Reducing Diagnostic Errors Through Clinical Decision Support

Posted on 05/21/2016

In this article, Nancy Zimmerman RN, BSN and Chief Nursing Officer at medCPU, discusses how clinical decision support solutions can help reduce diagnostic errors. As CDS systems mainly operate in the background of an EMR, only assisting clinicians when a deviation from best practice occurs, alerts, some often not readily available at the point of care, could mean the difference between an accurate diagnosis or potentially detrimental diagnostic error. While errors can occur in any setting, CDS can potentially have the largest impact in the Emergency Department (ED), but also largely influence clinicians through the use of imaging — refocusing the diagnosis and directing them to order the right tests. Nancy concludes detailing that though the diagnosis is still the authority of the clinician, by taking into account the full clinical patient picture, the CDS can issue an appropriate alert so clinicians are able to make a medically sound diagnosis.
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