• A Simple, Smart Button Can Change the Delivery of Healthcare

    MedCPU's Expert Advisor™ is the industry’s only real-time decision support platform that supports clinicians on their terms. By reading clinicians’ free text notes as well as structured entries, the Advisor™ ‘sees’ the complete clinical picture and can accurately analyze it against accepted best practice guidelines to identify deviations from expected care and compliance.

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  • Maintains Existing Clinicians' Workflows.

    The MedCPU platform only displays prompts when the system identifies a potential variance in care or a lapse from compliance requirements. With the click of one smart button and no change to the physician’s workflow, you can reduce clinical care errors, improve the quality of patient care, and reduce healthcare costs while also supporting complex compliance mandates.

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  • Unlock the Value in Your EMR.

    Captures the complete clinical picture in real time, including narrative text and structured data to deliver the most accurate clinical and compliance guidance

    An enterprise platform with many applications, including decision support for clinical guidelines, Meaningful Use, and care pathways

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The only real-time decision support platform that:

  • Extracts, reads, understands and analyzes in real time all clinical data, including clinicians’ free-text notes, dictation and data flowing into virtually any EMR
  • Prompts clinicians on deviations from evidence-based clinical guidelines and compliance requirements
  • Requires no change to established workflows
  • Simplifies quality and compliance reporting
  • Complements virtually any EMR system
  • Requires minimal integration
  • Suits all healthcare delivery systems

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