Explore a New Era

The medCPU Advisor delivers the precision and accuracy hospitals expect from their technology, and then some. medCPU provides accurate, reliable, real-time assistance to your clinical staff to maintain your organization’s high standards.






Inaccurate prompting

An inability to see a complete clinical picture combined with simplistic ”if/then” rules leads to a high rate of false alarms and significant missed opportunities to improve care. Older decision support technology suffers from low reliability and a high degree of nuisance and "alert fatigue".

High accuracy prompting

The Advisor sees the complete clinical picture from free-text notes and structured fields, and continuously analyzes it against a robust decision support algorithmic matrix. This allows the triggering of high-precision prompting in real time, specific to each unique clinical case, with minimal "false alarms" and high clinical relevancy.

Workflow disruption

Last-generation technology requires clinicians to enter data for decision-support purposes, typically not in accordance with their workflow and clinical rationale. This creates a burden on busy clinicians who are already responsible for charting and patient care.

Workflow agnostic

No change in user workflow is needed, and your clinical staff does not have to register, log in or complete any specific data entry to make medCPU work. It silently runs in the background, reading everything about the patient without requiring any additional inputs or attention from your busy clinical staff.

Limited realized benefits

Low compliance, due to inaccurate and inefficient prompting, results in incomplete documentation and compromised patient care.

Significant realized benefits

Clinical staff react positively to high-precision prompting and become more attentive to the care and documentation assistance that the Advisor provides.

Complex and expensive undertaking

Hospitals require major investment to build, configure and maintain rules and content, and still do not receive needed accuracy and benefits.

Minimal resource requirement

Our experts build, configure and maintain best-practice rules and content as part of your full-service package. We take full responsibility for the accuracy and efficiency of the decision-support prompts in your organization.