Best Stylus For Touch Screen Laptop

Best Stylus For Touch Screen Laptop 2021: Top Brands Review

A touch screen laptop is a more affordable and portable alternative to the standard desktop computer. Touch screens allow you to use your finger as a pen, but typing can be difficult for some people without physical disabilities. The best stylus for touch screen laptop helps make typing easier by providing an input option that doesn’t require any pressure from your hands or fingers. This blog post reviews the top brands of styluses on the market today, and medCPU hopes that our reviews help you select the perfect product!

Buying Guide

Buying Guide

A stylus pen is an excellent accessory for your touchscreen-enabled device. While using fingers to interact with touch screens will most likely still be the preferred choice, there are instances when using a stylus can prove more convenient.

The following buying guide provides helpful tips on how to choose the best stylus pen for your needs:


One of the primary uses of a touchscreen stylus pen is to ensure accurate and clean handwriting or drawing. A good stylus should provide precision that allows even professional artists and writers to express their artistic side without any challenges freely.

Writing Feel

While precise, writing with a quality stylus feels almost like writing on paper because it does not have an overly smooth surface. At the same time, the ergonomics of a touchscreen stylus pen allows for comfortable writing without wrist strain or fatigue.



Your stylus should be as lightweight and portable as possible to ensure you can easily carry it around wherever you go. A high-quality stylus also feels good in your hands and does not cause discomfort even after extended use.


Depending on how you intend to use your stylus, buying one specifically for that purpose is advisable. For instance, artists would likely opt for a drawing or graphics-related stylus pen, while writers may choose one with greater precision for writing. In buying your touchscreen tablet pen, make sure to check which models offer interchangeable tips so you can use the same stylus in multiple ways.

There are many options for buying the best stylus for your touch screen laptop regarding the budget, the laptop version, and the best reviews. Please browse through our collection today and see exactly a high-quality, precision stylus at an affordable price!

10 Best Stylus For Touch Screen Laptop Reviews

Top 10 Best Stylus for Touch Screen Laptops


A few styluses have a bulb point, which is not ideal for note-taking. The MEKO Universal Stylus is more useful for navigation than note-taking and drawing. Because of their precise performance, fine-tipped active styluses don’t have to be expensive.

The MEKO Universal Stylus, a stainless-steel aluminum fine-tipped stylus free from plastic components, is one of the most popular. It measures just 1.6 ounces and weighs 5.5×3.3×3.3 inches. The bundle contains three replaceable tip ends: a transparent disk point measuring 6.8mm, a 2mm rubber tip, and a fiber tip measuring 6mm.

The obvious disk tip allows pen-wielders to see precisely where their mark is being made to ensure accuracy. Fiber tips are great for web browsing, drawing, and general navigation.

Compatibility is not a problem since the MEKO universal stylus can be used with touch display devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod, Kindles, Samsung Galaxy, and many others.  If you need a true FINE POINT Stylus, the MEKO is your best precision stylus for a small budget due to its cost and multiple suggestion performance.


The Wacom Bamboo Sketch precision instrument is designed with the iPhone and iPad for drawing and lettering. Bluetooth allows you to connect via Bluetooth and get a natural pencil to feel with pressure-sensitive good suggestions. It has a smooth, ergonomic surface. Wacom disc stylus also comes with a carbon fiber tip which gives it a high resistance to wear.

The Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Stylus has two buttons that can be customized to control output and interchangeable pen nibs.

Wacom Bamboo Sketch is available in a USB-compatible package and comes with a carry case. It works with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It works with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad 3rd, 4th, and 4th generations, iPad Air, iPad Air, iPad Air, iPad two, iPad mini, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6, and touchscreen laptops. It can be integrated with innovative programs such as Bamboo Paper, Autodesk SketchBook, and Concepts.


The third option is your Capacitive Stylus pencil pick. Capacitive Stylus pens work well with touch screen surfaces and are usually cheap. It doesn’t require any batteries to operate.

