display, TN panel, 400 candles per square meter, and FHD resolution. It has a total input latency of 9 milliseconds, which is excellent compared to its rivals. The display has a VESA mounting system. This display is also compatible with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, thanks to AMD FreeSync compatibility. The HP 25x achieves an average reaction rate of 4 milliseconds, ensuring good synchronization with a high refresh rate.

The HP 25x offers a good pixel density of 89 pixels per inch, resulting in sharper text and image clarity. The HP 25x boasts a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz for extremely rapid frame rates, enabling smoother gameplay. The minimum reaction rate of HP 25x is one millisecond, which eliminates ghost effects.

hp 25x monitor

HP 25x monitor review

Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080)

The HP25x’s brightness is also superior to that of comparable monitors. Furthermore, the HP25x features a high pixel density of 89 pixels per inch. This 25-inch HP gaming monitor provides responsive gameplay. Only crystal pictures exist, with no stutters or ghosts.

The brightness of the HP25x is considerably higher than that of comparable displays. The HP25x also has a high pixel density of 89 pixels per inch. This HP gaming monitor is 25 inches in size and offers responsive gameplay. There are no stutters or ghosts in the crystal visuals.

hp 25x monitor review

DisplayPort (1.2) and HDMI (2.0) inputs.

This device’s ports enable the usage of DVD players and other AV sources. Expect the highest quality audio and video transmissions. DisplayPort is also required for Nvidia GPUs to support AMD FreeSync.

  • 1 DisplayPort
  • 1 HDMI

Refresh Rate and Response Time

The average reaction time for the HP 25x is 4 ms. Its rapid reaction rate provides efficient synchronization. The HP 25x has a minimum reaction rate of 1 ms to eliminate ghosting effects. With a response time of 1 ms, you may quickly reply to your online opponents. You will be the best at fast-paced racing, strategy, sports, and first-person shooter games. The excellent performance of this display will allow you to get the most out of your games and films.

Furthermore, you may enjoy the most precise details from a screen that refreshes 144 times per second. The refresh rate is more than double that of most typical screens in its class. This display is ideal for your most intense, action-packed gameplay sessions. Images will seem more smooth and clear. Sharper objects and more precise details will enhance your game experience.

hp 25x monitor 4

LED lighting and AMD FreeSync technology.

This type of LED display has an excellent backlight for the pixels, which increases contrast, brightness, and color quality. It also cuts down on energy use.

AMD FreeSync technology allows for simple, responsive gameplay when the refresh rate matches your GPU (graphics card). Stuttering, slowness, and page rupture are no longer issues. The new rules are smooth transitions and clear visuals.

Tilt, rotation, and adjustable rotation

You may change the Monitor’s height by tilting it up to 100mm to get the most comfortable game-playing posture. Its adaptability provides neck and eye comfort, reducing strain. Swiveling delivers both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. These angles give a broad field of view.

  • The horizontal viewing angle of 170 degrees
  • The vertical viewing angle of 160 degrees

You can unwind and spend hours watching or gaming. You may also use VESA brackets to put this 25-inch Monitor on the wall (sold separately).

Pros and Cons of HP 25x


  • The Monitor may be positioned vertically or horizontally.
  • Speedy performance
  • The brightness may be adjusted.
  • The cost is cheap.


  • On the dark menu pages, there is some background light visible.
  • There are no in-built speakers.

hp 25x monitor

Buying guide: HP 25x Monitor

The first thing to consider when purchasing a monitor is its primary purpose. Will it be a gaming monitor, an office monitor, or a general-purpose monitor? Here is some feature to consider:

Spending plan (budget)

The critical element to consider is the amount of money you intend to spend. Your budget will determine the price range of monitors that you will feel. By keeping this in mind, you may reduce your research time.

Refresh rate

It is an essential factor to consider before making a decision. The refresh rate of your display is the number of times it refreshes with new information or images per second. The refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz). The smoother the visuals, the higher the success rate. This pace is essential for gamers. The optimal ratio for gamers is no less than 144 Hz and 75 Hz for everyday users.

Image quality

Look for high-quality displays. Monitors using twisted nematic (TN) technology provide quicker reaction times. They are also less expensive because of the poor image quality from side viewing angles. Monitors with in-plane switching (IPS) provide the most outstanding images and color. The contrast of the VA (vertical alignment) panel displays is higher.

FAQs: HP 25x Monitor

Can I play the console on it?

Yes, you may do so via HDMI.

Is the HP 25x a good gaming monitor?

HP created this gadget specifically for gaming. It is a great display with excellent resolution, a quick refresh rate, and lightning-fast reaction time.

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How can I get a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a reaction time of 1 ms?

You must go to your display settings to accomplish this. Make use of the Advanced Display options. Go to Display adapter properties for display under “Monitor Settings.” In the pop-up monitor tab, change the frequency choice to 144hz.

Go to the OSD menu to get a 1 ms reaction time. Image control>Response time in the menu.


This display is ideal for gaming, viewing movies, and browsing the web. It can keep up with the action while producing smooth, sharp pictures. This HP gaming display offers everything you need in terms of speed. It also provides smoothness and comfort when watching.

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