Are Gaming Laptops Worth It In 2022? Things to Know

Gaming laptops have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a great gaming experience that is comparable to that of their desktop counterparts. However, are they really necessary? Do gaming laptops offer a better experience than traditional laptops? In this article, will explore whether or are gaming laptops worth it in 2022.

What is a gaming laptop?

Gaming laptops exist for one purpose only: portability. PC gaming is constrained by its size. If you wanted to play with other gamers, you had few possibilities. You’d have to either play online or transport your massive setup and set it up where you’re going to play. This was obviously incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming. These difficulties were taken into consideration by computer manufacturers. They devised a solution: gaming laptops.

Companies created more powerful, specialized gaming laptops with improved CPUs, cooling systems, computational capability, and GPUs. These modifications enabled them to run the most recent games. Aside from gaming, they now have a variety of other applications. They are used for graphic design, video editing, visual effects, 3D animation, and game development.


Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Of course, the answer to this question is dependent on your unique needs, desires, and budget. Gaming laptops are worthwhile purchases if they are compatible with your gaming and usage objectives. This type of laptop is a wonderful choice if you want a portable and powerful gaming experience that is also slightly upgradeable.

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Is a gaming laptop better than a console?

They are both excellent devices capable of providing a satisfying gaming experience. 

The gaming console is your best bet if you want a standalone gaming station with stronger multiplayer functionality. However, if you require both a laptop and a gaming console, the gaming laptop is the better option. They are portable and can be used for a variety of reasons, apart from running high-quality games.

A console’s hardware cost is approximately half that of a PC, yet it offers nothing more than a rich gaming experience. It all comes down to personal preference and intent in the end.

Why you should buy a gaming laptop?

Let’s have a look at why you should buy a gaming laptop in the first place!


A gaming laptop provides you with much more than simply graphical power for gaming. If you’re a student, a gaming laptop is a good choice that will last you all four years of university due to the higher-rated specs compared to a generic notebook. If you’re already a professional, you can not only utilize your gaming laptop to unwind or relieve stress when you’re not working.

Improved portability

The biggest reason you want a laptop is undoubtedly portability. It provides a smaller screen than a larger screen connected to a desktop computer. The typical size for any laptop, including gamers, is 15 inches. In comparison to consoles or desktop computers, these laptops are extremely portable and easy to transport. You can take them to college, a friend’s house, or nearly anywhere.


They provide a greater user experience in addition to top-tier performance. Their high-quality construction, which employs premium materials, results in a better experience with the most recent technology on the market. They also have a bit of a bravado aspect to them. The RGB backlit keyboards and configurable lighting add to the aesthetics of these laptops, which look great when you’re out and about.

Higher resale

Gaming laptops outperform conventional laptops and consoles in terms of resale value. In such cases, you will obtain a fair price for your laptop because it depreciates slower than PCs and consoles.

High-end alternatives

When compared to other possibilities, the cost of a new gaming laptop can be substantial. However, with that price tag comes to some great ancillary benefits, such as high-resolution monitors. If you spend a little more, you can also purchase 4K to play games with the stunning clarity of UHD. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are also more common, even more so than on desktop computers these days. When compared to a desktop machine with an MHD, the load speeds are lightning fast and the operation is nearly silent.


Reasons not to buy a gaming laptop

Some people believe that a gaming laptop isn’t worth the money because of a few issues that they do not have to deal with when utilizing a desktop or console. Let’s take a closer look at these disadvantages.

The price stagnation

This is the most compelling reason against purchasing a portable gaming system. Gaming laptops are typically substantially more expensive than desktops with comparable specifications.

A genuine gaming laptop that can run anything new on high settings usually costs between $1,200 and $1,300. That will also be the starting point for every VR-ready product. The fee for a top-tier session often exceeds $2,000 per person.

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Battery life is shorter

Gaming laptops typically have a battery life of 4-5 hours. It is not that the manufacturers put a bad battery pack inside, but the components installed in these devices consume a lot of power, resulting in shorter battery life.

More heat

These powerful laptops pack high-end, high-power-consuming technology into a compact chassis, resulting in increased heat. With all of the heat coming out of their cooling vents, it is difficult to keep them on your lap. So, if you want to buy a gaming laptop, be prepared to use it on a desk or invest in a laptop cooling pad.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a laptop made it far more maneuverable than a full-fledged desktop computer. The normal size will be 15″, which is smaller than some gamers desire. There are 17″ variants available, but they are more expensive and much, much heavier. Going with 17″ can even quadruple the weight, increasing it from 4 to 5 pounds to 7 – 10 pounds in some circumstances.

FAQ about are gaming laptops worth It

Are Gaming laptops appropriate for work?

Gaming laptops are computational powerhouses capable of far more than just gaming. You can multitask at your heart’s content while also carrying out graphic design or video editing chores without hitches or slowdowns. Because of this, these laptops are great for both business and college.

Why do gaming laptops slow down?

The reasons include:

  • Dust accumulation in fans.
  • Background programs take up a lot of system resources.
  • Incorrect game drivers or out-of-date device drivers
  • Overheating as a result of a lack of airflow.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It-1

Are Gaming Laptops typically extremely hot?

While playing games, gaming laptops can become quite hot. Gaming computers can reach temperatures of 70 to 80 °C during lengthy active gaming sessions.

Why are Gaming Laptops so expensive?

Gaming laptops are pricey because they have superior hardware that allows them to play games at faster frame rates—other reasons, such as specifically built hardware to fit in a small location.


There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on a person’s individual needs and preferences. Some people may prefer gaming laptops that are more powerful and have better graphics, while others may prefer laptops that are more affordable and have lower-quality graphics. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether gaming laptops are worth their investment.

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