Lenovo is a well-known brand that stands behind its products. Lenovo laptops are the best 2-in-1 laptop that is affordable and works well for both work and personal use. Lenovo stylus pens, like laptops, would be the best because of their touch display Lenovo surfaces. These stylus pens are made for a specific character.


A stylus design opens our line-up. The Pro 4 from Adonit recently emerged, the 4th iteration of the Pro 3. It is stunningly beautiful, well-crafted, and highly effective. The fine point is perfect for taking notes.

It comes in three colors and encourages palm rejection.

The soft-touch accuracy disk provides excellent stability and motion but at unnatural angles. It takes some getting used to.


Bargains Depot stylus is an excellent option for touch screen laptop users who want to have friendly interactions.

This is the perfect stylus for those who want to draw quickly and easily. It’s also compatible with several other gadgets like iPods, iPad, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and other gadgets with touch screen features.

The stylus’s quality will be appreciated by engineers who make them.

Two unique plastic tips were used to create the stylus, along with about 20 sustainable tips. It takes only seconds to replace a suggestion.

The Bargains Depot can be used on touch screen laptops as well as all other touch screen devices. Many users love its compatibility. This stylus is great for allowing your fingers to breathe while still being productive.

This is one of the longest-lasting styluses, thanks to its pencil-like feel and stainless texture. This stylus does not contain any plastic parts.

The stylus’ tip provides a great deal of precision. With the hint, you can choose the right option.

It is also easy to replace the rubber tips, as it can be done with no tools.

6. BaseTronics Stylus Pens

BaseTronics Stylus Pens can be used as an inexpensive introductory stylus. They are compatible with every touch-screen devices, including the Apple iPad 1 & 2, the iPhone 2, the Kindle Touch, and the Samsung Galaxy.

The fine .09 tip stylus can be used with Evernote and other writing programs. Although you won’t find any neuro-system of feelings in the stylus due to its low price, its value is enough to make you not see it as a touch-screen stick as you might find in cheaper styluses. This could lead to you losing your investment.

It measures 5.5×0.3×0.3 inches and weighs in at.3 ounces. The pen is made from stainless steel aluminum and has no plastic parts. This pen-like an actual pen. You get two cells and six replacement soft rubber tips. This means you won’t lose one. However, even if it did, the one-year warranty will cover you. The colors are available in black and blue, with the option of an 11-piece set that includes multiple colors from pink to purple.


Apple has made what? What’s so special about a pencil that has its logo on it? The Apple Pencil offers a wide range of functions for those who are not familiar with styluses. This stylus is for experienced buyers who want to get the best value for their money. Apple Pencil is not compatible with the iPad Pro’s Multi-Touch subsystem.


Bluetooth-connected Apple Pencil can detect how hard you press on a surface and your angle shift. The stylus is equipped with tilt and pressure sensors that detect the movement of your pen. This stylus is ideal for those who use drawing programs.

It can adjust line weights, create subtle shading, and produce many artistic effects similar to a traditional pencil. Users have praised the Apple Pan for its creative control and ability to touch up and rework photos.

The Apple Pencil is 6.92 inches long, measures—thirty-five inches in diameter, and weighs.73 ounces. The stylus is the best of the best, but it does not have the primary function of an eraser at its end. To erase and write, users drawing in the middle will need to tap two fingers on the iPad Pro’s display.

This stylus is the only one on our list that can be powered. It also comes with an Apple lightning adapter for charging. You may buy the first-generation Apple Pencil at $138 or 2nd generation Apple Pencil at $189.


Microsoft Surface Pen is a highly capable stylus that works with compatible Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop 3 or Surface Go 2. Surface Pen is compatible with all Surface devices. It can recognize handwriting and provide a pressure-sensitive tip for sketching and drawing. 100% Compatible with all capacities touch screen devices (Apple iPad Pro/Mini/Air, iPhone, iPod, Tablet, Samsung Galaxy & more)

This pen is an excellent option for graphic designers and students who need to remove and take notes. It’s a more expensive stylus at $100 and requires an AAA battery. But, for its features, it’s hard not to beat.


