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Thank you!

Eyal Ephrat

Eyal Ephrat, M.D., the co-founder and CEO of healthPrecision, has a proven track record as an entrepreneur capable of bringing genuinely innovative and successful solutions to market. A technologist, Dr. Ephrat is considered one of the industry’s leaders in paving the path for clinicians’ successful adoption of computerized assistance and automation. His work brings high-precision and reliable intelligent decision solutions to the point of care, solving what was once one of the most persistent barriers to computer use by clinicians. Dr. Ephrat previously co-founded medCPU and served as its CEO. During his tenure, medCPU was in use by more than 60 hospitals and hospital systems across the United States and was considered one of the best real-time, intelligent clinical decision support solutions available. Before medCPU, Dr. Ephrat founded and served as CEO of PeriGen, a pioneer in high-precision point-of-care clinical decision support in obstetrics. Under his leadership, the solution was deployed in more than 40 hospitals and health systems. PeriGen has been highly respected by its long-term users since 2000. Dr. Ephrat earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem and served as a resident OB/GYN physician at Sha'are Zedek Medical Center, where he concentrated mainly in high-risk obstetrics. Before attending medical school, Dr. Ephrat served as Chief Designer and Developer at Advanced Communications and Logical Systems.

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