Best Cpu Cooler For I7 8700K 2021 Recommended For You

Best Cpu Cooler For I7 8700K 2021: Recommended For You

Are you looking for the best CPU cooler for i7 8700k? There’s no denying that the Intel Core i7 8700K is one of the best processors available on the market. Whether you’re looking for something focused on gaming or you want something capable of handling productivity tasks like rendering and editing, the processor can handle it all. Tasks are performed.

However, If you don’t know your system specifications well, you will have difficulty finding a great cooler to keep the CPU cool and ensure proper efficiency. To help you make your decision, Medcpu has listed some of the best coolers for i7 8700k in 2021. Let’s explore!

The best cooler for i7 8700k – Things to Consider

As with other components, choosing the right cooler depends on many factors, such as case compatibility, aesthetics, and performance requirements. Budget restrictions are also important. These are the things that you need to consider before making a purchase.

The best cooler for i7 8700k - Things to Consider


VRM heat sinks and tall RAMs can sometimes be a problem for low-profile models as well as high-end air conditioners. Tall models may also block the door or case window. Before you buy, ensure that you verify the dimensions and clearances of the model.

Air or Liquid

Simply put, liquid coolers work better, but air coolers can be more expensive. A liquid cooler may not be the best option if you are looking for a unit to do heavy overclocking.

Liquid coolers have multiple fans that cool the radiator. They are also noisier than air coolers. Most people can use air coolers, so consider your needs before purchasing.

CPU Thermal Design Power and Noise

Both noise and cooling performance are closely related. A unit with a lot of headroom will allow you to run the fan at extremely low speeds and noise levels. Fans that are running at maximum speed or higher will not work well with a fully-loaded unit. A unit that balances noise and cooling is better for you.

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Top Rated Best Liquid Cooler For i7 8700k Brands

Top Rated Best Liquid Cooler For i7 8700k Brands

1. Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4

We are currently looking at the Be Quiet CPU cooler for the Intel Core i7-8700K. Dark Rock 4 is an air cooler. This cooler is sure to do good things. Is it sufficient to cool the processor? This is precisely what we are examining.

Let’s move on to the positives. There are many. First, the air cooling performance of this cooler is outstanding. No matter if you run stock or are overclocked, it will deliver great performance. This cooler has the best build quality. It also features a great design. If you’re looking for performance and aesthetics, this cooler will do the trick.

We all know that air coolers can be loud, but the Dark Rock 4 is quiet. It also supports almost all CPU sockets. The only problem with this CPU i7-8700k cooler is that it costs nearly as much as an entry-level liquid cooler.

This is something you need to keep in mind. The Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 is a great option for anyone looking to cool their Intel Core i7 8700k cooler.


  • It is powerful.
  • Nearly every socket is supported.
  • Quiet.
  • Amazing design.
  • Incredible build quality.


  • It is a bit pricey.

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2. Cooler Master Masterair Ma410m

Cooler Master was greeted with a lot of positive feedback upon its return to the market. Cooler Master began releasing innovative liquid and air coolers. They were able to revive themselves and get back on the radar.

Today’s cooler is the Coolermaster Master Air Ma410m. This cooler is a budget-friendly option that includes RGB. Is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

It is one of the most efficient CPU coolers in this price range. The cooler is also small, so you don’t have to worry about clearance issues using taller RAMs.

The cool thing about this cooler? It comes with a thermal probe. This probe provides temperature information via RGB lighting.

There are no issues that could be a problem. However, you should know that fans can become louder as the load increases.

The Cooler Master Masterair Ma410m Cpu Cooler is great for almost any CPU it’s used with. There are no problems because the cooler has everything you need. There is one downside to the cooler: the fans can get louder sometimes, but that is not enough to ruin the deal.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • RGB lighting
  • Thermo probe


  • Loud fans

3. Reeven Rc-1001 Brontes

Although Reeven isn’t a well-known company in the market, they have made some impressive CPU coolers over the years that deliver great cooling performance at a lower price.

Today we will be reviewing the Cooler Master Masterair Ma410m, a low-profile cooler that may be one of the most popular on the market. But is it worth the price? We will find out.

The best cooler for 8700k is quite affordable, for one. This cooler is the most affordable on the market. The good news is that you don’t need to spend much money on high performance. It is quiet and outperforms most other coolers on the market.

Because the cooler is so low-profile, you can fit it in low-profile cases without worrying about clearance. The good news for anyone with a 95W CPU is that they will achieve decent performance and decent clock speeds.