If you’re looking for an active stylus but are tight on budget, the Mikicat Active Stylus will work well. It works with all touchscreen laptops and smartphones. The one-button operation function means no need to connect your device to the internet or Bluetooth connection. The Mikicat Active Stylus features a Precise point Control feature. This allows the stylus’ to be sensitive and tilt for line weight, subtle shading, and pressure.

The fine 1.5mm tip gives you a real pen feeling when writing. For more durable information, the fine tip is made from irreplaceable copper and has an internal elastic design that buffers the strength of clicks. The battery can be shut off automatically after 30 minutes if the stylus becomes inactive.

However, the battery lasts only 10 hours. Amazon is selling the Mikicat Active Stylus for the US $19.99 in white and black as well as silver and red.


The Meko stylus is more expensive than the two-for-one Meko pack, but if you don’t need two (as with the Meko pack), then the Mixoo will work just fine. Although it did experience some lag with specific touchscreen devices, the two-sided Mixoo tracks your movements across the screen.

It isn’t easy to write without touching the screen with your hand. The stylus’ mesh end provides additional grip to aid in handling its lack of palm rejection technology. These models offer the same user-friendliness as generalist styluses without palm rejection technology. You get two replacement disks and one additional mesh nib. It’s a fine point stylus.

We found them quite fragile, so we added two more disks. Ours requires tightening now and again. It is also more challenging to control the plastic disk that sits on the screen. This results in sloppy notes and less precise drawings. 100% Compatible with all capacities touch screen devices (laptop, Apple iPad Pro/Mini/Air, iPhone, iPod, Tablet, Samsung Galaxy & more).

The rubber grip of the pen on the disk side is better. We prefer the mesh option because it offers a better grip on the disk side. The Mix is a comfortable and accurate option for those with limited budgets.


Logitech is another well-known brand when it comes to computer accessories. The Logitech Stylus is simple in design but has an elegant feel. The pen-to-paper feeling is smooth, thanks to the milled brushed aluminum. It’s also compatible with several other gadgets like iPods, iPad, iPhones, and other gadgets with touch screen features.

This one is not the most beautiful in terms of aesthetics. However, it has a lot more comfortable than it does in style. Logitech isn’t known for its aesthetics. Logitech is more focused on performance and functionality than any other aspect of its business. This stylus is a perfect example of that.

You will also appreciate the product’s compatibility. Compatible with all touch-screen laptops and touch-screen devices. The stylus can be used on any capacitive touch screen and all the devices, not just your laptop.

Logitech’s stylus isn’t very stylish, but it is the most compact and ergonomic on the market.


A capacitive stylus for touch screen laptops and tablets gives you the same experience as using your tablet or touchscreen laptop with finger touch. This stylus pen is the most advanced and innovative for touch screen laptops. It has three premium coated tips. It is incredibly affordable at less than 10 dollars.

This stylus is affordable and can be used by your kids on laptops. For long-term use, it is made of high-quality Aluminium. It can be used with a smartphone, tablet, or touchscreen laptop.

This is the best stylus for drawing. It has a clip built-in so it can be easily attached to pockets, books, and luggage.

It can even help you if you have dirty hands or gloves. This stylus is a significant benefit for people who have lived in cold areas. They can use their iPad, tablet, and laptop at any time with the stylus.

It’s lightweight and easy to use. It is portable and can be used anywhere you like. It can be a huge help in any situation.


This Amazonbasics Stylus will make it easy to use your touch screen devices including laptop and tablet. You will have a smooth pen-like writing experience with this stylus. If you are a fan of painting and drawing, this stylus is for you. This stylus can be a great option. It gives you complete rest and allows you to do tasks that take hours.

