Did medCPU impress at HIMSS?

Posted on 04/23/2015

Last week was a busy week for those in the IT Health Field, as the largest conference of the year, HIMSS 2015 commenced.  medCPU was there with a booth demonstrating our clinical decision support software.  HIStalk was impressed and curious about medCPU’s software in practice.  Stay tuned for more after HISTalk speaks with an end-user.

Here’s what HIStalk said about medCPU:

I checked out MedCPU and was guardedly impressed. The company’s clinical decision support product brings in the usual HL-7 data but also decomposes the free text information that forms most of the available patient data, using natural language processing, text extraction, and a clinical context engine. It turns all of that text into discrete information that is used to provide EHR warnings via a Citrix DLL, so that it sits in the EHR window but separate from it and thus requires no integration effort. It gives clinicians warnings of conditions that are far too subtle for normal field-based CDS to detect. My “guardedly” adjective refers only to the fact that I want to talk to a live site, which the company is arranging. If it works as billed, it’s really well beyond the rather primitive CDS such as drug-drug interaction warnings and drug-lab contraindications. Eyal Ephrat, MD has a track record that instills trust, having founded E&C Medical Intelligence (now PeriGen, which does great work). He and I got a bit deep into the bowels of their patented technology and I want to learn more from actual users.