The cooler is in good condition. The REEVEN RC-1001 BORONTES does its job. The cooler should be limited to 95W CPUs. If you have 130W CPUs, the cooler will not work well.


  • Low profile.
  • Amazingly high performance.
  • Quiet.
  • Clearance issues not applicable


  • There is no support for 130W coolers.

4. Noctua Nh-u14s

Noctua coolers are some of the best on the market. They make cool air coolers. But, these coolers offer high-end performance.

Today we will be looking at the NOCTUA U14S, the most expensive Noctua cooler you can find. Is it effective in cooling the CPU? Let’s find out.

The cooler’s performance is outstanding. It is ideal for anyone looking for high performance, whether looking to overclock or stock clocks. This cooler will work with any CPU, no matter what it is.

The cooler’s noise level is also excellent and can be improved if you use quieter fans. It is easy to install and, most importantly, much safer than you might imagine.

There are some downsides to this cooler. First, it is quite tall. Clearance issues may be an issue for many people. This should be considered before you buy it.


  • Cooling performance is excellent for stock and overclocking.
  • Great fans make it possible to have low noise levels.
  • It is easy and secure to install.


  • The cooler is taller than the RAM, which makes clearance difficult.

5. Corsair H115i Pro

This AIO is great for cases with 280mm radiator mountings and will provide all the cooling that you need to overclock your i7.

The unit comes with two 140mm NL series fans to deliver high static pressure air. The fans are quiet at 20 dBA and can adjust the fan speed for the perfect balance of noise and cooling.

You can also use Corsair’s Link Software to adjust fan speeds, coolant temperature, pump speeds, or monitor pump speeds.

You can also choose the zero RPM mode, a coolant profile that works when your system runs at very low temperatures. To eliminate noise, it will turn off all fans.

The H115i Pro comes with a bracket that can be used without mounting on any major CPU sockets. This cooler is one of your best options. Although it is expensive, this cooler is worth every penny if you look for a quiet and efficient cooler.

6. Evga Clc 240/280

EVGA is number two with its excellent cooling performance, and quiet acoustics (40dBA), The number two spot is occupied by either the 240 or the 280. Which one you choose depends on how big your setup.

EVGA offers a similar product to Corsair: EVGA Flow Software. This software gives you complete control over fan speed, RGB lighting pump control, and your custom profiles.

7. Cooler Master Liquid ML240R

Cooler Master also offers a solid selection of AIO coolers. MasterLiquid ML240R is a great cooling option at a reasonable price.

It boasts the best RGB lighting available. You can customize it to your liking, and it extends across all fans.
Two MasterFan MF120R fans provide excellent air pressure. There is no way to customize the speed.

This pump features a dual-chamber design that increases liquid pressure. It also has braided tubing, which looks better than rubber. Although it isn’t as efficient or as fast as the EVGA and Corsair, it is ranked third on the list, but it still has its place.

8. Arctic Liquid Freezer 360

The Arctic liquid freezer 360 is a good option if you have a tight budget. It is quiet and efficient, with a low noise level.

The Arctic liquid freezer is of great value at 45° under load. The Arctic liquid freeze uses four 120mm fans that produce low noise and is mounted on either side of the radiator.

The first two fans push the radiator, and then the air is pulled through the radiator by the second two fans. This is called ‘ push-pull ‘, and it can produce amazing results. This is a great solution for anyone on a tight budget looking for an AIO liquid cooler.

FAQs about Best Air CPU Coolers

FAQs about Best Air CPU Coolers

1. Do you need a cooler for i7?

The answer to your question about whether it comes with one is no. A cooler will be required. They were removed by Intel a few years ago.

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2. Does i7 8700k come with a cooler?

It doesn’t. An aftermarket cooler will be required.

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3. Does i7 10700kf need liquid cooling?

To OC a 10700k, you don’t need the best water cooler for i7 8700k.

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4. Is 120mm AIO enough for 10700K?

A 120mm AIO will not be sufficient for an i7-10700K running at 5.0GHz. It has not enough surface area. At temperatures of 90°C, you will see Turbo Boost throttle a little.



Medcpu hopes you found this article helpful in finding the best coolers for 8700k to suit your needs. These coolers are great choices for the 8700k, and they also make excellent CPU coolers.

All models deliver outstanding performance and ensure stability for your CPU. If we missed any of the CPU coolers, tell us about them in the comments!

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