This is the most affordable capacitive stylus we offer for touch screen devices below 10 dollars. This stylus is perfect for students and professionals. This stylus is cheap and perfect for hand-crafted tasks on touch screen laptops. It is the ideal input device for sketching. This is the ideal drawing pen for a touchscreen laptop.

The stylus can be picked up at any moment and used to draw. It has a fine tip that gives you the same feel as using a pencil or pen to draw. It would help if you considered how the stylus could help you remove faster than your fingers.

Most people don’t use the stylus because they feel more comfortable using their fingers to a different nib type or use it. However, artists and sketch-makers still use the stylus.


This stylus will make your life easier if you use Chromebook. It is the best stylus for Chromebook to sketch artists and sketch makers. It’s also compatible with several other gadgets like iPod, iPad, iPhone, tablet, and other gadgets with touch screen laptop.

This stylus is the most affordable, under $20. This stylus is perfect for drawing and 3D art.

This is the ideal choice for budget-friendly drawing apps. This one, like all the others on our enrolled list, is compatible with all touchscreen devices. It can be used with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The sleek design is available in three colors. It can be used in any color you choose. This exceptional choice for a stylus to draw under $20 with three stylus pens is easy and enjoyable.


LIBERRWAY disc stylus pen is a brand you may have heard of. This well-known brand of stylus pen has some fantastic features and qualifications for a very affordable price. For some buyers, the best product is one that strikes a good balance between quality and price. This product does exactly that.

This set includes a ten-pack of stylus pens. The same cells can also be purchased in packs of 20 or 30 from the same brand LIBERRWAY. Today, however, we will be focusing on the 10-pack stylus pen. The pen is lightweight and compact. The pen is lightweight and compact to be carried with your bag, notebook, or backpack. It can even be carried in your pocket, thanks to its clip design.

What’s the main reason people use a stylus pen for their smartphones? You can get rid of big fingers! It is simple to point at something, and it is even easier to do so accurately.

This LIBERRWAY stylus is no less than the rest. This stylus has a superior touchpoint and provides greater accuracy than any of your more giant fingers. The stylus pen is perfect for a touchscreen laptop, and you don’t have to worry about your big fingers.

This product has a soft, scratch-resistant rubber tip. It is not a shame to inform you that other brands are prevalent in specific communities and provide stylus pen tips with poor quality. The recommendations are made from poor-quality material. It scratches the touchscreen laptop, creating a terrible experience.

The point is quite simple. It is simple. It is decent looking and has some quality. This product is for you if quality is your priority. This product is worth the effort.

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Do styluses work with all touchscreens?

The short answer to your question is “no.” It all depends on whether the screen is resistive or capacitive. Capacitive touchscreens use electrostatic energy to transfer information. However, styluses are not compatible with capacitive touch screens.

There are now new styluses that can be used with capacitive touchscreens. Resistive screens work by applying pressure and are universally compatible with styluses. Before you purchase a stylus, test the screen by pressing down on it with a cap. If it reacts, it is resistive and will work well with any new stylus.

Will a pencil eraser work as a stylus?

Pencil erasers don’t work as they aren’t conductive. Styluses, however, are conductive so that they will work.

What are the advantages of a stylus?

A stylus’ primary benefit is its ability to add analog capabilities to digital devices and documents. These are excellent tools for artists who want their art to be digitally accessible. They can also be used to sign documents digitally or for those who prefer handwriting over typing.

What’s the difference between an active and passive stylus?

Features are the main difference between passive and active styluses. The primary difference between active and passive styluses is their lack of electronics. This means that they don’t have the necessary electronics to allow for a lot more functionality.


We hope this article has provided you with the information and advice to find a good option for your own laptop. In general, styluses are great tools that can help make touch screens more useful when it comes to sketching or drawing. If you’re looking for something less expensive than a tablet, then these affordable options might be just what you need!

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